Chapter 1025: No Separation of Friend and Enemy

Chapter 1025: No Separation of Friend and Enemy

Countless voodoo insects howled around the Voodoo Progenitor like a black sandstorm.

They chewed on human martial practitioners, burrowed into their bodies, and afflicted them with voodoo toxin.

Each person afflicted with the voodoo toxin had a black and blue face, and the soul shadow of the cockroach could be seen in their eyes.

Their lifeforce and soul power quickly left their bodies under the influence of the voodoo toxin.

The Voodoo Progenitor who had been possessed by the first voodoo creature became even more spirited, and the poisonous miasma around him grew thicker.

Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain tried with all his power to activate the strange power in the beast token and focused it all on the Voodoo Progenitor.

However, the voodoo insect who had risen in power only shouted and clawed.

Countless voodoo insects fell like black rain from his body.

Those voodoo insects gathered in the air and drowned Dark Shadow Race's Luz.

Luz's five-level Soul Altar was being consumed by the wild voodoo insects.

Dark cold light spread from Luz's five-level Soul Altar.

With each ripple of light, many voodoo insects died, and their minuscule souls were destroyed.

However, as soon as one wave was destroyed, another came, drowning Luz’s Soul Altar again.

The first voodoo creature seemed to be able to birth new voodoo insects as he grew bigger and absorbed more vitality.

He was going to use these newborn voodoo insects to consume Luz's Soul Altar and use up Luz's strength.

At the same time, more second generation voodoo insects with intelligent eyes flew out of his body and hunted human martial practitioners.

Those voodoo insects carried the black voodoo toxin miasma.

The Flaming Sun Island and eastern barbarians that were fighting were all prey for the voodoo insects, and would be infected by the voodoo toxin.

Once the voodoo toxin permeated their flesh and soul, the human martial practitioners would become power sources for the first voodoo creature.

Affected human practitioners had their soul and energy quickly drained, becoming nothing but withered corpses.

Soon, large numbers of corpses started to fall from the sky.

The voodoo insects flew out of the corpses, their color even more black, their soul presence even stronger.

The little voodoo insects quickly transformed by feeding on fleshly energies and quickly grew strong

Qin Lie observed and his eyes became even more grave. He suddenly shouted, "Qi Yang! Sect Master Feng! Do not fight the eastern barbarians, have everyone retreat out of the range of voodoo insect activity!"

"Everyone, leave the voodoo insect area!" At the same time, the elder of the eastern barbarians shouted.

The Scarlet Barbarian Tribe experts looked viciously at the first voodoo creature.

They also realized the first voodoo creature, who had possessed the Voodoo Progenitor, was too cruel and extreme in his conduct, not thinking anything of human lives.

Even they, as allies, were taken over by the voodoo insects in large numbers and became withered corpses.

"Voodoo Progenitor! What are you doing?" Ke Yu cursed.

"Have your people stay further away from me! My children will think of all those not of their race as enemies. Their intelligence has not grown enough. They cannot distinguish between friend and foe like I can." The first voodoo creature showed no apology. His eyes flashed with inhuman cold light. "As long as you are ten thousand meters away from me, the voodoo insects will not attack them, just pay attention to yourselves!"

"You could go kill the Blood Drinkers of Blood Fiend Sect!" Ke Yu said urgently.

"I still have a troublesome opponent to deal with," the first voodoo creature said impatiently.

The troublesome enemy he spoke of was Luz of the Dark Shadow Race. Luz was a five-level Soul Altar expert. Whenever his nether demonic energy formed a ripple of light, it would cause many voodoo insects to die.

Even for him who was constantly growing stronger, it was not easy to defeat Luz.

"Qin Lie! Summon Miao Fengtian!" At this time, Luz reminded. "Miao Fengtian and his Corpse Demons will not fear the voodoo insects! Only he can take care of them!"

Qin Lie suddenly reacted.

The Corpse Demons that Miao Fengtian created flowed with great corpse energy and carried corpse toxin.

The Corpse Demons were not living beings, they had no soul. Would the Corpse Demons with their corpse power fear the voodoo toxin?

As they thought this, he immediately send order to Miao Fengtian mentally to summon him over.

On the other side, Miao Fengtian who was facing the attacks of the black barbarians with Jiang Zhuzhe's Blood Drinkers saw countless spirit lines appear in his eyes.

A thought reached directly into his soul.

Miao Fengtian's figure shook. He immediately abandoned his opponent and shrieked.

As he shrieked, the Corpse Demons sat up in their coffins and streamed to where Qin Lie was.

A pale corpse flashed past, and the Corpse Progenitor that Miao Fengtian had possessed suddenly appeared next to Luz.

"Corpse Progenitor!" the first voodoo creature shrieked.

Miao Fengtian grinned, the corpse hair trembling as a vast corpse energy swept into the surroundings.

Corpse fire and corpse toxin swirled like sand in the wind within the corpse energy.

The Corpse Demons in their coffins flew over, and charged into the sky filled with voodoo insects.

When the Corpse Demons arrived, they opened their mouths and sucked the voodoo insects into their stomachs.

After the Corpse Demons swallowed the voodoo insects, they chewed and crushed the voodoo insects.

When the voodoo insects entered their stomachs, they found that only white withered flesh was inside. There wasn't any energy they could absorb, and the place was filled with death, ice, and the angry presence of dead souls.

The voodoo demons chewed on the flesh of the Corpse Demons. The Corpse Demons did not have any pain reactions and were completely immune to voodoo toxins.

On the contrary, the voodoo insects that chewed on the flesh of the Corpse Demons quickly lost their energies.

Soon, the voodoo insects swallowed into the Corpse Demons gradually died.

The voodoo insects clearly had no way of defeating the dead Corpse Demons.

When Miao Fengtian came with the crowd of Corpse Demons into the sky, the voodoo insects started to die in large numbers.

The voodoo insects who had killed so many swirled around the Voodoo Progenitor, but they could not obtain more flesh and soul power for the first voodoo creature.

"Kill them! Kill them all! Otherwise, I will have you all die!" The first voodoo creature howled.

As he shouted, the voodoo insects on the chests of Jiang An and other disciples of Black Voodoo Cult started to twist.

Jiang An and the others had no way of resisting the first voodoo creature's order. They could only charge to kill the Corpse Demons.

Jiang An himself was ordered by the first voodoo creature to chase Miao Fengtian.

Just before he and Miao Fengtian started to fight, he looked at Qin Lie, and his eyes passed on many messages.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes. He thought for a moment and suddenly gave a mental order to Miao Fengtian.

Miao Fengtian, who was about to engage Jiang An, shook and looked back at Qin Lie.

Under Miao Fengtian's shocked gaze, Qin Lie nodded. Miao Fengtian's shock increased.

"When did Qin Lie and Jiang An get together?"

Miao Fengtian was puzzled but could only follow Qin Lie's orders. As he fought Jiang An, he was extremely careful.

Originally, Miao Fengtian was not a match for Jiang An. However, after assimilating the body of the Corpse Progenitor, Miao Fengtian was not at a disadvantage.

Other than this, Miao Fengtian also had Pu Ze, and the White Bone Demon Monarch, and many lesser Corpse Demons.

Without Qin Lie's order, Miao Fengtian would have fought at full power, and did have the ability to fight Jiang An to a standstill.


The moment Jiang An engaged Miao Fengtian, he also showed shock.

He did not know that Miao Fengtian who had taken over the Corpse Progenitor was now a faithful servant of Qin Lie. He did not know that Qin Lie had already sent the order.

He only knew that his opponent held back...

Jiang An thought for a moment, and then understood, subconsciously looking towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie nodded gently.

Jiang An's eyes filled with light and he immediately understood.

Then, the battle between him and Miao Fengtian became a friendly match. All kinds of spirit arts were cast and caused spectacular displays, but they maintained equal power where they could not harm each other.

Qin Lie floated in the sky, frowning as he looked at the first voodoo creature.

In his view, the situation was clear. They could only win this battle if they killed the first voodoo creature.

If the first voodoo creature was dead, Luz would be released. The disciples of Black Voodoo Cult led by Jiang An would become allies.

This would be a fatal blow for the eastern barbarians and the ghoul races!

"How to kill the first voodoo creature?" he frowned.

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