Chapter 1028: Jiang An's Surrender

Chapter 1028: Jiang An's Surrender

The soul of the first voodoo creature turned into a green river of light that merged completely into the wooden sculpture.

In that moment, the voodoo insects from all over wailed sharply.

Their wails were followed by sudden explosions, their dark green souls streaming to the wooden sculpture in Qin Lie's hand.

The eyes of many disciples of Black Voodoo Cult regained clarity and luster.

The voodoo insects coiled inside their chests suddenly became docile after the Viridian Blood Toad was sealed into the wooden sculpture.

Their souls which had almost been tempted into madness by the first voodoo creature gradually calmed. The flesh and blood power of their hosts started to nourish their bodies once again.

As the pope of Black Voodoo Cult, Jiang An detected this immediately. The feeling of being one with the voodoo insect came back.

The voodoo insects they fed with their flesh and soul energies were like parts of them.

They had always treated the voodoo insects in their bodies like a second life.

Obviously, those voodoo insects were completely obedient to them.

When the first voodoo creature returned from the Graveyard of Gods and merged into the Voodoo Progenitor, everything changed.

The first voodoo creature used the body of the Voodoo Progenitor, and controlled the voodoo insects in their bodies.

This caused the voodoo insects who they nurtured with their flesh and soul energies to go out of their control

Voodoo insects controlling people... they could not accept this.

In this moment, as the first voodoo creature left the body of the Voodoo Progenitor, and was sealed away, all the hostility was gone.

Jiang An and the others felt joy as if they had come back to life.

Those who wanted to breach the barriers created by Luz and Miao Fengtian in order to reach Qin Lie and kill the first voodoo creature also calmed down.

Luz stared at them. When he saw them put down their weapons, he also let down his guard.

"Qin Lie, the first voodoo creature... you sealed it into the wooden sculpture?" he asked.

Jiang An and Miao Fengtian naturally came over as well.

They noticed the sea of voodoo insect next to Qin Lie explode, turning into dark green wisps of smoke that entered the wooden sculpture.

The wooden sculpture was surrounded by circles of green light as it gave off strange ripples. It easily absorbed the green souls.

Shortly after, the wooden sculpture was covered in green, looking like dry wood in spring, about to bud.

A strong vitality gushed out of the wooden sculpture.

Qin Lie also had an astounded expression.

Holding the wooden sculpture, he probed with his mind. He found the Viridian Blood Toad was restrained by many blood lines in a complex ancient diagram of the wooden sculpture as it fiercely struggled.

On the wooden sculpture, the many wondrous and natural wood grains were slowly moving.

When the voodoo insects exploded, the soul fragments they had been created with were absorbed by the wooden sculpture, strengthening the already abundant vitality.

That wooden sculpture immediately came to life like a dry river suddenly filling with water.

As the vitality of the wooden sculpture increased, the compound spirit diagram inside gradually showed its wonders.

The first voodoo creature became weaker as it struggled in the wooden sculpture.

At this time, Qin Lie retracted his mind consciousness and focused once again on the outside world.

He said to Luz, "The first voodoo creature has been sealed."

When he said this, the eyes of Jiang An and the disciples of Black Voodoo Cult lit up.

"Island Master Qin, will he really not return?" Jiang An asked.

"Temporarily not," Qin Lie said ambiguously.

"Only temporarily?" Jiang An's expression changed slightly. "You cannot completely refine him to death?"

The Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners became nervous, their expressions serious.

"Maybe he will return. But at that time… he should be under my absolute control.” Qin Lie grinned.

"Your control..." Surprise flashed through Jiang An's eyes. He thought for a while and nodded with bitterness, saying, "I understand."

Pausing, he suddenly took a deep breath and awkwardly bowed to Qin Lie. He said with a lowered heard, "Is there anything I can do for Island Master Qin right now?"

Because the first voodoo creature was sealed, the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect and the other Silver rank forces gathered over.

Qi Yang, Feng Yi, Luo Han, and the others were also paying attention.

At this moment, the martial practitioners gathered stared in shock as Jiang An bowed towards Qin Lie.

—The pope of Black Voodoo Cult was bowing to Qin Lie!

And that bow was clearly one of a subordinate expressing surrender to their superior!

"According to our previous agreement, Black Voodoo Cult has to pursue and kill the ghoul races and the eastern barbarians," Qin Lie said coolly.

Jiang An nodded respectfully and ordered his subordinates. "Did you hear Island Master Qin's orders?"

The Gongye brothers, and the countless Black Voodoo Cult Soul Altar experts responded loudly.

"What, what is going on?"

Qi Yang and Feng Yi looked at each other, stunned. They felt this was not realistic.

Even Jiang Zhuzhe, Mo Lingye, Yu Lingwei, and the others had shocked expressions.

"Starting today, Black Voodoo Cult will join Flaming Sun Island and swear loyalty to Island Master Qin!" Under the shocked and uncertain gazes, Jiang An floated into the sky and said loudly.

Then, he immediately led the Gongye brothers and other Black Voodoo Cult Soul Altar experts to show their sincerity—pursuing the eastern barbarians.

"Do not worry about me. Try to kill as many of the ghouls as possible. As long as ghoul races are alive, we will not know peace." Qin Lie smiled faintly at Luz.


Luz, Miao Fengtian, and the Corpse Demons charged towards the ghoul races.

"Sect masters, you do not have to worry about Black Voodoo Cult and the voodoo insect. Just go and kill eastern barbarians."

Qin Lie looked at Qi Yang, Feng Yi and the others.

Those people nodded dazedly, filled with all kinds of doubts, as they started to slaughter the eastern barbarians.

The unclear situation suddenly became clear with the sudden sealing of the first voodoo creature and the Black Voodoo Cult’s rebellion.

Qin Lie first put away the wooden sculpture and then looked at the remains of the Voodoo Progenitor. After thinking for a while, he reached to point at his brow.

The Soul Suppressing Orb appeared. A curtain of light covered the body of the Voodoo Progenitor and pulled it into the bead.

"After I refine it, I can give the Voodoo Progenitor's remains back to Jiang An. At that time... Jiang An will be tied to Flaming Sun Island," Qin Lie thought.

With the past refinements of the Blood and Corpse Progenitors’ bodies, he was sure the Soul Suppressing Orb could refine the remains of the five progenitors into golems similar to corpse servants.

The bodies of the five progenitors, after the Soul Suppressing Orb’s refinement, could be merged with souls of similar types. However, he could control those who assimilated the remains.

After the first voodoo creature flew out, the body of the Voodoo Progenitor was but a corpse. He did not believe Jiang An could resist the temptation of a seven-level Soul Altar.

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