Chapter 1040: Birth

Chapter 1040: Birth

It was obvious to everyone that the giant eight-eyed demon had become weakened visibly after Qin Lie began devouring its blood.

The mini version of the demon clinging to Qin Lie’s chest seemed to be the giant eight-eyed demon’s essence of flesh and blood. It contained the origin of its lifeforce.

“Glug glug!”

Qin Lie swallowed large gulps of blue blood into his stomach again and again as it became absorbed into his blood vessels and veins.

The demon’s blue blood was fusing with his blood at a shocking rate.

Gradually, a mysterious and poignant, deep blue-colored blood pattern slowly appeared in his blood.

A different kind of divine bloodline pattern had taken root inside his blood.

At the same time, blue light flashed deep within his soul.

A wave band of many cryptic and complicated soul thoughts was also imprinted into his memory. They condensed as one strange inheritance.

The eight-eyed demon clinging to his chest suddenly writhed.

Both the mini version of the eight-eyed demon and its true body were shaking greatly.

Li Mu and the others noticed that the strange blue light in its pupils was growing dimmer and dimmer.

Qin Lie slowly awakened from his frenzied state too.

Suddenly, Qin Lie noticed that the blood he was swallowing from the demon’s body had turned from blue to blood red.

That red blood obviously belonged to him. He could even see the blaze divine characters sparkling on the surface.

Invigorated, Qin Lie did his best to swallow even more blood.

It didn’t take long before the demon started growing more and more blurry.

He also regained his strength rapidly after he had regained his blood.

Dozens of seconds later, the eight-eyed demon that clung to his chest vanished completely into nothingness.

Qin Lie looked absolutely energized.

On the other hand, the giant eight-eyed demon above him obviously lost a large amount of flesh and blood energy.

The giant eight-eyed demon let out a roar straight from the depths of its soul as the strange blue light in its eyes abruptly reappeared.

The eastern barbarians scattered around the area suddenly flew towards the giant eight-eyed demon recklessly after the roar.

The eastern barbarian’s Soul Altar experts willingly entered the bloody maw at the bottom of the giant eight-eyed demon’s body and allowed themselves to be fed on.

The demon’s flesh and blood aura obviously grew stronger.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

While everyone was still frightened and shocked, the giant eight-eyed demon flew into the air and charged towards the sea behind the island.

It abruptly landed on the sea surface.

Tens of thousands of eastern barbarians rose to the sea surface and rushed towards the giant eight-eyed demon like cultists sacrificing their lives for their belief.

Eight giant maws opened visibly right beneath the giant eight-eyed demon’s eyes.

Tens of thousands of eastern barbarians vanished into its bloody maws just like that.

As a result, the giant eight-eyed demon abruptly regained a tremendous amount of flesh and blood energy. Its eight blue eyes glowed with strange light once more.

A blurry, blue ball of blood condensed into existence on the flesh and blood altar at the center of the demon’s body. They could even hear the obvious sound of heartbeat coming from it.

Li Mu and the others turned pale with fright.

Qin Lie’s complexion also changed greatly.

Strands of complicate soul thoughts covered in deep blue sparks had suddenly appeared in his mind.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to identify their true meaning immediately.

He only knew that there was danger by instinct.

After the blurry blue ball of flesh at the flesh and blood altar had manifested completely as a flesh ball, its heartbeat grew stronger and stronger.

After devouring one dozen or so Soul Altar experts and tens of thousands of lower ranking eastern barbarians, the Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus inside the giant eight-eyed demon’s body seemed like it was about to give birth to a strange, evil thing.

“Seine! Seine is over there!” Tang Beidou yelled.

When the group concentrated, they saw that the strongest martial practitioner of the seven hidden experts of the Land of Chaos was actually kneeling at the center of the flesh and blood altar, seemingly in worship towards the ball of flesh.

His eyes were also glowing with deep blue light.

The eastern barbarians were completely devoured by the demon. No one, not even the dozen of Soul Altar experts, was able to escape.

Seine was the only one that was left alive.

He knelt on the floor and kept his head lowered. It was as if he was waiting piously for the birth of a god.

Everyone was afraid at this moment. No one knew what was going to happen next.

“The laws of space are changing!” Duan Qianjie suddenly yelled.

Suddenly, countless tiny spatial cracks appeared around the ball of flesh glowing with blue light.

They glowed with a poignant, deep blue color for some reason. Then, they swiftly spread to the surrounding.

A dozen or so seconds later, the spatial cracks covered the space around the flesh and blood altar and the giant eight-eyed demon completely.

When the spatial cracks grew larger and larger, a beautiful, azure-colored realm vaguely peeked into everyone’s vision.

The giant eight-eyed demon and the flesh and blood altar slowly descended towards the azure-colored realm before everyone’s astonished eyes.

The blue ball of flesh at the center of the altar wriggled as if it was shedding dark brown colored creases.

On the contrary, the giant eight-eyed demon and the flesh and blood altar shrank at a rapid rate.

It was injecting every bit of flesh and blood energy and life force it had into the ball of flesh at an extraordinary rate.

They could all sense clearly that the giant eight-eyed demon and the flesh and blood altar were dying rapidly.

As the giant eight-eyed demon slowly descended into the azure-colored realm, the ball of flesh called the Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus by the eastern barbarians finally seemed like it was going to give birth to something.

“Crack crack!”

The sound of an egg cracking came from the blue ball of flesh. After the external shell of the Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus had cracked open completely, a curled up female infant surrounded by blue halo floated into the air.

Then, the giant eight-eyed demon and the flesh and blood altar turned into dust instantly.

Seine held the glowing female infant piously and descended into the azure-colored realm.

After he and the infant passed completely into that realm, space healed itself and returned to normal once more.

On the sea surface, the Soul Altar experts of the Land of Chaos stared blankly at where the shocking sight had taken place.

At first, the terrifying giant eight-eyed demon had devoured the eastern barbarian’s Soul Altar experts and tens of thousands of weaker easternbarbarians. After the female infant was born, it turned into nothingness and died.

Then, Seine held the female infant piously like he was facing his god and descended into an unknown, azure-colored realm.

Finally, the laws of the world returned to normal.

Everyone’s eyes were blank.

No one was able to recover from the shock until a long time later.

“What the hell happened?”

An entire hour later, Tang Beidou finally opened his mouth and let out a dry and raspy voice.

“Looks like the birth of an incredibly terrifying lifeform.” Qi Yang muttered.

“Where’re the eastern barbarians? Where are they?”

It was at this moment Song Tingyu rushed over with a force of martial practitioners below the Imperishable Realm from the distance.

Even from where they were originally, Song Tingyu and the others had seen the spatial cracks and sensed the extremely odd ripples of space. After the eastern barbarians had disappeared for seemingly no reason, they finally couldn’t restrain themselves and ran over.

“All nearby eastern barbarians are probably dead already.” Tang Beidou smiled wryly.

“What in Spirit Realm happened?” Song Tingyu exclaimed.

The people behind her also fired all sorts of questions at the Soul Altar experts.

However, the Soul Altar experts all wore strange looks on their faces. It was because they didn’t know where to start.

“Are you okay?” Li Mu flew next to Qin Lie and asked in concern, “Do you feel any… discomfort after you swallowed this blood?”

Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou had also walked closer with odd looks on their faces.

Qin Lie’s crazed act of devouring the eight-eyed demon spirit’s blood was the key that overturned the battle. His actions had caused the demon spirit to lose much of its energy.

Sensing that things weren’t going its way, the demon spirit had devoured all nearby eastern barbarians by force and ultimately gave birth to that female infant. Even as it turned into nothingness, it managed to sent the newborn away from Spirit Realm.

It would appear that it had fulfilled its mission.

In the three Soul Altar experts’ eyes, it was entirely possible that something odd might happen to Qin Lie considering how much foreign blood he swallowed into his stomach.

Their faces were all etched with a trace of deeply concealed worry.

“He won’t turn into that giant eight-eyed demon, will he?” Tang Beidou thought to himself.

Feng Yi and the others also gathered over to stare at Qin Lie like they were staring at a monster.

“Island Master Qin…” Qi Yang started, but wasn’t sure what to say.

“Don’t ask me. I don’t know what’s going on either.” Qin Lie found himself deeply confused after he finally returned to himself, and he said, “I need some peace and quiet.”

“Where do you plan to go?” Duan Qianjie asked.

“Soul Summoning Island,” Qin Lie said.

“I’ll send you over.” Duan Qianjie nodded and gathered the power of space to open a temporary spatial passageway once more.

Qin Lie passed through the spatial passageway and vanished from the eastern barbarians’ homeland without a word.

Song Tingyu tried to follow him urgently.

But Duan Qianjie stopped her, saying softly, “Give him some time.”

Song Tingyu pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment. Finally, she sighed inwardly and stopped before the spatial entrance.

After Qin Lie had suddenly appeared at Soul Summoning Island, he immediately sought out La Pu before spitting out a drop of deep blue blood. After storing it carefully inside a jade bottle, he passed it to La Pu and said seriously, “Can you help me check which race this blood belongs to?”

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