Chapter 1016: The Cause of the Internal Conflict

Chapter 1016: The Cause of the Internal Conflict

You Ye’s words shocked Qin Lie and caused him to realize that the vast stars were overflowing with unfathomable secrets and mysteries.

He and You Ye conversed mentally. Hester and Naji did not know what they were discussing.

The two looked in shock at the ghostlike You Ye. Gazing at the Moon Tear containing pure moon power, they guessed that You Ye was most likely the artifact soul.

Artifacts with artifact soul were all great treasures. They were astoundingly powerful Divine Grade spirit artifacts.

Hester and Naji had to increase their evaluation of Qin Lie again, seeing he possessed a Divine Grade spirit artifact.

"Soul Race..." Qin Lie's expression was solemn.

"What are you discussing?" Hester asked urgently.

"I have already explained the origins of Dark Soul Beast, Soul Devouring Beast, and Blood Soul Beast, should you not tell us what you have uncovered?" Naji said discontentedly.

Qin Lie thought for a moment, nodded ,and repeated what You Ye had said.

"Soul Race? Another mysterious and powerful race in the stars?" After Hester heard this, his expression changed. He took a deep breath and said, "This is very likely!"

You Ye was about to converse mentally again when Qin Lie shook his head and said, "Just say it."

"Alright." You Ye started to speak in the form of an artifact soul, "According to you, if the Soul Devouring Beast, Dark Soul Beast, and Blood Soul Beast, as well as the Soul Progenitor of the human race were beings that had been possessed by the members of the Soul Race, that would mean… the Soul Race had already invaded Spirit Realm even before the God Race."

"However, the invasion of the Soul Race had not been started when the God Race came."

"Clearly, the God Race knew of the Soul Race, knew how they operated and may have even fought against them in some distant parts of the universe."

"Due to this, before they attacked the other races, they sent their experts to Asura World, Nether Realm, and Ancient Beast Realm, and killed the beasts possessed by the Soul Race. They thought the Soul Progenitor of the human race was also of the Soul Race, so they killed him all the same."

"After that, the God Race gradually conquered the other races and dominated Spirit Realm."

"The Soul Race knew that the God Race had already taken over Spirit Realm. They may have been unwilling to fight openly with the God Race in Spirit Realm so they did not send any more."

"Therefore, in the history of Spirit Realm, no more powerful beasts with the ability to divide their souls appeared."

"Very logical!" Hester's expression was grave as he said, "After the God Race eliminated the three beasts, and killed the Soul Progenitor, the other races did their best to kill the lower ranked Soul Devouring Beasts, Dark Soul Beasts, and Blood Soul Beasts in Nether Realm, Asura World and Ancient Beast Realm."

"The low rank beasts were but fragments of the original beasts. They were killed before they had time to grow."

"In the following thousands of years, once these three beasts appeared, in Asura World, Ancient Beast Realm, or Nether Realm, they would be quickly disposed of."

"Gradually, we stopped seeing signs of these three beasts, and no more of them appeared."

Qin Lie was shocked and asked, "Then what about this Dark Soul Beast's skull?"

"The skull belongs to the Dark Soul Beast which had wrecked chaos throughout the Asura World. When its main soul was killed by the God Race, the skull... has always been in the possession of the Asura Race in Suluo Realm." Hester had an embarrassed expression. He glanced at Qin Lie with a strange look and said with a guilty smile, "In the past, the Asura members of Suluo Realm were the first to swear their loyalty to the God Race."

"Not long after, more Asura clansmen bent their heads to the God Race under the leadership of the Asura Race of Suluo Realm."

"After the God Race killed the Dark Soul Beast, they gave us this Dark Soul Beast skull. One reason for that was to reward us, the other was so that we could use this Dark Soul Beast skull to intimidate others, and preach how strong the God Race was."

"That rank ten Dark Soul Beast completely upended Asura World. Many Asura Race experts were unable to do a thing, ultimately becoming the avatars of the Dark Soul Beast."

"The God Race killed it, and gave us the skull. They wanted us to tell the other branches of Asura Race that the beast that was so terrifying to us could be easily killed by them."

"After we obtained the Dark Soul Beast skull, we travelled to negotiate with other Asura clansmen. Soon after, they also swore their loyalty."

"After that, we continued to hold the Dark Soul Beast skull."

“Until... the races rebelled and drove the God Race away into the outer space. The status of the Suluo Realm branch of Asura Race dropped. We could only give up on that skull. The Suluo Realm started being looked down upon by the nobility residing in Asura World, we weren’t even acknowledged as part of our race.”

"Uncle Hester, so we were the first of the Asura Race to join the God Race back then?" Naji said dazedly.

Hester was extremely embarrassed. He nodded helplessly. "The truth is so."

"I thought, I thought..." Naji was speechless.

"It's an undeniable and disgraceful past, this past... naturally the later generations changed it. The new members of our race in Suluo Realm do not learn this," Hester grimaced. "Us later generations refute this, and our descendants do not know of this."

"I... understand." Naji sighed.

Qin Lie felt it amusing.

So the Asura clansmen of Suluo Realm had such a disgraceful past. Because of their early submission, because they swore loyalty to the God Race, more of the Asura clansmen stopped fighting back. In the end, all of the Asura Race bowed their heads and became subordinate to the God Race.

When the God Race dominated Spirit Realm, the status of the Suluo Realm branch might have been extremely high among the Asura Race, and they would have benefited greatly from the God Race.

Similarly, when the God Race was driven away, they were immediately abandoned by the entire Asura Race.

Thinking, Qin Lie said, "Why does this Dark Soul Beast skull still produce soul fragments? Hasn't it been killed by the God Race?"

Hester said, "Before we received this Dark Soul Beast skull, God Race experts refined it. While the main soul of the Dark Soul Beast has been destroyed, it can still attract soul fragments, and continue to produce subsouls."

"However, we don't know how the God Race refined this. All of the produced subsouls fight each other and will never merge together."

"Also, after this Dark Soul Beast skull was refined, it is able to consume the souls of other beings. When it consumes the souls of other beings, it will form soul beads."

"The soul beads contain pure soul energy. Our soul power will grow greatly after consuming them!"

"This Dark Soul Beast skull's greatest ability at the moment is to produce soul beads through consuming other souls. Asura clansmen of the Suluo Realm grew powerful very quickly through these beads. In the time that the God Race dominated Spirit Realm, we were the representatives of the God Race among the Asura Race, and helped the God Race govern the Asura Race."

"This Dark Soul Beast skull that can form soul beads is a reward that the God Race gave us. We grew powerful because of it."

"Yet, everything took a complete turn when the God Race was driven out. We had to give up this Dark Soul Beast skull. We were exiled to Suluo Realm. The lands we governed, the Dark Soul Beast we used to grow our strength, our prestige… we lost all of it."

"We declined from then on."

After saying this, Hester and Naji became silent.

Qin Lie grinned.

He really hadn't thought that the Asura Race of Suluo Realm, the ancestors of Hester and Naji were closely connected to the God Race, and had once relied on the God Race to rise to prominence among the Asura Race, just to be struck down from the pedestal due to God Race’s exile.

The Dark Soul Beast skull could form soul beasts, so the Asura clansmen of Suluo Realm could quickly grow their soul power. This strengthened their entire family.

Knowing he would be chased by the nobility of Asura World, Naji stole the skull of the Dark Soul Beast to strengthen himself and his family.

The experts of the Asura Race obviously knew how important the Dark Soul Beast skull was to them. They must have treated it like an ultimate treasure.

Therefore, they regarded Naji as traitor, sending experts into the chaotic streams of space to kill him and retrieve Dark Soul Beast skull.

Qin Lie gained clear understanding of the past, three mysterious beasts and the internal conflict of Asura Race between Asura World and Naji’s family.

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