Chapter 1033: The Cursed Lands

Chapter 1033: The Cursed Lands

At the Ruined Lands, many foreign races and evil spirits rushed out from all sorts of islands.

Qin Lie, La Pu and Forefather Dark Wind were also rushing towards Seine’s cultivation ground in astonishment.

Seine was the strongest cultivator out of the seven hidden experts of the Land of Chaos. He once challenged Nan Zhengtian and lost the fight, but he was able to retreat safely from the battle. For many years, he had set himself up in the Ruined Lands and caused many great forces to think twice before setting foot in the Ruined Lands.

This man was once known as the number one evil spirit of the Land of Chaos. He was cruel and bloodthirsty, and many foreign races didn’t dare to provoke him.

Qin Lie had slowly gained in status in the Ruined Lands over time, but he has never met Seine.

That was why he was rather curious about Seine.

For many years, Seine had secluded himself in the Ruined Lands in order to construct the fourth level of his Soul Altar. Since the astounding explosion had come from where Seine was cultivating, it was only natural that it attracted everyone’s attention.

However, the thing that puzzled Qin Lie right now was the Curse Progenitor flying out on his own towards Seine’s location.

He tried to sense the Curse Progenitor with his soul consciousness while he was flying towards Seine’s location. As he had expected, he was able to sense the Curse Progenitor through a strange connection.

He immediately noticed that the Curse Progenitor’s remains had also been tempered by the Soul Suppressing Orb. Its body and Soul Altar must have been covered in all kinds of strange ancient spirit diagrams.

As the owner of the Soul Suppressing Orb, he could easily detect the Curse Progenitor’s location.

A few minutes later.

Qin Lie, La Pu and Forefather Dark Wind stopped near the island Seine was cultivating on.

Many evil spirits and foreign races that came from all directions also came to a stop and hovered nearby the island. No one dared to enter the island’s airspace though.

“Seine is the strongest expert in the Ruined Lands. The island he cultivates in… is the Ruined Lands’ largest forbidden ground,” Forefather Dark Wind explained casually. “The evil spirits and foreign races operating here all obey the rules of the Ruined Lands and never enter into his territory—unless they are confident that they can beat him.”

“Nan Zhengtian may be the only person in the entire Land of Chaos who is confident he can beat Seine,” La Pu echoed.

Astonishment colored Qin Lie’s eyes.

He could sense the Curse Progenitor flying deep inside a blue mist right above Seine’s island.

“There’s something above Blue Nightmare Island!”

“It looks like a person!”

“There is something going on behind the fog!”

Suddenly, the evil spirits and foreign beings gathered around Seine’s island exclaimed in unison.

Some of these people were Soul Altar experts. They all noticed the Curse Progenitor’s blurry figure deep inside the blue fog.

“Are these the Curse Progenitor’s remains?” La Pu asked in a low voice.

Qin Lie nodded in puzzlement himself. “Yes.”

“Why has it appeared above Blue Nightmare Island?” La Pu couldn’t figure out the reason.

“I don’t know myself,” Qin Lie said.

“Someone dares to enter Blue Nightmare Island’s airspace? Isn’t he afraid that Seine will retaliate with bloody murder? Every single person who has dared to act impudently on Blue Nightmare Island had been ground to dust by Seine.”

“What a bold fellow!”

“I think it’s because Seine is currently constructing his Soul Altar. That’s why they dared to act so impudently and take advantage of him.”

The evil spirits gathered around the island chatted among themselves.


A terrific rumble came from the underground of Blue Nightmare Island. Deep ravines rent apart the land of the island as the explosions ensued.

Wisps of thick dark blue fog arose from the ravines. They gradually enveloped the entire Blue Nightmare Island.

It wasn’t long before no one around the island could see what was going on inside.

Several evil spirits and foreign races’ clansmen tried to check what was going on inside by setting loose their soul consciousness.

However, they all let out exclamations of surprise before they withdrew their soul consciousness in panic. A lot of them look both afraid and shocked.

Beside QIn Lie, Forefather Dark Wind shuddered a little before letting out a dull groan. “I almost couldn’t withdraw the wisp of soul consciousness I extended into Blue Nightmare Island. It’s almost as if I was stuck inside a swamp. You must be careful!”

He warned La Pu and Qin Lie.

La Pu chuckled. “I don’t need to probe it with my soul.”

The third eye at his glabella opened to shoot a jade green light towards Blue Nightmare Island. It didn’t look like he was affected by the fog barrier.

“Qin Lie! A uncountable number of bizarre curse runes have appeared in the fog around the Curse Progenitor!” La Pu exclaimed. “The Curse Progenitor… isn’t the one who produced them.”

“I can see it,” Qin Lie said seriously.

He had activated his bloodline power in secret and caused his eyes to turn dark red in color. For some reason, the dark blue fog covering the entirety of Blue Nightmare Island didn’t affect his vision in the slightest.

He could see hundred millions of bizarre curse runes growing clearer and clearer over time.

These curse runes had appeared inside the thick fog out of nowhere. It was as if they were part of the Land of Chaos’ world spirit energy from the beginning.

When he concentrated, he discovered that the curse runes weren’t completely frozen.

On the contrary, they seemed to be orbiting in a pattern that he couldn’t understand. It was as if they were about to join together to form one mysterious, secret curse.

While the curse runes were swimming, the laws of the world surrounding Blue Nightmare Island changed before anyone realized it.

Qin Lie was certain that the absolute law of the world would be rewritten and transformed into something unbelievable once the secret curse had manifested in full.

“Qin Lie! Even if the fog barrier didn’t exist, the curse runes on Blue Nightmare Island should still be invisible to most others!” La Pu inhaled deeply as seriousness colored his expression. “I have eight eyes on my body, but my third eye is the only eye that can see those curse runes! I believe that these curse runes are the soul tendrils of resentful souls extracted and joined together to form a secret art I cannot understand! Blue Nightmare Island, Blue Nightmare Island… the word ‘Nightmare’ here is referring to the resentful souls!”

Qin Lie looked astonished. “Then how am I able to see them?”

“Your God Race bloodline is very unusual,” La Pu said solemnly.

While they were conversing with each other, a shrill howl suddenly came from the fresh ravines of Blue Nightmare Island.

The howl was filled with infinite hatred and violence. It was as if an inhuman demon was about to break free from its confinement.

“Seine’s howling!” La Pu’s expression changed yet again.

“Seine is at the bottom of Blue Nightmare Island?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“He must be cultivating there right now!” La Pu answered.

Qin Lie was just about to say something when he noticed that the innumerable curse runes above Blue Nightmare Island suddenly joining together to form a mysterious, secret curse.

The overall shape of the secret curse was similar to a middle grade ancient spirit diagram he knew. That ancient spirit diagram was called “Realm Restriction.”.

Realm Restriction was normally used together with Spirit Sealing. Once a spirit was sealed with Spirit Sealing, the use of Realm Restriction could prevent the spirit from ever growing stronger or breaking through its existing realm.

Through this method, one could ground the willpower of the spirit bit by bit until it ultimately submitted to its captor in despair.

Right now, the secret curse of Blue Nightmare Island looked extremely similar to Realm Restriction.

While Qin Lie was making the connection in his mind, the law of the world around Blue Nightmare Island changed quietly.

An invisible power that was capable of restricting one’s power abruptly descended across Blue Nightmare Island. Everyone here suddenly felt like they could never advance into the next realm ever again.

The middle stage Fragmentation Realm Qin Lie felt like he could never ascend to the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm.

La Pu also felt like he could never manifest his ninth eye.

Forefather Dark Wind and many other evil spirits and foreign beings felt the same thing as well.

Despair and fear colored many people’s faces.

“No!” It was at this moment Seine’s voice suddenly came from the underground of Blue Nightmare Island. “This is the second time! Damnable heavens, what kind of sin have the denizens of the Land of Chaos committed to make you curse us so?! I won’t acknowledge this! I will never give up!”

Qin Lie shuddered greatly the moment he heard this.

“No Gold rank force of the Central World was allowed to step foot in this place where the abyss channel at the bottom of the sea exists. No Void Realm or Genesis Realm experts are allowed to appear or fight in the Land of Chaos. The Five Progenitors had worked together to suppress the abyss channel. The secret curse of the Curse Progenitor…”

As the stream of thoughts passed through his mind, Qin Lie suddenly realized something.

“The Land of Chaos is also a cursed land! Whenever the living beings of the Land of Chaos tries to ascend to the Void Realm, the curse would befall on them! No wonder the Silver rank forces’ experts of this place were never able to ascend to the Void Realm. No wonder the nine great Silver rank forces can never improve further and evolve into a Gold rank force!”

The Curse Progenitor must have cast a terrifying secret curse similar to Realm Restriction on the Land of Chaos to ensure its prolonged stability!”

“As long as a cultivator lives in the Land of Chaos, they will always be rebuffed by the secret curse whenever they try to ascend to the Void Realm!”

“Only by leaving the Land of Chaos would they be able to avoid its curse!”

Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly lit up.

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