Chapter 1037: Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus

Chapter 1037: Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus

The bloodcurdling screams first started at the Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s areas of operations. Not long after, the screams came from the directions of Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect as well.

A moment ago, these martial practitioners were chatting cheerfully with one another. Then, they suddenly bled from all orifices, clutched their heads and screamed in pain.

The thick miasma above the sea surface gradually enveloped the suspended spirit artifacts and ships in the sky.

Screams came incessantly from inside the miasma. The Silver rank forces’ martial practitioners quickly lost their souls and perished.

“There’s something inside the mist!”

“Their souls are being devoured!”

“A strange soul ripple is coming from inside that mist.”

Angry yells became mixed with the screams of those poor martial practitioners.

“Form a soul barrier with your soul energy and protect your True Souls!” Qi Yang exclaimed.

“Beware not to let anything foreign enter into your soul!” Feng Yi also warned his people.

All martial practitioners who ventured into the thick miasma hurriedly reacted upon hearing Qi Yang and Feng Yi’s shouts.

The quickly sat down, held their breaths and created barriers of soul energy. They protected their True Souls with all their might.

“Zzzt! Zzzt zzt zzzt!”

Black fire kept sparking out of their eyes as a foreign soul energy attempted to brute force into their souls.

“Something really is trying to pierce through our soul barrier!”

The remaining Silver rank forces’ martial practitioners hurriedly summoned their soul energy and guarded their souls.

In the end, the bloodcurdling screams didn’t come as frequently as before.

Still, some martial practitioners were killed by the surprise attack. The victims had completely lost their True Souls and didn’t show any signs of life.

“There’s something strange about the eastern barbarians’ homeland!” Song Tingyu said seriously.

“Send a message and ask Qin Lie what’s going on as soon as possible!” Li Mu urged.



At Blue Nightmare Island.

Qin Lie stared at Seine with a dark look on his face. “What in Spirit Realm is inside the forbidden land of the eastern barbarians?”

“Qin Lie told you about the secret of the forbidden curse and the abyss channel beneath the Land of Chaos, didn’t he? Why can’t you return the favor?” Tang Beidou glared at him.

Even Duan Qianjie was looking unfriendly.

“Open a spatial passage. I’ll accompany you to the eastern barbarian tribes,” Seine suddenly said.

Tang Beidou’s eyes lit up.

“Alright.” Duan Qianjie nodded and gathered the power of space immediately. He forcefully tore open a spatial rift above Blue Nightmare Island.

A sparkling temporary passageway gradually took form.

“Quickly! It takes him a lot of power to maintain the spatial passageway. We shouldn’t waste time here!” Tang Beidou instantly passed through the spatial passageway the moment it was formed.

Qin Lie and Seine followed quickly behind him. They also vanished into the spatial passage as quickly as lightning.

It was only after the trio were gone that Duan Qianjie followed and vanished into the spatial passageway.

An instant later, Qin Lie found himself inside the thick miasma. When he probed around with his consciousness, he detected a lot of life auras right ahead of him.

“They’re right in front of us!” Tang Beidou led the way in front of them.

Dozens of seconds later, Tang Beidou had led them to the camps of Flaming Sun Island.

“Seine!” Li Mu exclaimed.

Tan Miao, Lu Yi, Yu Lingwei, and the others all shook a little when they saw Seine.

It was obvious that they were slightly afraid of him.

“Qin Lie, there seems to be something inside the thick mist. A lot of people died because they lost their souls earlier,” Song Tingyu hurriedly explained.

“What in Spirit Realm is going on?” Li Mu asked.

“We’ve purposely invited Seine over to give us an answer,” Tang Beidou said.

Naturally, everyone turned to look at Seine and awaited his answer.

Despite their expectant gazes, Seine didn’t immediately answer.

Instead, he took out a blurry-looking light ball that looked a little like the Illusory Demon Orb. The interior of the light ball was unclear and illusory.


The light ball floated above everyone’s hands after he tossed it into the air. At first, it didn’t look all that impressive.

“Cough cough!”

After coughing a few times, thick mist abruptly poured out of Seine’s body and created an attraction force.

The miasma surrounding them was absorbed into his body.

At the same time, the light ball suspended above their heads was absorbing the nearby miasma at an even greater rate.

The thick miasma that enveloped everyone quickly thinned after Seine and the light ball had absorbed most of it into their bodies.

The islands that were covered by mist slowly became clearer.

A lot of eastern barbarians were revealed on the islands as the mist dissipated.

These eastern barbarians clearly looked afraid as they ran away in search for a place to hide.

“All Imperishable Realm martial practitioners may come with me,” Seine said as his eyes shone with an odd sparkle. He then walked deeper into the island while the light ball followed above his head.

“What is going on, Island Master Qin?” Qi Yang asked loudly.

“All Soul Altar experts, follow Seine now!” Qin Lie responded.

“Seine? Do you mean the number one evil spirit, Seine? Why is he here?” Luo Han’s expression changed.

“Sect master?” An artificer looked at Feng Yi.

“Heed Qin Lie’s command!” Feng Yi ordered.

The Soul Altar martial practitioners of Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect followed behind Seine despite carrying heavy doubts in their hearts.

As they were travelling, they noticed several life auras in the islands around them.

This meant that many eastern barbarians were hiding somewhere inside the islands.

However, Seine didn’t even give those islands a second glance. Instead, he walked straight towards the place where the miasma was the thickest.

Much of the miasma vanished as Seine absorbed with the help of his light ball.

Seine’s complexion actually improved over time as he absorbed the miasma.

The miasma that enveloped the eastern barbarian tribes’ islands might be a deadly thing to all Land of Chaos martial practitioners.

However, Seine seemed to be the opposite of that rule. He actually seemed to be recovering from the losses he incurred after the failure to ascend to the Void Realm.

“Strange…” Tang Beidou shook his head in silence.

It was obvious that the mist barriers were beneficial to Seine’s cultivation and recovery. However, he had refused to come over just now.

Then, he suddenly changed his mind and agreed to come. He even led everyone deeper into the forbidden lands of the eastern barbarians.

This puzzled Tang Beidou greatly.

“Remember! Don’t let your Soul Altars out, and protect your True Souls right now!” Seine suddenly exclaimed.

Behind him, everyone’s faces changed as they subconsciously created soul barriers to protect their minds and True Souls.

“Why have you come, Qin boy?” Tang Beidou asked in astonishment when he saw Qin Lie.

“Whatever’s hidden inside the eastern barbarian’s forbidden lands, it’s obviously an evil thing that attacks soul. Unfortunately for them… that is exactly the kind of thing I’m not afraid of.” Qin Lie grinned.

While he was smiling, bolts of lightning suddenly zapped into existence and wrapped around his shoulders like the divine clothes of the thunder god.

“Right.” Tang Beidou smiled and nodded in return.

Since Qin Lie cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication, he was impervious to most evil soul beings. Even Tang Beidou thought that the evil thing residing in this place should be largely ineffective against Qin Lie.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Seine continued to lead them deeper into the forbidden lands as he and the light ball absorbed more and more of the miasma.

“How dare you come back, Seine!”

“You despicable bastard! How dare you return after you stole the sacred orb from us!”

“You shameless bastard!”

At the islands that looked very much like Blue Nightmare Island deep inside the mist, the eastern barbarians swore loudly at Seine.

Seine curled his lips and muttered to himself. “An evil thing is an evil thing. You guys are the only ones who call it a sacred orb. I guess the eastern barbarians were all brainwashed by it.”

“What a tremendous flesh and blood presence!”

“It’s even stronger than the flesh and blood of a rank nine evil dragon!”

“What in Spirit Realm is inside that place?”

The Soul Altar experts all detected a shocking level of flesh and blood energy inside the island when they approached closer.

Qin Lie was just as shocked.

The unconcealed presence of a tremendous flesh and blood aura caused everyone to come to a stop.

No one dared to walk closer any further.

The fact that the ripple of flesh and blood energy was stronger than a rank nine evil dragon’s meant that the living being residing inside that place was at least in the Void Realm.

Now that Luz and the two old dragons had left, they were utterly incapable of fighting what was inside there.

That was why a lot of people felt like retreating after sensing the presence.

“Seine, what in the world is that thing?” Feng Yi exclaimed.

He raised a hand and commanded all Celestial Artifact Sect Soul Altar experts to a halt.

He didn’t want to enter into that place recklessly and caused the demise of his experts before they got a satisfactory answer.

Qi Yang and Lei Yan did the same thing.

In a flash, all Soul Altar came to a halt, not daring to make a reckless move.

“There is a flesh and blood sacrificial altar inside that place. It is an altar made of the bodies of many beings. In fact, this entire island is made of flesh and blood,” Seine said with a dark look on his face, “This flesh and blood sacrificial altar has a life and consciousness of its own. I have no idea what it is to this day, but I do know that the old fellows of the eastern barbarians called the thing residing inside the altar the ‘Divine-Demonic Spirit Fetus.’ For many years, they had gathered many powerful bodies to feed this thing.”

Seine looked at the crowd before saying, “The evil art I cultivate originates from this flesh and blood sacrificial altar.”

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