Chapter 1030: He’s Still Alive!

Chapter 1030: He’s Still Alive!

After the first voodoo creature was imprisoned, every last ghoul on the battlefield was slaughtered. The martial practitioners of the Silver rank forces then changed targets and began hunting down the fleeing eastern barbarians.

After the eastern barbarians retreated from the Setting Sun Islands, they spread out towards the east, not daring to stay even a second longer.

Led by Flaming Sun Island, the experts of the Land of Chaos departed from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and moved towards the east where the eastern barbarians lived.

—This time, they would eliminate the eastern barbarians once and for all.

Seeing that the victor had been decided, Luz and other Dark Shadow clansmen joined Horned Demon clansmen and returned to the Nether Continent through Soul Summoning Island’s teleportation formation.

The two old dragons Barett and Calvert also returned to Boluo Realm to prepare for the inevitable return of Lunar Temple and Sun palace.

Every Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos united as one and officially launched their invasion on the eastern barbarians’ homeland.

Qin Lie didn’t join the main force that was attacking the eastern barbarian tribes. Instead, he delegated the task to Li Mu and Lei Yan before returning to Soul Summoning Island sneakily on his own.

At the obsidian palace of Soul Summoning Island, a spatial entrance connecting to Boluo Realm was wide open.

It didn’t take long for the rank nine Vermillion Bird Tong Yan to pass through the spatial entrance.

Xu Ran and Tong Zhenzhen had kept Qin Lie company as they awaited Tong Yan together.

“Has Barett and Calvert killed the ghoul experts?” the rank nine Vermillion Bird asked carelessly upon arrival. “Has your situation stabilized already?”

“For now, I believe so,” Qin Lie said.

“Are Lunar Temple and Sun Palace really going to show up and rebuild the secret realm entrances to Boluo Realm in ten years?” Tong Yan asked again.

One of the reasons she came today was to personally confirm this information.

The second reason was to accompany Tong Zhenzhen to the Nether Continent through the spatial passageway of Soul Summoning Island.

Many Vermillion Birds had already gathered near Blue Flame Manor so they might take revenge on Blue Flame Manor and reclaim the Vermillion Bird Realm.

“Barring any surprises, yes, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will reconnect with Boluo Realm in ten years,” Qin Lie said seriously. “Moreover, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace aren’t going to play games with you any longer. Their first goal upon arrival is to clear out all non-human living beings in Boluo Realm. From what I heard, Lunar Temple and Sun Palace had reached a tacit agreement to transform Boluo Realm into their private realm completely. They won’t allow any dissenting voices to appear any longer.”

“Ten years…” the rank nine Vermillion Bird said with a heavy heart.

When Qin Lie had destroyed Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrances at Boluo Realm, they thought that the Ancient Beast Race, Black Jail Race, and Giant Race finally had their chance to rise to power.

By trading with Flaming Sun Island, they were able to acquire many cultivation resources they were lacking and upgrade their overall strength swiftly as a result.

They had thought that they would be able to gather enough strength to fight Lunar Temple and Sun Palace head on a hundred years later.

They were full of confidence about their future.

But they never imagined that the one hundred years buffer they should have had was suddenly shortened to just ten years. They didn’t think that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s martial practitioners would be able to shorten their travel time by passing through Kunhuan Domain.

Ten years were as short as a blink of an eye. There was no way they could bring their strength to a whole new level in just ten years.

“...Ten years. There’s not enough time. I doubt that we can gather enough strength to fight Lunar Temple and Sun Palace in just ten years’ time,” the rank nine Vermillion Bird said worriedly.

“If it really is impossible… should we return to Vermillion Bird Realm when the time comes?” Tong Zhenzhen asked.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird looked at her with eyes of fire. “The Vermillion Bird Realm is still in the hands of Blue Flame Manor. We must take it back first before we can return.”

This was why she had hurried over. She wanted to help her former people take back the Vermillion Bird Realm and leave an escape route if all hope was lost.

If Lunar Temple and Sun Palace truly tried to slaughter every last foreign race that existed in Boluo Realm ten years later, she would be able to take the low rank Vermillion Birds who had joined her a long time ago back to Vermillion Bird Realm.

“As long as the three great races of Nether Realm are able to injure Blue Flame Manor severely, they will not have the strength to assume control over Vermillion Bird Realm!” Tong Zhenzhen exclaimed.

The rank nine Vermillion Bird nodded before looking at Qin Lie. “Please send us to the Nether Continent.”

“Lord Tate!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Standing near the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar, Tate of the Horned Demon Race activated the altar’s teleportation formation after hearing his signal.

A white, blurry light radiated from the teleportation formation like a water ripple.

Qin Lie wanted to enter the teleportation formation with the rank nine Vermillion Bird, but Tate stopped him.

“What is it?” Qin Lie frowned.

“You’re not allowed to go over,” Tate kept his head low and said with a helpless look on his face/ “It is an order of the Venerable One. For now, you are not to show yourself at the Nether Continent or reveal your face to anyone from the Central World.”

“I wish to speak with my grandfather,” Qin Lie exclaimed.

Tate shook his head. “The Venerable One said that the time isn’t right yet.”

“And when will that be?” Qin Lie said impatiently.

“This is something the Venerable One told me to pass to you.” Tate passed over a letter to Qin Lie before saying, “Although that friend of yours, Gao Yu isn’t a Nether Realm denizen, he is shockingly talented in cultivating the Nine Hell Evil Scripture. He gets along well with the queen because they know each other since their early days, and the Demon God body he brought over is extremely useful to us. Now that Luz has returned, and the Vermillion Bird Race has decided to help us, we should be able to defeat the Blue Flame Manor. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Tate understood that Ling Yushi was the greatest source of Qin Lie’s worry.

He believed that Qin Lie could hold onto his patience as long as he learned that Ling Yushi was fine and that the war situation on Nether Continent was improving.

“Please come with me.” He invited the rank nine Vermillion Bird and Tong Zhenzhen to enter the teleportation formation.

Not long after, he vanished together with the husband and wife pair, and the rank nine Vermillion Bird.

The teleportation formation inside the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar slowly lost its glow and returned to normal.

Qin Lie tore open the letter right next to the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar and read it carefully.

“Lie’er, your identity has been exposed. The people of the Central World know that you’re still alive.”

“Right now, most of our family members are still hiding in other realms. The Central World is currently too powerful, so it is dangerous for you to expose yourself to them.”

“The Land of Chaos is a special place. As long as you remain in the Land of Chaos, the martial practitioners of the Central World will not dare act against you openly.

“The reason I brought you to Scarlet Tide Continent back then was because Scarlet Tide Continent is part of the Land of Chaos.

“The forces of the Central World will not openly interfere with the Land of Chaos’ business because they have an old oath to obey.

“For now, it is better if you stay in the Land of Chaos. Also… if possible, please make an alliance between the Qin Family and the powerful races of Boluo Realm come true.”

Qin Shan’s had clear handwriting. He had made clear a few things to Qin Lie.

After reading through the letter several times and carving every word into his mind, Qin Lie burned the letter to dust.

“They have to obey an old oath, and not interfere with the Land of Chaos’ business? But why must the Gold rank forces of the Central World obey some old oath?” Qin Lie was very puzzled.

He suddenly recalled that Xu Ran once told him about Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect asking for help from the Central World when the ghoul races still ravaged the Land of Chaos.

Unfortunately, the Gold rank forces didn’t send anyone to deal with the arrogant ghouls for some unknown reason.

It was almost as if there was an invisible barrier that was keeping the Land of Chaos and the Central World of Spirit Realm apart.

“I guess it’s time to find out the truth behind all this,” he mumbled to himself.

Right now, the leaders of all Silver rank forces were busy leading their men and eradicating the eastern barbarian tribes.

If he thought about it carefully, there should only be a few people who were old enough to know the details of this secret...

“Shen Kui! He must know the reason!” Qin Lie’s eyes abruptly lit up.

After the battle at the Setting Sun Islands had ended, Shen Kui had taken a couple of people back to Terminator Sect while Lei Yan led the rest of the Terminator Sect on an attack against the eastern barbarians.

He was sure that Shen Kui was aware of the reason why the Gold rank forces of the Central World refrained from tainting the Land of Chaos with their fingers.

And so he departed towards Terminator Sect from the Ruined Lands.


At Rock Calamity Domain, a subordinate domain of Ninth Heaven.

There were bodies littered every on the mountain peak of a dark red mountain. They obviously the bodies of a non-human race since they had sharp ears, green skin and thin bodies.

This race was known as the Green Spirit Race. It was the native race of Rock Calamity Domain. Green Spirit Race was just a small an unknown race in the vast galaxy.

The strange pavilions made of trees and vines were currently engulfed by huge flames.

A giant, luxurious-looking ship was suspended above the buildings. A banner slowly swayed to the wind.

Exquisite layers of space were sewn into the banner. Every space contained a unique scenery of its own.

It was Ninth Heaven’s unique symbol.

On the ship, a beautiful, dignified and charming woman dressed in a long, blue dress was staring at the big fire beneath the ship quietly.

After thirty years had passed, she had slaughtered every last Green Spirit there was in Rock Calamity Domain.

As she watched the Green Spirit Race’s holy ground being turned to dust, she knew that there wouldn’t be a dissenting voice—specifically, one that was against her—in Rock Calamity Domain any longer.

Thanks to her ruthless methods, the chaos that had troubled Rock Calamity Domain had finally been buried along with the Green Spirit Race.

The giant ship was completely loaded with countless precious spirit materials that the Green Spirit Race had excavated from the Rock Calamity Domain for tens of thousands of years. These spirit materials were exceptionally useful to the recovery of one’s life force.

She knew that a sea of praises awaited her after she returned to Ninth Heaven. Her status in Ninth Heaven would solidify even further as a result.

An old man who expected great things from her had long since informed her that the spirit materials necessary to construct her Soul Altar had been prepared.

All she needed to do now was to return back to Ninth Heaven and construct the first level of her Soul Altar.

Everything was progressing in the most ideal way possible.

“Is there still no news from the chaotic streams of space? Why hasn’t Little Lei returned yet?” She looked at the loyal servant beside her with wrinkled eyebrows. “The Gold rank forces had all sent their Fragmentation Realm elites into that place, hadn’t they? Why is there no news even now?”

“We still have nothing, miss. The eight great forces are investigating this as well, but so far, no progress has been made,” an old servant surnamed Han said bitterly.

“No matter how disappointing Little Lei is, he is still my little brother. If he hadn’t lured that trash from the Qin Family into my bedroom, I would never have won the good graces of Ninth Heaven and proved myself to those old bastards. The Han Family wouldn’t be as important as it is now,” she said indifferently.

The old servant nodded slightly.

“Miss Han, the people you sent to the Land of Chaos had sent a message back to us.” Suddenly, a Ninth Heaven martial practitioner rushed in and passed her a sound transmission stone.

When she accepted the sound transmission stone and extracted the message inside it, a shudder abruptly coursed through her elegant figure.

“What’s wrong?” The old servant looked surprised. “Miss, what is it that has surprised you so? I’ve served you for many years, but I rarely see you lose your cool like this.”

“That trash is still alive!”

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