Chapter 1026: A Sea of Voodoo Insects!

Chapter 1026: A Sea of Voodoo Insects!

The first voodoo creature that had seized the Voodoo Progenitor’s body instantly gave birth to tens of thousands of voodoo insects after absorbing the soul, flesh, and blood energy of their enemies. They covered the sky like dark clouds.

The sea of voodoo insects kept attacking and tearing at Luz’s Soul Altar, which kept pulsing with dark light, killing them swarm after swarm.

However, the voodoo insects were so numerous that their numbers almost seemed infinite. It didn’t take long for more voodoo insects to be bred from the Voodoo Progenitor’s Soul Altar.

Luz used up more and more nether demonic energy over time.

As time dragged on, the luster of his five-level Soul Altar turned dim.

Many flying humans were sucked dry and left to fall on the ground like blocks of rotten wood.

At first, the first voodoo creature planned to make the voodoo insects feed on more humans. However, after the Corpse Demons joined the battlefield to replace the martial practitioners moving away from the Voodoo Progenitor, the voodoo insects suddenly couldn’t lock onto a target.

The Corpse Demons had no life or soul. They were the bane of all voodoo insects.

The voodoo insects couldn’t obtain any nutrition from the Corpse Demons’ bodies at all. On the contrary, not only were the Corpse Demons unafraid of either the voodoo insects’ voodoo toxin or their bites, their aura could even erode voodoo insects’ lifeforce.

Their presence quickly caused the voodoo insects to die in droves.

Not long after, the first voodoo creature ordered the Black Voodoo Cult to participate in the battle. After they rushed to the Voodoo Progenitor’s side and took down the Corpse Demons, the voodoo insect swarms were freed to spread chaos once more.

“Spread out! Head to where the humans are! Continue to spread the voodoo toxin!”

The first voodoo creature howled and sent out a new order to the black sea of voodoo insects.

The voodoo insects that had been flying beside it spread out after obtaining their new orders.

The Silver rank forces, the eastern barbarians and even the three ghoul races had become the voodoo insects’ prey in the airspace of the Setting Sun Islands.

The first voodoo creature was covered by layers upon layers of voodoo insects. It seemed to be birthing new voodoo insects using a strange secret art.

The Voodoo Progenitor’s body swelled as black liquid began to pour out of his pores. The black liquid condensed into tiny black dots that wriggled for a time before transforming into many sinister-looking voodoo insects.

More voodoo insects had been bred from the Voodoo Progenitor’s body before they left him for someplace else.

Every time a voodoo insect whistled away from the Voodoo Progenitor, it would spread the voodoo toxin.

All lifeforms that didn’t have a special secret art to protect themselves would quickly be poisoned upon inhaling any voodoo toxin or after being bit by the voodoo insects.

The tiny image of a toad could be seen in every victim’s pupils. Their flesh, blood, and soul energy rapidly departed their bodies.

The first voodoo creature whistled excitedly as its aura climbed up at a shocking rate again.

Even more voodoo insects were bred after it had absorbed a large amount of qi, blood and soul energy.

A sea of voodoo insects quickly flooded Luz in no time.

Somewhere deep within the sea of voodoo insects, Luz’s five-level Soul Altar almost lost all of its luster.

Sitting above his Soul Altar and enshrouded by pitch black nether demonic energy, Luz’s face had turned gray.

“Qin Lie! Find a way to kill the first voodoo creature! As long as it’s alive, it can absorb flesh, blood and soul energy to breed an unlimited amount of voodoo insects! The voodoo toxin spread by these voodoo insects also allows it to drain even more energy from these human warriors. It’s practically invincible like this!” Luz yelled.

Even the two dragons, Barett and Calvert, were alarmed by this.

The two giant ghouls manifested from the old ghouls’ Soul Altars were completely suppressed by them.

They were not a match for them at all.

That was why they were calm all this time.

However, two clumps of the spreading black sea that were the voodoo insects had actually treated the two dragons as targets.

The thousand-meter long demon dragon and evil dragon quickly noticed that several thousands voodoo insects had crashed into their bodies while they were still fighting.

These voodoo insects were extremely tiny. Therefore, they were able to pass through their dragon scales easily and feed on the flesh beneath it.

The moment the old rank nine dragons were bitten by the voodoo insects, even they could sense their flesh and blood energy being absorbed.

“These damnable things!”

Barett roared as black flames suddenly rose from his entire body. It then spat a mouthful of acidic breath straight onto the infected flesh.

Thousands of voodoo insects were either burned to dust by dragon flames or melted by his acidic breath.

The evil dragon Calvert also roared angrily his body turned as firm as iron. An evil energy that was violent, bloodthirsty and ruthless gushed out of his pores.

The voodoo insects on its body were killed too.

The rank nine Barett and Calvert had managed to kill the voodoo insects instantly after they got angry.

The Dragon Race was one of the races with the strongest physical bodies in the vast galaxies. Their race had many subraces, and their breaths were incredibly toxic. That was why they were immune to many kind of toxins.

The voodoo toxin was obviously among the toxins that they were immune to.

Both humans and ghouls were poisoned by the voodoo toxin after they were bitten by the voodoo insects. Even the five-level Soul Altar expert Luz was extremely wary of it.

The two old dragons continued to chase after Istan and Fiennes while looking very lively. They didn’t appear to be affected by the voodoo toxin at all.

“As expected of the dragons that are famed for the strength of their physical bodies among the powerful ancient races. To think that the second generation voodoo insects are unable to afflict them with the voodoo toxin…”

Standing at the center of the sea of voodoo insects, the Viridian Blood Toad’s soul figure could be seen clearly in the pupils of the Voodoo Progenitor.

It had noticed Barett and Calvert from the beginning. It could sense a great amount of flesh and blood energy inside their bodies that even it deemed terrifying.

The reason it had chosen to attack the eight god corpses first instead of Barett and Calvert was because it wasn’t certain that the voodoo toxin could be injected into their bodies.

At first, it was hoping to corrupt the eight god corpses using the second generation voodoo insects first so they could complete a new cycle of evolution.

Only then would it urge the evolved second generation voodoo insects to attack the two old dragons.

If the eight god corpses, two evil dragons, tens of thousands of humans, and the experts of the ghoul races were all consumed by the voodoo insects, its fusion with the Voodoo Progenitor would become near perfect.

The second generation voodoo insects it nurtured would also complete their evolution and become the core force of the Voodoo Insect Race.

Once it had digested all these lives, it could turn every living being in the Land of Chaos into its food.

The Voodoo Insect Race would be able to establish its race’s first foundation after feeding on the entire Land of Chaos.

When that happens, it would become the Voodoo God and the creator of the Voodoo Insect Race. An entirely new race would’ve been born from the Land of Chaos.

Unfortunately, the eight god corpses were suddenly covered in divine clothes of lava. As a result, every second generation voodoo insect was melted before it could evolve.

As expected, the second generation voodoo insects failed to inject the voodoo toxin into the two dragons because they hadn’t completed their cycle of evolution. In fact, they were completely crushed by the dragons’ latent abilities.

first voodoo creature’s perfect plan failed just like that.

“No! The second generation voodoo insects can infect the dragons with voodoo toxin only if they complete their evolution, and here the eight god corpses are the only things that can supply them with enough flesh and blood energy to do so!”

The Viridian Blood Toad thought as it observed the battle situation through the Voodoo Progenitor’s pupils.

He abruptly looked towards Qin Lie. “This is the weak being that caused the eight god corpses to be covered in burning lava. This is the culprit that thwarted the plan to complete second generation voodoo insect’s evolution through these flesh puppets!”

It immediately made up its mind to kill Qin Lie first. This was so that the eight god corpses couldn’t cover themselves in lava for an extended period of time.

It looked at Qin Lie.

At the same time, Qin Lie who was trying to think of a way to kill the first voodoo creature with all his might suddenly felt chills all over.

Qin Lie noticed that the first voodoo creature was looking at him with eyes that were completely devoid of human emotion.

The man and the insect stared at each other.

They both read the killing intent that was practically bursting out of their eyes.

“Hah, a human boy who’s not even strong enough to make an impact on this battlefield wants to kill me? What a joke,” the first voodoo creature thought to itself as it sent down an order.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of voodoo insects moved away from the first voodoo creature and swarmed towards Qin Lie.

“Watch out Qin Lie!” Luz screamed a warning.

“The first voodoo creature is stronger than we initially imagined. I can’t hold him down any longer. You can’t let yourself be infected by the voodoo toxin no matter what!” Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain also warned from afar.

Qin Lie snorted coldly before he stretched out a finger. The Demon Sealing Tombstone immediately rose to the top of his head.

The burning lava that was sucked into the Demon Sealing Tombstone from the heart of a volcano immediately wrapped around him like protective armor as he executed the Molten Blood Art.

“Can the ancient spirit diagram restrict this voodoo insect?”

Suddenly, he recalled the time he inscribed a Boundary Breaker ancient spirit diagram using his refined blood and successfully broke through Cang Ye’s world of darkness while he was exploring the secret realm inside the chaotic streams of space.

A wisp of his soul thought entered the Soul Suppressing Orb and swept through the giant web made up of an infinite amount of spirit diagrams. Then, his spirits rose.

“Spirit Sealing! Spirit Sealing ancient diagram!”

His lifeblood essences immediately flew out of his body like translucent blood diamonds. Guided by his soul, they drew an exquisite and complicated compound ancient spirit diagram across his body.

The heart of this spirit diagram was the Spirit Sealing spirit diagram!

Fifteen seconds later, he was entirely naked.

A mysterious and ancient compound spirit diagram made with his blood was drawn across his body.

Still wrapped inside burning lava, he pressed his left hand to his heart where the core of the Spirit Sealing spirit diagram lay. It was a hub of the ancient spirit diagram and a concentrated spot of lifeblood essences.

He abruptly looked at the Voodoo Progenitor surrounded by voodoo insects.

“Blitz Thunder Escape!”


A flash of lightning later, he suddenly appeared inside the sea of voodoo insects.


The burning lava and countless thunderous explosions destroyed the voodoo insects around.

The mysterious lines of blood on his body wriggled like worms or spirit snakes. Three different types of divine characters appeared from the blood threads that were as thin as hair.

“Spirit Sealing!” Qin Lie yelled.


A dazzling flash of blood spread out and turned into a mysterious magnetic field all of a sudden.

He fixed his stare at the Voodoo Progenitor and never looked away.

When the path of bloody light burning with divine flames came into contact with the Voodoo Progenitor, the Viridian Blood Toad inside the Voodoo Progenitor’s pupils suddenly began struggling in fear.

Countless nameless threads and mysterious characters transformed into physical laws that seemed to contain the absolute truth of the world.

As a result, the many divine energies pulled the Viridian Blood Toad out of the Voodoo Progenitor’s Soul Altar!

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