Chapter 102: The First Natal Palace (Teaser)

Chapter 102: The First Natal Palace

Not even a trace of fire could be seen within the valley.

Liang Zhong, Tu Ze, Na Nuo, Xiong Ba and the rest all circled around Xie Jingxuan and Qin Lie, looking at the two with puzzled expressions.

As they had no clue what had happened, they didn’t dare ascertain whether or not the Soul Devouring Beast had been killed and extinguished. Thus, they all looked on with heavy expressions.

“Ban Hong, check the Soul Devouring Beast’s body and see if there are any abnormalities,” commanded Liang Zhong.

Ban Hong and three generals of the Dark Asura Hall, who had recovered some of their mind and spirit energy after taking out their spirit artifacts, moved to the Soul Devouring Beast’s side and cut open its skull as they began to carefully analyze it.

“Mister Liang, the Soul Devouring Beast has already died,” loudly reported Ban Hong a long while later. “There aren’t any fluctuations of life within its thunderbolt ravaged head. However, its main soul is gone as well, I don’t know whether or not it was able to escape.”

Liang Zhong silently nodded and then said, “Yesterday, Miss already said that the Soul Devouring Beast had given up breaking through. Thus, even if it escaped, it will be unable to bring about any devastating calamities.”

Everyone all clearly let out a deep breath.

“It’s good if it’s like this, it’s good if it’s like this…” Na Nuo’s tensed nerves also calmed down as she looked towards the Soul...

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