Chapter 1035: Back to the Past

Chapter 1035: Back to the Past

"What does your failure to reach the Void Realm have to do with Qin Lie?" Tang Beidou rubbed his messy hair and glanced at Seine. He said impatiently, "Are you deliberately trying to stir trouble?"

Duan Qianjie's expression was cold as he said, "What is going on?"

"What is going on?" Seine's eyes were filled with viciousness. "I've attempted to reach the Void Realm twice, and at the most important moment, I would be affected by a curse which comes from the world. It destroyed the fourth level of my Soul Altar! This time, I saw it clearly. That strange curse went into his brow!"

Seine pointed at Qin Lie.

Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou looked at each other and their expression became serious.

The two seemed to understand Seine and knew he was not the kind of person who would accuse people baselessly. Since Seine was so certain, it may have been true.

Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou felt doubts rise.

"Qin Lie, what is going on?" Tang Beidou said seriously.

On the sides, the group of evil spirits and foreign races’ clansmen looked with burning gazes at him.

They also wanted to know the truth.

Under everyone's eyes, Qin Lie thought for a while and suddenly said, "Elder Seine, if you do not object, will you allow me to go to Blue Nightmare Island and explain this matter?"

"Explain? The truth is right in front of you. What can you explain?" Seine said harshly.

Qin Lie's expression was grave as he said, "If I want to take over the Ruined Lands, right now, I do not need to stop you from reaching the Void Realm. Even if you did reach Void Realm, I can ask for more experts to easily kill you! Do you believe me?"

"Not long ago, this boy invited two rank nine dragons who defeated Istan and Fiennes of the Heaven Ghoul Race." Tang Beidou raised his head and grinned. He said, "Istan and Fiennes were both five-level Soul Altar ghouls."

"Seine, if he really wanted to kill you, even if you reached the Void Realm, you would not be able to do anything," Duan Qianjie also spoke up.

Tang Beidou and Duan Qianjie proclaimed Qin Lie's astounding strength.

Their words seemed to have reached Seine. After pondering for a while,he nodded and let Qin Lie to go to Blue Nightmare Island to explain.

"La Pu, you and Forefather Dark Wind stay outside the island and do not let anyone go into Blue Nightmare Island," Qin Lie turned his head and said.

La Pu laughed dryly. He said, "Even without our protection, no one would dare enter Blue Nightmare Island."

Qin Lie understood.

"Then let’s return first."

Throwing the words down, he, Tang Beidou, and Duan Qianjie all entered Blue Nightmare Island together.

"Out of the way!" Seine shouted.

The evil spirits and foreign races’ clansmen that had gathered here did not dare to linger seeing Seine driving them away and hurriedly scattered.

In a short dozen seconds, there was hardly anyone left around Blue Nightmare Island.

"Qin Lie, what is going on?" Duan Qianjie was curious.

At this time, Qin Lie and the other two people had reached the forest of Blue Nightmare Island which had several bamboo towers.

Along the way, Seine's eyes were dark and cold. They looked as if he would attack Qin Lie if he didn’t have a very good explanation for him, regardless of Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou’s presence.

Entering a bamboo house, Qin Lie sat down and looked at the others. He asked, "Do you know of an ancient formation created by the Five Progenitors inside the five continents of the Land of Chaos?"

"No." Tang Beidou had a bewildered expression.

Duan Qianjie and Seine also shook their heads.

Qin Lie thought and then said, "Some things… you don’t need to know. However, you have all reached the late stage of the Imperishable Realm and will soon attempt to ascend to the Void Realm. I think you should know it..."

Tang Beidou and Duan Qianjie’s expressions became grave.

"Deceptive!" Seine snorted.

Qin Lie was not angry and but narrated what Shen Kui had told him before.

The origins of the Soul Progenitor, the Blood Soul Beast, the Dark Soul Beast, and the Soul Devouring Beast, the abyss channel at the bottom of the ocean of the Land of Chaos, the mystery of five continents’ formation, the non-interference agreement between the Gold rank forces of the Central World. He didn’t conceal a single detail.

At the start, Seine did not quite believe him. However, as Qin Lie continued to go deeper, his expression also became grave.

It was truth that the Gold rank forces of Central World had never come into this land.

What Qin Lie said about Black Voodoo Cult and Blood Fiend Sect's inheritances and origins were logical and worthy of thought.

After Qin Lie finished, even Seine believed the truth of the matter, along with Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou.

"So there is an abyss channel at the bottom of the ocean. The five continents have been formed to suppress the abyss channel!" Tang Beidou shouted.

"So that's how it is. No wonder Li Mu stopped me when I wanted to go to the bottom of the ocean to cultivate. After that, regardless of how I pressed, he was unwilling to state the reason. He only said for me to trust him and not ask questions." Duan Qianjie murmured and said, "He was afraid that my space-oriented power would damage the abyss pathway at the bottom of the ocean and cause unexpected changes."

"I also remember!"

Tang Beidou shouted. “Once, I went to the volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean around the Heavenly Slaughter Continent in search for a spirit material I could use to build the third level of my Soul Altar. But then, Old Monster Nan, Jiang An, Qi Yang, and the others came and warned me not to touch these underwater volcanoes. After I successfully built the third level of my Soul Altar through other means, I challenged Old Monster Nan in anger because of that very reason.”

"It seems they were also afraid that I would disrupt the formation at the bottom of the Heavenly Slaughter Continent!"

Seine's expression was dark as he said, "The nine Silver rank forces ally every century to exterminate the Sea Race.”

"In other corners of the world, there are powerful Sea Race clansmen, but the ones around the Land of Chaos would be exterminated every once in a while. Ultimately, no more powerful clansmen of the Sea Race could grow up. They were forced to move to other oceans to survive.”

"I didn’t understand it before and wondered what was the reason behind their actions. So they were actually scared of powerful Sea Race clansmen growing up and damaging the seal on the abyss channel."

Pausing, he looked at Qin Lie and said, "But what does that have to do with my breakthrough?"

"In these years, hasn't it been rare for humans and foreign races alike to reach the Void Realm in the Land of Chaos?" Qin Lie asked in response.

Seine and the other two thought and nodded together. "Yes."

The last sect masters of Terminator Sect, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and Celestial Artifact Sect and Illusory Demon Sect, as well as the last generation of experts almost all had problems when reaching the Void Realm.

Some people died, their Soul Altar exploding.

Some people received serious soul injuries, having lost their cultivations.

Those people could never reach a chance for a breakthrough again.

In conclusion, the experts in the late stage of the Imperishable Realm who possessed three-level Soul Altars had an extremely difficult time building the fourth level.

"According to what I know, breaking into the Void Realm is difficult, but... no place has such a low rate of reaching the Void Realm as the Land of Chaos! In the other places of Spirit Realm, at least one or two out of ten Imperishable Realm martial practitioners would reach the Void Realm. In the ancient forces of Central World, four out of ten reach the Void Realm!"

"Yet, in the Land of Chaos, not even one Void Realm martial practitioner will come out of ten late stage Imperishable Realms!"

"It would take fifty or even more for one Void Realm expert to appear!"

Qin Lie took a deep breath and said, "Because, the moment they attempt the breakthrough, they would encounter the world curse, just like you!"

"This time, because I was present, and because the original culprit, the Curse Progenitor, was also present, the world curse appeared directly."

"At least, La Pu and I could see it."

"But before this, all those affected by the curse could not see or even feel the curse because it is invisible!"

"Even if someone saw it, they may had their souls destroyed due to the abnormality."

"Only a rare few survived. They may have been like you, and thought that this curse is a test everyone must go through when attempting a breakthrough to the Void Realm."

"No one ever knew the truth."

When he said this, Qin Lie paused, and gave the three time to think.

"You mean... the curse is not natural? But something the Five Progenitors had left behind to stop the abyss channel from being opened? The Curse Progenitor created a curse that greatly decreased success rate of achieving the Void Realm?” Tang Beidou was shocked.

"The Curse Progenitor is also a progenitor of humans, why did he treat the human descendants so?" Duan Qianjie said.

"No, he didn’t target human race.” Seine’s brows were furrowed. “Back then, in the ancient era, before the God Race had even arrived, the humans were extremely weak…”

"At that time, the Land of Chaos was not ruled by the humans, but the underwater Sea Race. This curse... should have initially targeted the Sea Race and the foreign races, not the human race. However, the human race gradually rose, conquering the other parts of Spirit Realm, and gradually moving to the Land of Chaos and turning the Land of Chaos into a human territory."

"So this curse that originally targeted the foreign races now restrict current era’s humans.”

After arriving at this conclusion, Seine completely believed Qin Lie's explanation.

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