Chapter 1024: The Ambitions of the First Voodoo Creature

Chapter 1024: The Ambitions of the First Voodoo Creature

The Arrow God had been the ancestor of the eastern barbarians, and a hero of the ancient human race. The rumors said he had a six-level Soul Altar.

With Qin Lie's own strength, without using external help, it would be very hard for him to destroy the remains of the Arrow God.

Sen Ye also thought that if his soul was inside the body of the Arrow God, Qin Lie could not wound him.

But he did not know Qin Lie possessed a Divine Grade spirit artifact, Moon Tear.

This holy artifact of the Serene Moon Race became a Divine Grade artifact after being refined by the Soul Suppressing Orb. It was extremely powerful and could easily mince a body of a former six-level Soul Altar expert.

Also, the Arrow God was from the human race. He didn’t have any powerful ancient bloodline, so his body wasn’t particularly sturdy, not to mention the fact that he was dead.

The nine rays of divine light criss-crossed in the air and diced the remains of the Arrow God. After extinguishing Sen Ye's soul, they returned back to Qin Lie's body.

The moonlight focused and the nine bright crescent moons released silver light as they shielded Qin Lie.

"Bzzzn zzzn!"

Suddenly, high-pitched sounds came from behind the eastern barbarians.

A patch of inky poisonous miasma floated past the eastern barbarians like thick black clouds.

Countless strange beings screamed in the poisonous miasma and pierced people's ears. They caused many martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Heavenly Sword Mountain to fall from the sky.

"Careful! It is Black Voodoo Cult!" Qi Yang's expression darkened.

Many of the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain heard Qi Yang's warning and immediately channeled the strange spirit art of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.


As they bellowed, the martial practitioners of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain started to bestify with vicious expressions. Their eyes were filled with animalistic savagery.

Qi Yang took out an eight trigram shaped copper beast token from his spatial ring.

That beast token floated up and the beautiful beast patterns carved on the surface gave off faint purple light.

Among the light, the shapes of countless ancient beasts appeared and howled.

People could not hear those howls, but the voodoo insects hiding in the poisonous miasma released ear-splitting shrieks.

Qin Lie looked over and changed expression. He shouted, "They are all voodoo insects!"

The poisonous miasma floating like a black cloud suddenly scattered after the ancient beats in the beast token shouted.

When the cloud scattered, Qin Lie saw that the black clouds had been made out of innumerable voodoo insects.

Various eerie voodoo insects all showed a deep color as they gathered together again. They looked like a black cloud.

As the beast token in Qi Yang's hand grew brighter, those black voodoo insects seemed to fiercely struggle.

"Snap snap snap!"

Some of the weaker voodoo insects were unable to withstand the shouts from the beast token and exploded into powder.

"You will die!"

A dark inhuman voice came from the voodoo insects. Then a thin old man in black robes appeared in the middle.

Millions of voodoo insects climbed over his body, and came in and out of his nose, ears and mouth.

He would suck voodoo insects into his body and then spit them out later.

The voodoo insects he sucked in were alive and lively, the ones he spat out were dispirited.

"Scatter, consume the flesh and blood of all humans, spread the voodoo toxin!" He spread open his arms.

The black voodoo insects scattered like a rainstorm at his order.

The martial practitioners of Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, and even some of the eastern barbarians became targets of the voodoo insects. Those voodoo insects got into their flesh.

Once those people were bitten by the voodoo insects, their faces immediately turned blue.

It was possible to see small cockroaches in their eyes. These cockroaches had invaded their Soul Lakes and were consuming their soul power.

"Such abundant power!" Such delicious physical energy!" the withered old man howled into the sky, his eyes flashing with black energy as he grew stronger. "Jiang An! The food you found does not have as much energy as they do. Only powerful humans will quicken my recovery!"

Behind him, Jiang An, the Gongye brothers, as well as the experts of Black Voodoo Cult walked out helplessly with bloody chests.

Jiang An and the others had dim eyes, and each of them had a vicious voodoo insect curled up on their chest.

The voodoo insects seemed to be the owners of their bodies and led them in front of that old man.

"The Voodoo Progenitor is correct." Jiang An came over and said with a lowered head, "Only the blood and soul power of experts are abundant in energy. The food we found before cannot compare to the elites of Silver rank forces."

"Useless! You are all useless!" The first voodoo creature's expression was cold as he said, "If you cannot prove to me you still have value, after this battle, I will take my children out of your bodies and choose stronger hosts for them. And you, just like the food, you will be stripped of soul and physical power!"

When the words were said, Jiang An and the others had black expressions. They felt their souls turn cold.

"He should be the first voodoo creature." Luz came over and stood by Qin Lie. He whispered, "It seems that Jiang An is living a fate worse than death. The message he sent may be trustworthy."

Qin Lie was about to speak when his expression changed.

At this time, the first voodoo creature who had transformed into the Voodoo Progenitor became excited and said, "Such powerful physical energy!"

He stared at the eight god corpses.

The eight god corpses were fighting the eastern barbarians’ ships and birds, as well as unknown Soul Altar experts under Qin Lie's orders.

When the first voodoo creature made the eight god corpses his target, thousands of voodoo insects flew out of his body.

Those voodoo insects had black and bright shells as well as sharp claws. They did not look ordinary.

Even more unique was that one could see the light of intelligence in the eyes of those voodoo insects.

"Taste the strength of my second generation voodoo insects!" The first voodoo creature pointed at the eight god corpses and said, "After consuming their flesh, you will transform. In the future, each of you will be able to have a flesh puppet! In the near future, our Voodoo Insect Race will become the race that people fear the most in the world! If we have time to develop, us voodoo insects will not fear even if the God Race returns to the Land of Chaos!"

"And I am your creator, the patriarch of the Voodoo Insect Race, and your god!"

"Soon, all the humans in the Land of Chaos will become food for us voodoo insects!"

The first voodoo creature shouted madly.

Thousands of black voodoo insects flew out of his body and flooded towards the eight god corpses.

"Qin Lie! The eight god corpses are enormous! They may not be able to keep the voodoo insects out!" Luz shouted. "This first voodoo creature is so ambitious. If the situation develops as he says, the voodoo insects... may become a calamity for Spirit Realm!"

"Qi Yang! You and Luz work together to kill the first voodoo creature!" Qin Lie shouted.

He sat down amid the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood, his hand holding the Demon Sealing Tombstone as he dropped some essence blood onto the tombstone.

"Molten Blood Art! Volcano Eruption!"

The droplets of his lifeblood essence formed God Race characters on the Demon Sealing Tombstone's surface and then exploded.

A strange vibration came from the core of a lonely island to the south of the Setting Sun Islands.

As the earth vibrated, a volcano which had been dead for countless years once again gathered lava in its center and gave off strange sounds.

A bolt of lightning flashed. Qin Lie suddenly appeared on the volcano’s entrance and flew down with the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

Just as the thousands of voodoo insects charged towards the eight god corpses, Qin Lie and the Demon Sealing Tombstone shot into the sky from the mouth of the volcano.

Furiously gushing magma followed!

Divine light formed on the surface of the Demon Sealing Tombstone. The divine light was a channel that transported the surging lava into the god corpses.

Suddenly, the eight god corpses seemed to be wearing clothes made out of flaming lava.

The voodoo insects that reached the god corpses were melted into puddles of blood by the wild lava before they could make a sound.


The first voodoo creature watched as the second generation of voodoo insects turned into blood before they were fully grown and shouted wildly into the sky.

The bursts of beast howls from the beast token in Qi Yang's hands did not seem able to suppress it.

"Qin Lie! The first voodoo creature has become much stronger in this while!" Luz called in shock. "He should be pulling soul and physical power from everyone with the voodoo toxin. They are all helping him grow stronger. Think of a way to destroy the scattered voodoo insects. Otherwise, the first voodoo creature's growth will not stop!"

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