Chapter 1029: Exposure of Identity!

Chapter 1029: Exposure of Identity!

"Quickly leave the Setting Sun Islands!"

Leader of the Black Barbarian Tribe, Ke Yu, saw Jiang An and the Black Voodoo Cult disciples charging and his expression changed.

Istan and Fiennes of the three ghoul races were bloodied and wounded by the two old dragons as their Soul Altars had been transformed into giant ghoul warriors. Standing on the giants’ heads, Fiennes and Istan were dispirited as black energy dissipated from their eyes.

Those black wisps seemed to be their soul.

"Luz is coming!"

Istan of the Earth Ghoul Race saw a vast cloud of nether demonic energy coming and panicked.

Barett and Calvert held huge advantage over them. The reason they were still trying to hang on was because they knew first voodoo creature was a significant variable.

—They hoped the first voodoo creature could turn the tide of the battle.

Qin Lie sealed the first voodoo creature, the Black Voodoo Cult joined enemies’ camp, and Luz was released.

This caused the fighting power of the two sides to become extremely unequal!

Istan realized they had already lost this battle.

Seeing Istan’s expression change, Fiennes of the Blue Ghoul Race could guess his thoughts.

The two old ghouls exchanged a look, their bodies sinking and disappearing into the giant ghoul warriors.

The enormous ghoul warriors shrunk rapidly and returned to the form of Soul Altars.

Having recovered their original appearance, they seemed extremely unremarkable compared the bodies of Barett and Calvert.

Barett did not react in time as the two ghoul Soul Altars flew towards the east.

On the eastern horizon. A group of Heaven Ghoul clansmen gathered. Big spatial cracks appeared.

The cracks continued to expand. They quickly formed a narrow spatial rift. Bhutto's figure silently appeared in that rift.

"Retreat to the chaotic streams of space!"

The three ghoul races’ clansmen heard the call for retreat and cast their secret arts.

Like rays of light and darkness, the ghouls flew towards the spatial rift.


Mangled limbs and bones fell from the sky, creating a bloody rain.

"The ghouls are crippling themselves to escape!" Barett shouted angrily.

At this time, Duan Qianjie who was fighting against a three-level Soul Altar eastern barbarian suddenly flashed, his eyes cold.

Duan Qianjie's shoulder-length silver hair suddenly danced. The bright silver strands of hair seemed to stab into space itself.

Everyone saw astounding light coming out of his hair.

A strange power rippled out of his body, causing the spatial cracks to stop expanding.

The spatial rift the experts of Heaven Ghoul Race had made started to heal as Duan Qianjie's domain spread.

Inside the spatial rift, Bhutto's face twisted as he seemed to howl wildly.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen behind Bhutto started exploding.

The blood sprayed onto Bhutto, completely covering him. His eyes were filled with endless viciousness.

After being struck by the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam, his bloodline power was restrained, and he couldn’t utilize Heaven Ghoul Race’s latent abilities and racial traits.

The spatial rift which appeared was created by him using the bloodline power of ghouls behind him.

Duan Qianjie's ability to freeze space forced him to activate all the power in the bloodline, and caused the other clansmen to explode.

So many Heaven Ghoul clansmen dying made him fume with hatred towards Duan Qianjie. He made sure to imprint Duan Qianjie’s face into his soul.

"In the future, when I recover, I will slaughter all the living beings in the Land of Chaos! Not even animals will be spared!”

Inside the gradually healing spatial rift, Bhutto covered in blood gave off a ghastly curse.

All the martial practitioners who heard his shout felt chills. They looked towards the bloody shadow of Bhutto behind the spatial rift.


Behind Bhutto, more Heaven Ghoul clansmen exploded into bloody bits, and seemed to strengthen his rage even further.


Duan Qianjie sprayed out a mouthful of blood, his silver hair suddenly turning white.

"Kill as many ghouls as possible!" Qin Lie shouted.

Suddenly, all the martial practitioners stopped their pursuit after the eastern barbarians and targeted the ghouls that were trying to leave using secret arts.

"Do you all you can to block that spatial rift! Do not let more clansmen of the three ghoul races escape again!" Xu Ran of Terminator Sect shouted.

"Spatial spirit artifacts! Who has spatial spirit artifacts?!" Jiang Zhuzhe shouted.

"Spatial spirit artifacts..." Qin Lie was shocked.

He suddenly thought of the Heavengold Mirror.

Within the chaotic streams of space, he had once wrecked havoc in the battle for the spatial passageway by using the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

Ji Qi had taken out the Heavengold Mirror and recovered order by smoothing the chaotic spatial laws of the place. He seemed to have created entirely new space around him.

The appearance of the Heavengold Mirror caused the Spirits of Void and Chaos to become unable to use the spatial whirlpools that had been present everywhere, and he had almost been seriously injured.

He had an unusually deep impression of the Heavengold Mirror.

At this time, seeing that Duan Qianjie was unable to overpower the many Heaven Ghoul clansmen working together, he knew that no one could reverse the situation.

"I hope this will be of use..."

He threw out the Heavengold Mirror.

A bright copper mirror flew towards the ghouls.

When the Heavengold Mirror appeared, if released mysterious power capable of mending the spatial laws.

Even though the mirror was still far from the spatial rift, it started to tremble violently.

In a moment, Bhutto, covered in blood, suddenly exploded.

Everyone saw a remnant soul fly out of Bhutto's body and disappear.

"Great Sage!"

Inside and outside the spatial rift, Heaven Ghoul clansmen all let out pained wails.

At that moment, the spatial rift was forcibly healed.

Aside from Istan and Fiennes, no other ghoul races’ clansmen managed to reach it.

Nearly three thousand ghouls, with their broken limbs and blood-covered bodies, stared in hopelessness at the space where a spatial rift should have been.

The martial practitioners of the major Silver rank forces surrounded the area.

The sound of spirit artifacts cutting through bone and the hair-raising screams of the ghoul races’ clansmen spread from the area.

The human experts who hated the three ghoul races felt no pity. They killed all the remaining ghouls who had not fled into the chaotic streams of space.

The martial practitioners of the eastern barbarian tribes used this opportunity to flee like dogs towards the east.

Among them was one man, that looked like nothing like black barbarians, yet wore their robes.

"That thing... isn’t that the Ji Family's Heavengold Mirror?" A short-bearded middle-aged martial practitioner's eyes flashed with strange light as he said in a low voice.

"It definitely is the Heavengold Mirror of Ji Qi!" the other person said certainly. "Only the Heavengold Mirror's presence can cause the space to recover its laws and heal a spatial rift like that one! The Heavengold Mirror has always been in Ji Qi's possession. And Ji Qi and the other Fragmentation Realm youths of the Gold rank forces in Central World all died in the chaotic streams of space!"

"All of them entered and searched for the secret realm of the God Race. None returned" The short-bearded middle-aged martial practitioner had a serious expression. "No one knows what happened in there. Even the ancient races seem to be cautious and confused. Ji Qi died there. His Heavengold Mirror must have been left there. For this Qin Lie to have it, he must have been there earlier!”

"He had originally been pulled into the chaotic streams of space by the Heaven Ghoul Race!" that person said in shock.

"He must have something to do with the deaths of Gold rank forces’ younger generation geniuses, even if he didn’t kill them himself!" the short-bearded martial practitioner said coldly.

"It must be like this!"

"I will immediately report this!"

"Has the God Race’s bloodline, he is also called Qin Lie, he must be... Qin Hao's son! The boy from three centuries ago!"

"We can return and report to Miss Han Qian."


They chatted as they fled in the chaos, soon disappearing without a trace.

The Silver rank forces were not in a hurry to chase after eastern barbarians and kept exterminating the ghoul races. They knew where the eastern barbarians lived after all.

They weren’t in a hurry to kill them either.

Qin Lie who had released the Heavengold Mirror felt reassured when he saw the spatial rift heal and the martial practitioners starting slaughtering the ghoul races’ clansmen. He hurried to Duan Qianjie’s side.

"Uncle Duan, are you alright?" he shouted from a distance.

Duan Qianjie's silver hair had turned gray-white in this short period of time.

Qin Lie came over and saw the hair which seemed to be rooted in space explode into dust.

The handsome Duan Qianjie suddenly seemed to age by decades.

"Minor matter, I just used too much energy. I need some time to recover." Duan Qianjie shook his head. His expression changed and he said, "What kind of spirit artifact is this copper mirror you used to heal space?"

"This is Heavengold Mirror." Qin Lie handed the copper mirror to Duan Qianjie.

Duan Qianjie held the Heavengold Mirror, his fingertip glittering with light as it moved across the mirror surface.

His eyes suddenly lit up. His shoulders shook as he shouted, "Could you lend this to me to study for a while?"

Qin Lie frowned slightly.

Duan Qianjie showed a disappointed expression. "You can say if it is not convenient."

When he saw Qin Lie for the first time, he taught the other the Limit Sublimation Art. While he was never truly kind to Qin Lie, he always appeared when Qin Lie was in danger.

When he gave the Limit Sublimation Art to Qin Lie, in his mind, he already didn’t consider Qin Lie an outsider.

In contrast to his cold appearance, he had a warm heart. He was just not good at showing emotions.

He could see the Heavengold Mirror was an extraordinary spatial spirit artifact. It would be of great help to him in mastering the power of space. He knew the value of such an item so he only wanted to study it for a while.

He didn’t expect Qin Lie to be dissatisfied with his request. He was greatly disappointed and felt that the hopes he put on Qin Lie were laughable.

"Uncle Duan, do not misunderstand." At this time, Qin Lie grimaced. He did not go to take the Heavengold Mirror Duan Qianjie held towards him and explained sincerely, "The reason I am conflicted is not because I am reluctant, but... this is a stolen item. It is an artifact belonging to the Ji Family in Central World. I'm afraid this item will bring calamity to Uncle Duan."

"So that's how it is." Duan Qianjie's expression eased and he said, "Then I will do my best not to show this item."

"Alright." Qin Lie smiled, and said, "This item is actually completely useless to me. Since Uncle Duan likes it, I will give it to you."

Duan Qianjie stilled and then looked deeply at Qin Lie. He nodded and did not say anything else.

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