Chapter 1020: A War That Lasted Three Centuries!

Chapter 1020: A War That Lasted Three Centuries!

Many days later, Flaming Sun Island.

A ripple of strong lifeforce came from the teleportation formation. The experts scattered around the Setting Sun Islands were alarmed upon sensing the overflowing vitality.

"A dragon’s aura!" Luz shouted.

Still conversing, Qin Lie, Li Mu and the others walked out.

They were on the terrace looking down in the direction of the teleportation formation.

Tall burly men walked out of the teleportation formation. The one at the front was the rank nine evil dragon Calvert.

Behind him were Gilbert and the other members of the Evil Dragon Race.

Other than them, a bloated man also appeared out of the teleportation formation.

Eddie of the Dark Shadow Race accompanied them with a respectful expression.

Luz glanced at him and said in shock, "It's Barett!"

"Why has he come?' Qin Lie was also surprised.

Barett was the leader of the Demon Dragon Race of Boluo Realm. His bloodline was at rank nine and he was just as strong as Luz.

Qin Lie was puzzled why he would come with Calvert and the other evil dragons to the Land of Chaos.

He and Barett did not have a close relationship. Also, Boluo Realm was not peaceful at this time. As the leader of the Demon Dragon Race, it made no sense for Barett to appear.

As he was deep in thought, Calvert, and Barett led by Eddie flew over.

The two did not display their terrifying bloodline power but their auras still caused Qin Lie, Tang Beidou, and the others to feel anxious.

In the middle of conversation, they unconsciously stood up.

A moment later, Barett and Calvert appeared in front of Qin Lie.

"Luz, After you returned to Spirit Realm, you seem to have lived well." Barett was not polite after he landed, and sat down in the stone chair next to Luz.

The large stone chair disappeared under his behind when he sat down.

Barett glanced at Qin Lie and said lazily, "Are you very shocked?"

"I didn’t expect you would come." Qin Lie smiled, not disagreeing. He said, "Lord Barett has come in person, what have you come for?"

"Of course it is for important matters," Barett snorted.

"Barett's father is trapped in the Dark Shadow World, but he knows nothing about Dark Shadow World. Recently, he and I have been discussing travelling to Dark Shadow World." The evil dragon Calvert's eyes flashed with light as he explained, "He hopes to learn move about the Dark Shadow World, and hope... to obtain some help."

"If you agree, Calvert and I will be willing to help you eliminate the ghoul races," Barett stated.

"The Evil Dragon Race owes you a great favor. Regardless of whether you and Barett reach an agreement, I will help you against the ghoul races," Calvert said sincerely.

"I told you all I knew before. About the Dark Shadow World... I won't be able to help you..." Qin Lie said to Barett.

"Of course you cannot help me much," Barett paused. He looked at the people around and suddenly said mentally. "In this recent while I learned that your father, Qin Hao... was once trapped in the Dark Shadow World, but successfully broke out. Also, I heard that your Qin Family is the human force in the Central World which knows the most about the Dark Shadow World. Only you know how to get to Dark Shadow World."

Ever since Barett learned that his father—the patriarch of the Demon Dragon Race, Abrit, was trapped in Dark Shadow World, he tried to learn about the Dark Shadow World.

The more he investigated, the more anxious and terrified he became.

He found that the ancient races knew nothing about the Dark Shadow World. The rare information concerning the Dark Shadow World were usually accompanied by death.

Through his blood relatives, the Yuan Family, he learned that other than the Qin Family's Qin Hao, almost no one who had gone to Dark Shadow World had ever returned alive.

Therefore, he wanted to learn from Qin Hao more accurate information regarding Dark Shadow World.

"Everyone, we are going to discuss some private matters," Luz suddenly said.

He could see that what Barett and Qin Lie were going to discuss was related to Qin Lie's true identity.

Tang Beidou, Li Mu, and the others exchanged a look, nodded and left.

Therefore, not long after, only Qin Lie, Luz, and the two old dragons remained.

These three knew Qin Lie's identity.

"In the world, not many people know about the Dark Shadow World, and I've only heard of your father who came back alive." Barett"s eyes held a thread of respect as he said, "Therefore, the best way to help my father out of the Dark Shadow World is to learn the true situation of Dark Shadow World from your father."

"I am not sure if my father is alive..." Qin Lie's expression dimmed.

"He is definitely alive. Yuan Wenzhi said in that battle three hundred years ago, the Qin Family was not wounded severely. They still conserved their strength. They just scattered their members around the major realms, and retreated from Sky Mender Palace," Barett said. "Yuan Wenzhi's information comes from Sky Mender Palace, it’s reliable."

Qin Lie's eyes lit up.

The signs all suggested that while the Qin Family had been damaged, they still had strength left. They seemed to be secretly conspiring to return back to Central World.

His grandfather helped Nether Realm and used Nether Realm as a pawn. Other than this, in the other places in Spirit Realm, in other realms, the Qin Family would have made other arrangements.

In the past, this was just his guess that the Qin Family had gone into hiding, but he was not sure.

Barett's words confirmed his guess—the Qin Family had not given up. The war three centuries ago had not truly ended!

The Qin Family was still fighting against those forces, and searching for an opening to counterattack!

"I will only be able to give you an answer after meeting him. Right now, I cannot make any promises." Taking a deep breath, he said calmly, his emotions excited.

"I only need your father to tell me how he managed to leave Dark Shadow World." Barett thought and said, "Also, I came this time to show goodwill to your Qin Family. In the future, I and my two brothers will find your father or your grandfather to discuss this matter."

Pausing, Barett said, "If the Qin Family can help us in this matter, in the future, the entire Demon Dragon Race will be the Qin Family's best friends! My two brothers are much stronger than I am. Their Demon Dragon Race forces in the other two domains are much stronger than mine!"

"The Demon Dragon Race is stronger than the three races of Nether Realm," Luz said softly.

Qin Lie's eyes flashed. He thought and then suddenly summoned the artifact soul You Ye. He said, "When it comes to Dark Shadow World, other than my father, this person also knows something."

When You Ye appeared, Luz and the two dragons stared at him and gasped, "Artifact soul?"

"He used to be the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race," Qin Lie explained.

You Ye looked at Luz and the two dragons without showing any fear. Before becoming an artifact soul, he was not any weaker than Luz and the others so he did not think much of the three foreigners.

"You Ye’s homeland was called Dark Moon World. After being invaded by the shadow beings, the Serene Moon Race fell, and Dark Moon World was assimilated into Dark Shadow World shortly after, forcing Serene Moon clansmen there to flee,” Qin Lie said.

Barett's eyes lit up. "Do you know of a demon dragon being trapped in Dark Shadow World?"

"No," You Ye said coldly. "The reason we could escape was because Dark Moon World had not been completely assimilated and we did not encounter the strongest of the shadow beings. Otherwise, the entire Serene Moon Race would have been wiped off the vast galaxies."

He looked at Barett and said, "Originally, I was not any weaker than you. I could only watch as the shadow beings invaded Dark Shadow World. In the end, I could only take the survivors and flee for our lives. We did not even have the bravery to fight to the death. Before your bloodline reaches rank ten, I urge you to not think about rescuing your father from the Dark Shadow World."

"You’ll be going to your death."

Barett snorted. He was about to argue when he suddenly stopped and looked to the east.

"Qin Lie, your enemies have come."

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