Chapter 1019: The Resources of the Ghoul Races

Chapter 1019: The Resources of the Ghoul Races

There was a vast sea between the Setting Sun Islands and the Heavenly Slaughter Continent where many islands of various sizes scattered about.

A decade ago, those islands were populated and extremely lively.

However, as the three great ghoul races invaded and Illusory Demon Sect fell, those islands became desolate.

Many of those martial practitioners became members of Flaming Sun Island. Some of them traveled for farther forces, searching for a place within Terminator Sect and Heavenly Sword Mountain.

After the eastern barbarians defeated Illusory Demon Sect, they allied with the three ghoul races. They had fought several times against Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect, Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and the experts of the Horned Demon and Dark Shadow Races.

The battlefield was these desolate, abandoned islands.

That day, on a squid-shaped island, eastern barbarians gathered from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Many members of the three ghoul races appeared on the nearby islands.

Among the eastern barbarians, it was possible to occasionally see members of Black Voodoo Cult dressed in black robe with the insignia of the voodoo insect.

"How is Qin Lie still alive?" The elder of the Black Barbarian Tribe, Ke Yu, stood on the corner of an island with a dark expression.

Beside him, the Soul Altar experts of the White Barbarian Tribe and Scarlet Barbarian Tribe all wore serious expressions.

"A boy with mere Fragmentation Realm cultivation, so what if he is alive?" Barham of the Earth Ghoul Race grinned and said scornfully, "Even if he is alive, how can he affect the outcome?"

Many of Heaven and Earth Ghoul clansmen gathered there were also unconcerned.

The pope of Black Voodoo Cult, Jiang An, frowned and said, "Qin Lie's cultivation is not high, however... if he is alive, he will affect the state of affairs. Heavenly Sword Mountain, Blood Fiend Sect, and Terminator Sect are willing to help Flaming Sun Island because of him. Also, he can mobilize the Dark Shadow Race and Horned Demon Race."

"You ghoul races once told us that you would kill Qin Lie in the chaotic streams of space!" Ke Yu shouted.

Istan of the Earth Ghoul Race had yet to return. After Andrew and Hark died, the person in charge of the Earth Ghoul Race was Barham.

He thought and said, "Lord Istan and Bhutto talked about it. According to Bhutto, he sent Matthew with two Heaven Ghoul Race experts into the chaotic streams of space to pursue Qin Lie. With the strength of those three, and the talent of the Heaven Ghoul Race in the chaotic streams of space, they should have easily killed Qin Lie."

"Then why is he still alive?" Ke Yu snorted.

Barham was also puzzled. He shook his head and said, "I do not know the specifics."

"Why do you eastern barbarians hate Qin Lie so?" Jiang An's eyes flashed as though he saw something. "Based on what I know, Qin Lie has never gone to the eastern barbarian tribes. In the past, he should not have had any grudges with you. I'm very curious why you are even more eager to kill Qin Lie that we are?"

"You do not need to know this," Ke Yu said coldly.

Jiang An jerked his lip and laughed. He said, "Maybe... someone else wants him dead?"

Ke Yu's eyes flashed.

Jiang An nodded, appearing that he knew. He said, "It seems that he really isn't a member of the Land of Chaos."

When he said this, he looked at the enormous flying spirit artifact behind the eastern barbarians. That flying artifact was like a whale that rested in the clouds.

Jiang An noticed many unfamiliar Soul Altar martial practitioners were on that enormous whale-like spirit artifact.

The eastern barbarians and the Black Voodoo Cult frequently fought. He and Ke Yu were old rivals, and he knew the experts of the eastern barbarians.

Jiang An had seen almost all of the strongest people in eastern barbarians. There were more than a dozen Soul Altar practitioners he had never seen before. This caused Jiang An to understand that the eastern barbarians' actions were unusual.

He could guess why the eastern barbarians had all come out. They wanted to destroy Flaming Sun Island and kill Qin Lie.

Through this, he concluded Qin Lie's identity was not ordinary.

To him, the gradual rise of Flaming Sun Island threatened Black Voodoo Cult.

Because of Blood Fiend Sect, Black Voodoo Cult and Flaming Sun Island became enemies long ago. Due to the three families and Wen Bin’s faction in Illusory Demon Sect, the conflict between him and Qin Lie deepened.

He also hoped that Qin Lie would die, and Flaming Sun Island would be destroyed. That way, Black Voodoo Cult would expand their territory.

Otherwise, if he allowed Flaming Sun Island to develop like this, Black Voodoo Cult would be eliminated sooner or later.

"Chief Elder, we just received news that Feng Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect, and Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain have accepted Qin Lie’s invitation and appeared on Flaming Sun Island." At this time, Sen Ye of the Black Barbarian Tribe appeared and said with a serious expression. "Also, Feng Yi and Qi Yang have brought along their sects’ experts!"

"Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain are shameless. The two have been established in the Land of Chaos for many years, and they both govern their respective territories. But today, they lower themselves to fawn over Qin Lie, they are shameless!" Ke Yu's expression changed as he cursed.

Jiang An's brow furrowed.

"With Lord Istan and the Voodoo Progenitor here, we can sweep the Land of Chaos!" Barham's spirits grew. "Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain are nothing to fear! In the past, Lord Bhutto led the Heaven Ghoul Race forced them to hide in their great sect-protecting formations, not daring to come out. Lord Istan has recovered his full strength after awakening, he is even stronger than Lord Bhutto!"

Pausing, Barham's eyes flashed viciously, and he said, "At this time, Lord Istan should be helping Lord Fiennes wake up! Lord Fiennes is Lucas's brother. He was also seriously injured in the past and chose to sleep in order to preserve his state. He has a five-level Soul Altar. Once he wakes up, no one in the Land of Chaos can stop our ghoul races!"

As he said this, Barham howled, as though he saw the blood flowing in rivers in the Land of Chaos.

Even the expressions of Ke Yu and Jiang An changed upon hearing this.

The three ghoul races once had a glorious past, thirty thousand years ago. If the God Race hadn't thought they didn't deserve to exist and started exterminating them, the present ghoul races might be one of the fifteen strongest ancient races.

While they had declined, their foundation was still there. Now that they returned to Spirit Realm, they still possessed terrifying resources.

Void Realm experts woke up one after another. This was proof of how strong they had once been.

"When will that Fiennes wake up?" Ke Yu asked excitedly.

"At most five days." Barham was full of confidence.

Ke Yu nodded and felt happy inside. He said, "Good, then we will wait five extra days. When Lucas and Fiennes wakes up, we will start a bloody attack on Flaming Sun Island. We will kill everyone on Flaming Sun Island, especially those artificers."

Pausing, Ke Yu's eyes shone with dark light. He said coldly, "If we slip up again today, even if you have a six-level Soul Altar expert, you will be completely exterminated."

Barham glared at Ke Yu and the other person with viciousness. He snorted and swore, "Using someone else's might!"

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