Chapter 1023: Dicing the Arrow God

Chapter 1023: Dicing the Arrow God

Floating in midair, the light in Jiang An’s eyes faded bit by bit.

All around him, the Soul Altar experts of Black Voodoo Cult screamed in pain as the voodoo insects burst out of their chest and fed on their flesh and blood as punishment.

Jiang An stared savagely at the giant evil ghouls charging towards the Setting Sun Islands far away from him.

A strong desire rose in his heart— he desired for Flaming Sun Island to create a dazzling miracle just like before and severely wound Istan and Fiennes.

“I hope that Flaming Sun Island can free us from our bindings…” Jiang An thought quietly to himself.


Suddenly, the dragons’ roars shook the sky above the Setting Sun Islands.

Jiang An looked a little more spirited than before.

“Look!” Gongye Zhuo shouted excitedly.

The Black Voodoo Cult disciples that were tormented by the voodoo insects ignored the terrible pain around their chest area and stared intently.

Two dragons had suddenly soared into the sky where Istan and Fiennes were while roaring loudly. The giant dragons were about a thousand meters long; their gigantic sizes made them look like two clouds perched above a mountain range.

Still roaring, the two dragons charged towards Istan and Fiennes and fired countless dazzling divine beams from their eyes.

Jiang An could clearly see the shock in Istan and Fiennes’ eyes even though he was several kilometers away from them.

“Flaming Sun Island truly deserves its reputation!” Jiang An sucked in a deep breath as joy sprung into his eyes. His spirit was suddenly lifted once more.


“A black dragon and an evil dragon! They’re both at rank nine!”

“Heavens! They’re obviously stronger than those two ghouls!”

“To think that Flaming Sun Island could invite rank nine dragons to assist them!”

After Barett and Calvert had activated their bloodline powers and took to the air in their true forms, the martial practitioners of all forces immediately exclaimed in shock.

The Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners who felt like retreating earlier suddenly felt full of confidence and itched to fight once more.

“From this day onwards, Flaming Sun Island is the king of the Land of Chaos. There are no forces that can overshadow them any longer!”

Qi Yang said quietly as he looked up into the air with a changed expression on his face.

Feng Yi turned around and looked at Luo Han’s crowd. “Is there anyone else who would like to contest my decision to come to Flaming Sun Island?”

The dissenters hurriedly shook their heads in embarrassment.

At this moment, they all stood on Feng Yi’s side and thought that Luo Han was ultimately just an artificer. They thought that he was incapable of providing an accurate suggestion regarding the future of the sect at all.

“Are there any more objections?” Feng Yi snorted coldly.

“None! The sect master is wise!” someone yelled.

“Then let’s kill them already! Kill every last one of the eastern barbarians and ghouls!” Feng Yi ordered.

This time, no Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners offered an objection. They unleashed their spirit artifacts and shot down the eastern barbarians’ multi-colored arrows.


Barett roared and twisted its body midair. Lightning coursed throughout his body like weaved fabrics of light.

A putrid and black light exited Barett’s mouth like a waterfall. It was mixed with acidic flames, and it hit the face of giant ghoul made from Istan’s Soul Altar immediately.

The moment the sticky, black light struck Istan’s giant ghoul, black flames immediately started burning on the giant ghoul’s body.

Istan let out a bloodcurdling scream as he watched the refined flesh and blood energy that made up the giant ghoul’s body being eroded and burned by acid fire.

“It’s a rank nine black dragon!” Istan shouted.

On the other side, the evil dragon Calvert charged straight into Fiennes and tore at the giant ghoul with its sharp dragon claws.

Fiennes’s giant ghoul was turned into a bloody mess as a result. The ashen-faced Fiennes seemed to be swearing out of his mind as he sat on top of the giant ghoul’s head while gripping a bone staff that was entangled by flesh.

“Calvert hasn’t recovered entirely, so he can probably fight Fiennes to a standstill at most.” Luz looked at the sky from Flaming Sun Island, assessing. “However, Barett is at the prime of his life, and his rank nine bloodline is immeasurably strong. That Istan of the Earth Ghoul Race is no match for him at all!”

At the same time, the multi-colored arrow rain fired by the eastern barbarians was crushed by the allied forces.

Jiang Zhuzhe led the Blood Drinkers to the skies and charged at the eastern barbarians first.

Behind him, the Silver rank forces such as Heavenly Sword Mountain and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain also charged towards their enemies as countless light screens and figures fleeted across the air. They looked like beautiful and colorful meteors.

Qin Lie was just about to command the eight god corpses to attack the eastern barbarians when Song Tingyu rushed over with an odd look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” He asked in surprise.

“Jiang An of the Black Voodoo Cult just sent word to us… if we can kill the first voodoo creature, Black Voodoo Cult promises to declare themselves as a vassal force of Flaming Sun Island to the entire Land of Chaos!” Song Tingyu said with an odd look on her face.

“Are you sure the message is authentic?” Qin Lie was stunned to say the least.

For the longest time, Black Voodoo Cult was one of the strongest forces of the Land of Chaos. They were the only Silver rank force that dared to taunt and challenge Terminator Sect for the throne.

Black Voodoo Cult was no Illusory Demon Sect. Not only was their pope, Jiang An a three-level Soul Altar expert, the Gongye brothers both had two-level Soul Altars as well. Besides that, they were supported by multiple Soul Altar experts.

It was a power that caused headache to all forces.

Even Luz, Jiang Zhuzhe, and Xue Li combined weren’t able to deal too much damage to Black Voodoo Cult. It showed just how powerful the Black Voodoo Cult truly was.

If Qin Lie were to be frank with himself, he didn’t think Flaming Sun Island could beat Black Voodoo Cult in a fair fight without borrowing another race’s strength.

In many ways, Black Voodoo Cult was slightly stronger than Flaming Sun Island!

That was why Jiang An’s abrupt message was so strange to him. He dared not believe it at all.

“There is no mistake; the message is sent from Black Voodoo Cult. We just can’t be sure if it is a ploy.” Song Tingyu also looked to be in disbelief. “According to them, the first voodoo creature had flipped the tables and made the voodoo insects control them ever since it returned to Black Voodoo Cult.”

“Jiang An even said that the reason Black Voodoo Cult had abstained from participation in the war against the ghoul races at Prism Continent, attacked Illusory Demon Sect and even worked together with the ghoul races was all because of the first voodoo insect. He was forced to execute all these commands. He no longer had any say whatsoever in Black Voodoo Cult.”

“He wishes for us to eliminate the first voodoo insect?” Qin Lie asked while rubbing his chin, “Is that all he demands from us?”

“That is all.” Song Tingyu was surprised too. She added, “Black Voodoo Cult promises to attack the eastern barbarians and the ghoul races immediately after the first voodoo insect is dead.”

Qin Lie grew more and more astonished.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “I guess we’ll know if Jiang An is telling the truth only after we kill the first voodoo insect.”

“If Black Voodoo Cult really attached themselves under Flaming Sun Island, then…” Song Tingyu’s eyes were very bright. It was obvious that she was very excited. “If this is true, then Flaming Sun Island can really become the strongest force in the Land of Chaos. Black Voodoo Cult is not Illusory Demon Sect. The situation is entirely different if they publicly declare their intentions to join us as a vassal force!”

Qin Lie nodded solemnly. “That is true!”

While saying this, he communicated with the god corpses and spoke with Luz at the same time. “Istan and Fiennes shouldn’t be any trouble with those two old dragons keeping them busy. When the Voodoo Progenitor of Black Voodoo Cult shows up later, work together with Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and do whatever you can to kill the first voodoo insect inside the Voodoo Progenitor’s body!”

“Got it!” Luz acknowledged the order.

Qin Lie inhaled deeply and flew straight up to the leading god corpse. He released the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs and began forming the Profound Thunder Heart with lightning.

But before he could complete the Profound Thunder Heart, his instinct suddenly flared.

He abruptly looked towards the eastern barbarians’ camp.

Above a war chariot shaped like a bird’s skeletal wings, Sen Ye of the Black Barbarian Tribe appeared in the body of the Arrow God and fired a golden divine arrow at him with the Sun Killing Bow.

The divine arrow seemed to be forged of pure gold. It was covered in mysterious golden patterns and golden lightning.

Even though Sen Ye was very far away from him, the space around him started to tear open and explode as the divine arrow was released.

“Watch out!” Beneath him, Luz looked up and voiced a warning involuntarily. “That arrow contains a lot of metallic power, and it is able to disrupt space itself. Make sure you don’t get sucked into the chaotic streams of space again! Oh, and watch out for the Heaven Ghoul Race just in case they decide to use the same trick twice!”

“Sen Ye!” Qin Lie raised his head and laughed sinisterly.

Cold moons suddenly rose from his shoulders and enshrouded him firmly inside a bright silver screen as he laughed.


Hundreds of lightning bolts appeared from his palm and condensed into a dazzling ball of thunder instantly.


Above him, another giant lightning ball boomed resoundingly amid the slabs of Thunderblitz wood.

Qin Lie’s pupils locked onto Sen Ye’s figure firmly.


Almost indiscernible to the naked eye, sharp bolts of lightning abruptly zapped towards Sen Ye from Qin Lie’s location.

Suddenly, Sen Ye was flooded by so much lightning that even the Arrow God’s body was shaking intensely.

The Arrow God’s body didn’t seem too damaged despite the attack.

However, Sen Ye’s refined soul couldn’t claim the same.

Gray smoke seeped out of Sen Ye’s pupils as the youth couldn’t stop himself from howling in pain.


It was at this moment the space around Qin Lie fell apart as cracks appeared on a moon energy barrier created by Moon Tear.

A golden divine arrow exploded into tens of thousands of golden light dots.

However, they were all blocked by the cold moon barrier.

“You Ye, dice that Arrow God for me!” Qin Lie yelled.

The nine moons that had transformed into the translucent Moon Tear abruptly flew away after the golden light had faded into nothingness.

In the blink of an eye, Moon Tear appeared next to the screaming Sen Ye and sliced towards the Arrow God’s body like curved blades of brilliant moonlight.

“Sss ssss sssss!”

The divine artifact Moon Tear easily diced the Arrow God’s body into many fleshy pieces. No blood seeped out of the chunks of flesh though. It was almost as if they were made of rotten wood.

Sen Ye’s soul also split into wisps of smoke that vanished entirely in a short time after a beam of moonlight passed through it.

“The progenitor’s remains have exploded!”

“Sen Ye’s soul is gone!”

“This is bad!”

A lot of eastern barbarians screamed involuntarily.

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