Chapter 1034: The Impossible Forbidden Curse

Chapter 1034: The Impossible Forbidden Curse

At Blue Nightmare Island, an invisible power of restriction intimidated all living beings within range.

The humans weren’t the only ones who were terrified by the power. The foreign races were just as shaken.

It was obvious that the mysterious secret curse that damaged the laws of the world worked on all living beings.

It was a fact that no living being in the Land of Chaos was able to progress beyond the late stage of the Imperishable Realm.

Bhutto, Istan, and Fiennes were Void Realm experts in the past, so they weren’t subject to this restriction.

But everyone else who wasn’t already at that power level such as the Dragonman Race, Lizard Race, Birdman Race, Gray Wing Race, and other smaller races wouldn’t be able to break through that limit and ascend to the Void Realm.

“A Void Realm living being may be able to affect the great formation that is suppressing the abyss channel and shatter the seals and barriers beneath the five continents.”

“That was why the Curse Progenitor had laid a curse on the Land of Chaos.”

“All living beings who are close to ascending would be obstructed by the secret curse. All of their efforts would become wasted due to the changes of the laws of the world.”

“That has to be the case!”

Qin Lie thought to himself.

“I won’t admit defeat! I will break through this limit!”

Seine howled courageously from the bottom of Blue Nightmare Island. He seemed to be intent on going against the heavens and ascend to the Void Realm while still being restricted the secret curse.

“The heavens aren’t the ones who have rewritten the laws of the world. It was the Curse Progenitor.” Qin Lie inhaled deeply before he glared at the Curse Progenitor’s remains. Many thoughts flashed through his mind.

The strange secret curse that was made of countless soul tendrils of resentful souls could only be seen by him and La Pu.

Everyone else couldn’t detect the truth even if they tried to probe their surroundings with their soul consciousness.

After Seine’s howl, the blue fog that surrounded Blue Nightmare Island suddenly thinned.

Deep blue light suddenly shone from the ravines and enveloped Blue Nightmare Island in beautiful colors.

Many lanky soul figures could be seen making tearing gestures inside the blue light.

The thick fog barrier was shredded into pieces as a result.

However, the bizarre scene only lasted for an instant. The mysterious power of restriction that enveloped the entire Blue Nightmare Island suddenly grew even stronger than before.

It was as if an invisible divine hand was pressed heavily onto Blue Nightmare Island.


Blue Nightmare Island shuddered greatly, and Seine at the bottom of the island seemed to have suffered a terrible blow.

“No! I will not give up! Damnable heavens, I will make a third attempt to reach the Void Realm, unless you kill me!” Seine howled.

The evil spirits and foreign races around Blue Nightmare Island couldn’t see what was going on inside the island, but they could hear Seine’s unresigned howls.

Their eyes all turned incredibly serious.

“An unknown power has rewritten the laws of the world and prevented Seine from breaking through naturally. Where in Spirit Realm did this power come from?”

The evil spirits and foreign races examined their surroundings and looked at the people around them with darkened looks on their faces.

“There was a blurry figure at Blue Nightmare Island just now!” someone reminded.

The moment the person said this, the rest of the evil spirits and foreign beings suddenly to realization and nodded in response.

“You absolutely must be careful when you reclaim the Curse Progenitor’s remains later. If Seine misunderstood that you were the one who’s preventing him from ascending, he would probably hunt you till the ends of Spirit Realm,” La Pu hurriedly reminded.

Qin Lie’s expression also changed slightly.

It was at this moment Qin Lie noticed that the Curse Progenitor’s remains were hovering right at the center of the fog of secret curse.

Countless strange curse runes joined in formation that looked like the Realm Restriction ancient spirit diagram and surrounded the Curse Progenitor.


An extremely loud crack resounded from beneath Blue Nightmare Island. Seine’s bloodcurdling scream cut through the air right after.

The lanky soul figures inside the dark blue light all suddenly vanished.

Seine’s powerful aura swiftly decayed after that.

Everyone knew that Seine’s attempt to ascend to the Void Realm had failed completely.

That loud crack was the sound of his four-level Soul Altar disintegrating into nothingness...

“Failed, he must have failed.”

“That’s the sound of his four-level Soul Altar breaking.”

“I think this is the second time he had failed."

Everyone was discussing this among themselves.

Suddenly, Qin Lie noticed that the curse runes surrounding the Curse Progenitor were being absorbed into the body.

The thick blue fog that surrounded Blue Nightmare Island was dissipating at an astonishing rate.

At the same time, the invisible power that intimidated every living being here vanished in an instant.

In just a dozen or so seconds, the curse runes were completely absorbed by the Corpse Progenitor.

Once the curse runes were gone, the Corpse Progenitor’s body flew away from Blue Nightmare Island and headed straight for Qin Lie’s glabella.

“Don’t!” La Pu exclaimed.

Qin Lie also tried to stop the Curse Progenitor with his mind.

Unfortunately, the Curse Progenitor’s body didn’t heed his mental commands at all. It suddenly turned into a stream of curse runes and entered his glabella just as it was a hundred or so meters away from him.

Since the thick fog had disappeared, everyone had regained clear vision of their surroundings. They immediately concentrated their gazes onto Qin Lie.

The young man instantly fell under the limelight.

“He… he’s the island master of Flaming Sun Island!”

“Qin Lie!”

“It was him!”

The evil spirits and foreign beings quickly identified Qin Lie. They all wore strange looks on their faces.

“It’s a misunderstanding, it’s all just a misunderstanding. Please don’t overthink this.” La Pu hurriedly tried to explain.

He noticed that many evil spirits and foreign races were shooting him very unfriendly looks.

“To think that he’s the one who stopped Seine from ascending both times!” an old man of the Gray Wing Race exclaimed sinisterly.

“It seems that Flaming Sun Island doesn’t just want to take over the other continents. They’re planning to rule even the Ruined Lands,” fishmen warriors also echoed his sentiment.

“Flaming Sun Island may be planning to rule every inch of the Land of Chaos!”

“Flaming Sun Island is probably afraid that Seine’s breakthrough would affect their grand plans. That’s why they stop him again and again!” others said.

Suddenly, Qin Lie became everyone’s target. They all thought that he was the mastermind behind all this.

“It really is just a misunderstanding…” La Pu said helplessly.

“Cough cough, cough cough cough…”

Suddenly, Seine’s fierce coughs came from deep beneath Blue Nightmare Island.

La Pu and Forefather Dark Wind’s expressions changed too.

Still coughing, a lanky old man slowly floated out of a dark cave.

The old man’s white hair was extremely eye catching. His chest area was completely covered in blood. His pupils looked as fearsome as a ghost, and they burned like two balls of flame.

He shot Qin Lie a crazed, bloodthirsty look. “Are you the one who did this?”

“Seine, this is a misunderstanding!” La Pu hurriedly said.

“Shut up!” The white-haired old man couldn’t stop from vomiting a mouthful of blood as he yelled. He coughed loudly and calmed himself down bit by bit before he finally spoke up again in a dark tone, “I know that you were at the Ruined Lands a few years ago. At the time, I was also trying to ascend to the Void Realm. However, Flaming Sun Island was just a nameless force back then, and you aren’t nearly as powerful and important as you are now. You’re a rat who only dare to stab people in the back these days, aren’t you? Did you finally emerge from your hole today because you thought Flaming Sun Island had gathered enough experts and ruled the Land of Chaos?”

He was certain that Qin Lie was the mastermind behind his downfall.

The evil spirits and foreign races around Blue Nightmare Island might not have been able to see the sky of curse runes being absorbed into the Curse Progenitor’s body, but he could.

He even saw the Curse Progenitor’s body turning into a stream of curse runes and entering Qin Lie’s glabella in the end.

How could he possibly believe that Qin Lie was unrelated to this?

“What’s going on?”

It was at this moment Duan Qianjie’s voice suddenly rang from beside Qin Lie.

Then, a pair of hands appeared out of nothing and tear a hole in space bit by bit.

Duan Qianjie walked out of the spatial rift coolly.

Flame Demon Tang Beidou was right behind him. The chuckling old man yelled, “Our men told us that the island master had run into trouble at Blue Nightmare Island. Heh, we were just about to make it to the eastern barbarians’ nests. To think that we have to make a detour here, what a drag!”

Many Evil Infant Island martial practitioners were operating nearby. When they noticed that something was amiss, they had immediately notified Song Tingyu.

Song Tingyu immediately told Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou about this.

Duan Qianjie was well-versed in the power of space. He was capable of creating a temporary spatial passage with his powers. That was how he teleported from the vast eastern sea region to the Ruined Lands immediately.

The evil spirits and foreign races around Blue Nightmare Island suddenly fell silent.

La Pu and Forefather Dark Wind also let out a secret sigh of relief.

The seven great hidden experts might be helmed by Seine, but Tang Beidou and Duan Qianjie were right behind him. What might’ve been a one-sided slaughter suddenly became not so one-sided because of Tang Beidou and Duan Qianjie’s appearance.

“So you two are the ones who are supporting him. No wonder he’s bold enough to stop me from entering the Void Realm!” Seine said through gritted teeth.

He thought that Duan Qianjie and Tang Beidou were participants of this ploy too.

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