Chapter 1038: A Demonic Eye

Chapter 1038: A Demonic Eye

“The Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus?”

Everyone stared blankly at the island deep inside the miasma. It was obvious that no one here except Seine had heard of such a thing in their life.

Qin Lie frowned and sought hard for a memory related to this thing inside his soul.

Unfortunately, despite thinking hard, he couldn’t think of anything.

Seine and the light ball above his head continued to absorb the surrounding miasma.

Gradually, the thick mist surrounding them became thinner.

It wasn’t long before the shrouded island became clear.

Everyone subconsciously glanced towards the island.

The island looked very similar to Blue Nightmare Island with one key difference. This particular island was ripe with the stench of flesh and blood.

Countless unidentifiable corpses had been bound together by tense muscles into one literal island of flesh and blood.

At the center of the flesh-made island, there was a large flesh and blood altar.

The flesh and blood altar was swollen and huge. A strange biomagnetic field throbbed inside.

At that moment, a dozen or so elderly eastern barbarians were scattered around the altar. An evil glint could be seen inside their eyes.

An extremely strange atmosphere lingered between the flesh and blood altar and Qin Lie’s group...

Qin Lie looked around but didn’t see more eastern barbarians making their way towards them or the nearby islands.

It was almost as if the flesh-made island at the center of the thinned miasma and the murderous Soul Altar experts of the Land of Chaos were the only things that existed right now.

“Did your evil art… really originate from that flesh and blood altar?” Li Mu asked softly with a surprised look on his face. “Can you give us any details?”

Qi Yang, Feng Yi, Yu Lingwei, Lei Yan, and other Soul Altar experts gathered around Seine involuntarily.

They had all noticed that something was amiss, and they didn’t dare act recklessly in this situation. That was why they stuck close to each other and got ready to deal with anything that might be thrown at them.

“A very, very long time ago, I was heavily injured by the eastern barbarians while I was exploring this region.” Seine’s tone was indifferent. It was almost as if he was talking about someone else’s matter. “After the eastern barbarians had captured me alive, they tossed me into that flesh and blood altar so the Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus may feast on me. The moment I landed inside the altar, I was bound by those muscles, my refined flesh and blood energy being absorbed. Even my soul energy became influenced by many chaotic and distorted strands of consciousness.”

“I thought I was dead for sure.”

“But for some reason, just as I was about to die completely, a strange orb suddenly formed above the flesh and blood altar.”

Seine pointed at the light ball that was still absorbing the miasma non-stop. “This is the orb that I was talking about.”

“The moment this orb was formed, the muscles that bound me on the flesh and blood altar suddenly lost their strength. I was no longer losing refined flesh and blood energy and soul energy either.”

“I struggled with everything I got and climbed right next to the orb. Then, I reached out and grabbed the orb.”

“The altar swelled the instant the orb entered my hand. A terrific howl came from inside the altar.”

“I suddenly discovered that I had obtained a strange, evil energy from the orb. My strength began to return to my body.”

“Before the eastern barbarians could rush over from every direction, I dove into the deep sea and escaped this place, still holding the orb with me.”

“Not long after I left, I obtained a strange and evil inheritance from the orb. After I cultivated for many years and attained a small degree of success, I returned to the Ruined Lands.”

“The secret art I cultivate comes from this orb.”

“This orb is a creation of that flesh and blood Soul Altar.”

“If I had to guess, the flesh and blood altar was in a weakened state after it had conceived this orb. That was how it fell into my possession.”

“Now that I have constructed my Soul Altar, the more I learned about the evil art, the more I grew to fear this flesh and blood altar.”

“I had sworn never to set foot in this place ever again.”

Seine stopped talking after that.

“Why have you agreed to come then?” Tang Beidou asked in puzzlement.

A strange glint passed through Seine’s eyes as he looked at the light ball above his head. “I came because the evil art inside the orb isn’t complete. Once I’ve constructed my four-level Soul Altar and reach the Void Realm, this light ball won’t be able to aid me any longer. Originally… I was going to wait until my four-level Soul Altar was complete before returning at peak strength.”

He didn’t try to hide his true intentions as he gazed at the crowd. “But today, most of the Land of Chaos’ Soul Altar experts were gathered in one place. I thought I might not have another opportunity like this…”

He and the light ball were still absorbing the miasma greedily as he spoke.

By now, Seine’s gray dark eyes had regained its light. He also seemed to have recovered a lot of strength in just a short time.

Not long after, a trace of blue electricity could even be seen leaping at the corner of his eyes.

Qin Lie could clearly sense that Seine’s biomagnetic field had become powerful and vast.

“He was probably planning to make a swift recovery too.” The young man thought to himself.

It was obvious that this place was boosted Seine’s recovery greatly.

Seine’s four-level Soul Altar had exploded earlier. If this place wasn’t as unusual as it was, Seine might have to wait several years before he could make another attempt to reach the Void Realm.

But now that he had recovered through absorbing the miasma of this place, he only needed to gather the spirit materials necessary for his attempt. He might be able to make an attempt to reach the Void Realm again in just several months’ time.

Seine had decided to take a risk in order to recover his strength as soon as possible, learn about the flesh and blood altar’s secrets, and obtain the latter part of the evil art inheritance.

The eastern barbarians standing next to the flesh and blood altar didn’t do anything while they were talking.

They simply stared at the crowd from afar.

They didn’t even stop Seine and the light ball from absorbing the miasma into their bodies. They simply watched from the sidelines and did nothing to stop him.

In the end, the miasma that shrouded the eastern barbarians’ forbidden land eternally was fully absorbed by Seine and the light orb.

The vast sea and blue sky were in full display.

The island made up of endless flesh and blood appeared directly in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Since the miasma is completely gone, we should be able to head over now,” Tang Beidou said.

The crowd warily formed soul barriers with their soul energy just in case any evil souls attempted to invade their minds. Then, they got ready to charge the flesh and blood altar.

It was at this moment the light ball above Seine’s head suddenly became shrouded by shadows.

Strange ripples that looked like the ripples of one’s soul lake abruptly spread out.


The Soul Altar experts suddenly exclaimed as their faces became distorted.

Qin Lie thought he heard a boom as terrifying evil energy poured into his head. Even his vision was starting to turn blurry.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication!”

A flash later, thunder and lightning abruptly rampaged throughout his Soul Lake.

The elements flicked across the surface of his Soul Lake like curtains of light or the rain.

A blue, dark shadow swiftly turned into smoke after it was struck by the thunder.

Qin Lie’s eyes quickly turned clear once more.

Right now, Seine was clutching his head and screaming uncontrollably as if he was being controlled by a demon.

Several seconds later, his eyes suddenly glowed brightly with dark blue evil light. He actually attacked the nearby Tang Beidou.

Right now, Seine was enveloped by the blue miasma. His figure was elongated and transformed into an unknown demon.

Inside the shadows of light, many sinister-looking demonic shadows moved like ancient demons to tear Tang Beidou apart.

Tang Beidou snorted once before covering himself entirely in flames. Then, he engaged Seine in battle.

At the same time, the distant eastern barbarians suddenly let out strange howls.

The flesh-made island beneath them actually responded and rose into the air.

The island of flesh and blood rapidly approached them like an extremely smelly giant flesh demon.

When the crowd looked up, they discovered in surprise that many saw-like bone blades had appeared at the bottom of the flesh-made island.

The bone blades were manipulated like they were the tentacles of the flesh and blood altar. They swung madly towards them like a meat grinder.

Countless blue colored blade beams rained on them like a web of light.

“Crack crack crack!”

Two one-level Soul Altar martial practitioners belonging to Celestial Artifact Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain were actually cut to pieces by the blue blade beams.

Even their Soul Altars had suddenly exploded under the attack.


The bottom of the flesh and blood altar opened like a bloody maw and sucked its victims’ remains into it.

The eastern barbarians standing on top of the flesh and blood altar also howled and pounced towards them like a hawk.

“Seine absorbed too much of that strange miasma and lost his mind. Everyone watch out!” Tang Beidou yelled.

The light ball above Seine’s head suddenly turned into a strange light beam and returned to the flesh and blood altar in an instant.

The moment the light ball returned to the flesh and blood altar, it looked more and more like a living being.

It was almost as if the light ball was the altar’s eye.

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