Chapter 1027: Spirit Sealing!

Chapter 1027: Spirit Sealing!

The first voodoo creature was pulled out bit by bit through the Voodoo Progenitor’s chest by the path of bloody light.

The Viridian Blood Toad’s soul shadow faded gradually from the Voodoo Progenitor’s pupils.

The first voodoo creature shrilled and used seemingly all of its power to break free. However, it wasn’t able to struggle loose from the Spirit Sealing ancient diagram’s restriction and law in the end.

Finally, the first voodoo creature was completely extracted and exposed under the path of bloody light entirely.

Every single voodoo insect in the sky let out a bloodcurdling scream at once and flew back towards the first voodoo creature.

They rushed towards Qin Lie like giant clouds.

The human martial practitioners who were going through hell because of the voodoo insects looked overjoyed when the bugs suddenly moved away from them.

Even Luz was about to run out of power because of the endless waves of voodoo insects.

Everyone was freed from the shadow of the voodoo insects after the bugs rushed back towards the Voodoo Progenitor.

When they looked in the direction voodoo insects were flying towards, their gazes fell on Qin Lie.

“This is…”

Luz stared at Qin Lie and the voodoo insect that was extracted from the Voodoo Progenitor’s body in astonishment.

The first voodoo creature could only execute the Voodoo Progenitor’s evil secret arts when it was inside his seven-level Soul Altar.

It was scary only because it had merged with the Voodoo Progenitor’s Soul Altar. That was how it managed to control the experts of Black Voodoo Cult.

Now that the first voodoo creature was forced out of the Voodoo Progenitor’s remains, everyone realized that it was an opportunity to finally kill the first voodoo creature!

“Qin Lie! Please kill it! From hereon, Black Voodoo Cult is willing to serve Flaming Sun Island as a vassal force!”

Jiang An abandoned Miao Fengtian at first notice and charged towards Qin Lie and the first voodoo creature with everything he got.

The Gongye brothers and the Soul Altar experts of Black Voodoo Cult were also shouting in excitement as flying over.

While hooting, they also pierced their own chests with their claw-like fingers.

The personal voodoo insects that had entrenched themselves inside their hearts and fed on their flesh and blood let out ear-piercing screams when they were forcefully pulled out by the Soul Altar experts.

Without the first voodoo creature to execute the secret arts of Voodoo Progenitor, these voodoo insects seemed incapable of threatening Jiang An and the others any longer.

Similarly, since they were directly connected to each other by flesh, Jiang An and his people could only torture the voodoo insects. They would’ve been injured if they killed the voodoo insects.

“I’ll help you kill it!”

Luz of the Dark Shadow Race also dashed over as soon as he was freed from the endless waves of voodoo insects.

Even Miao Fengtian was rushing over with two Corpse Demons to aid Qin Lie in killing the first voodoo creature.

Everyone knew how scary the first voodoo creature was. They knew that this was the best time to kill it.

No one wanted to let go of this golden opportunity.

“You will die, Jiang An! Every one of you is going to die!”

The first voodoo creature continued to threaten them verbally as it whistled shrilly inside the ray of bloody light.

Unfortunately for it, the spirit sealing power inside the bloody light was transforming into invisible blood threads that bound the Viridian Blood Toad by the second.

By the time it moved towards Qin Lie, it was entangled in countless blood threads already.

It didn’t take long before the Viridian Blood Toad that was only as big as Qin Lie’s fist was fully bound and presented right in front of him.

Still, the Viridian Blood Toad’s tiny, dark green eyes were glinting coldly as it struggled with everything it got.

“There’s no need!” Qin Lie yelled. “Senior Luz, Miao Fengtian, protect me and make sure that Black Voodoo Cult doesn’t get near!”

Luz was about to kill the first voodoo creature, so the sudden request caught him off guard. “But why?”

“Just trust me!” Qin Lie yelled.


Luz didn’t hesitate or ask any unnecessary questions. He suddenly created a barrier of nether demonic energy around him.

Many strange plants created from pure nether demonic energy swayed beside Luz as they spread even more nether demonic energy to the surroundings.

Miao Fengtian had also set Pu Ze and the White Bone Demon Monarch loose and ensured that no one could get close to Qin Lie.

“What are you doing, Island Master Qin!? Please kill that voodoo insect as soon as possible!”

When Jiang An arrived and was stopped by Luz and Miao Fengtian’s restrictions, he couldn’t help but stare at Qin Lie and especially that tiny Viridian Blood Toad with terrible shock and fear.

He was very afraid that the first voodoo creature would return to the Voodoo Progenitor’s body and activate the voodoo insects inside their chests. He was afraid that they would be killed on the spot.

That was why they had rushed over at top speed the second the first voodoo creature was extracted from the Voodoo Progenitor’s body. It was a do-or-die gamble.

They had to kill the first voodoo creature before it returned to the Voodoo Progenitor’s body.

Otherwise, it would kill all of them.

Jiang An and the other Black Voodoo Cult members couldn’t even begin to describe how anxious they were when they saw Qin Lie extracting the first voodoo creature from the Voodoo Progenitor’s body through an extraordinary method, but chose not to kill it immediately. In fact, he even asked Luz and Miao Fengtian to stop them from approaching him.

“Don’t worry, it cannot escape. You don’t have to worry about your lives too.” Qin Lie yelled loudly.

Then, he focused his thoughts on the first voodoo creature.


The first voodoo creature whistled at at even higher pitch as it secreted green voodoo poison from its body.

It was trying to erode the dense blood threads that had bound its body.

However, for some reason the extremely corrosive voodoo poison didn’t work on Qin Lie’s blood threads at all.

“My lifeblood essence contains the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s latent ability—corrosion. Your voodoo poison… is likely ineffective against the Spirit Sealing ancient diagram I made with my blood.”

Qin Lie grinned and let out a chuckle. Then, he mumbled to himself, “Spirit Sealing, Spirit Sealing. I will need an vessel to seal this thing. A vessel…”

As he said this, he took out the Thunder Soul Blade, Astral Thunder Hammer, and a couple other random spirit artifacts.

“Get in!”

He urged his bloodline powers and tried to complete the final step of the Spirit Sealing process.

First, he injected a ball of bloody light into the Viridian Blood Toad’s body. The blood threads abruptly brightened up in response, turned the toad into a ball of greenish light and dragged it into the Thunder Soul Blade.


The Thunder Soul Blade, an Earth Grade Six spirit artifact instantly exploded the second it was touched by the green light.

Qin Lie was shocked.

The Thunder Astral Hammer and the random spirit artifacts he took out had also exploded immediately after coming into contact with the Viridian Blood Toad.

Six to seven spirit artifacts had been destroyed as a result.

“The grade of the vessels you chose are too poor. They cannot endure the Viridian Blood Toad’s soul! Quickly, find a vessel of higher grade as soon as you can!” You Ye’s voice suddenly rang in Qin Lie’s mind.

As a artifact soul, he noticed that the problem lay in the strength of the Viridian Blood Toad’s soul and the grade of Qin Lie’s chosen vessels.

“The vessels are too poor, the vessels are too poor…”

Even Qin Lie had grown anxious as the green light wobbled more and more rapidly as if it would explode at any moment. He hastily grabbed a couple more spirit artifacts from his spatial ring.

The spirit artifacts he chose were mostly spoils he had gotten from the young experts back at the chaotic streams of space. Some of these spirit artifacts had reached Heaven Grade.

“Bang bang bang!”

But even these spirit artifacts had been shattered by the greenish sphere.

Qin Lie’s face had distorted as a result.

“Use the Venerable One’s wooden sculpture!” It was at this moment that Luz’s urgent shout was heard. He had been observing Qin Lie’s actions all this time. “The Venerable One’s wooden sculpture will definitely work!”

Qin Lie followed Luz’s suggestion and hurriedly took out the wooden sculpture that was sculpted in his grandfather’s image.

The greenish ball the first voodoo creature’s soul had turned into fused with the wooden sculpture.


The green light flowed into the wooden sculpture like water, and silence suddenly returned to the world.

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