Chapter 1015: The Riddle of the Soul Beast!

Chapter 1015: The Riddle of the Soul Beast!

Hester thought for a while and said, "During its growth period, Dark Soul Beast will continuously split apart and produce new souls. These countless new souls will be forever locked in combat. However, the true form of the Dark Soul Beast is not that. The first Dark Soul Beasts were different. They would produce new souls, but they wouldn’t fight. The souls would be controlled by one primary soul. "

Qin Lie interrupted him and said with a frown, "Why does the Dark Soul Beast sound so much like the Soul Devouring Beast of the Nether Realm?"

"You also know of the Soul Devouring Beasts?" Hester stilled.

Qin Lie nodded. "Previously... I killed a low ranked Soul Devouring Beast of the Nether Realm/"

Back then, he, Liang Zhong and others had killed a Soul Devouring Beast under the leadership of Xie Jingxuan. That Soul Devouring Beast had devoured countless soul fragments.

After the fact... the pure soul power that spilled out benefited him greatly after he assimilated it.

He still remembered the Soul Devouring Beast well.

"Soul Devouring Beasts or Soul Eating Beasts can constantly feed on souls—any kind of soul, and use the power of that soul to evolve." Hester"s expression was solemn as he explained. "They can also make subsouls, and once that subsoul enters the bodies of other beings, they can make a puppet that completely listens to them."

"A Soul Devouring Beast, once it reaches rank eight or nine, the subsouls they create are able to possess even Horned Demon warriors with eight curved horns or the eight-eyed warriors of the Ghost Eye Race. They can turn those people into their avatars!"

"If the Soul Devouring Beast reaches rank ten, it will be able to constantly consume the souls of the experts in Nether Realm, and form countless subsouls. Those subsouls can enter the Nether Realm’s denizens’ True Souls and consume them. These experts would then become their avatars."

'The Dark Soul Beast was the same as the Soul Devouring Beast at the start."

"It secretly consumed the souls of my race in Asura Race, slowly levelling up and producing new souls, turning the members of the Asura Race into its avatars."

"This Dark Soul Beast once created a great calamity in Asura World. At its most terrifying time, he had consumed almost thirty percent of the experts of Asura Race and turned them into his avatars."

"At the same time, in Nether Realm, a Soul Devouring Beast reached rank nine and caused a great change in Nether Realm."

"Many of Nether Realm's denizens had their True Souls consumed by the rank nine Soul Devouring Beast, and became its avatars."

"At the same time, in the lands of Ancient Beast Race, a monster called ‘Blood Soul Beast’ appeared. Just like the other two, it had the ability to consume souls, and did the same thing in the realm of Ancient Beast Race."

"Nether Realm, Ancient Beast Realm, Asura World, these three realms had almost been completely overthrown. Three realms, three ancient powerful races were almost secretly consumed without even realizing it."

When he spoke of this, Hester had a terrified expression. He paused and then said, "In that time, a mysterious expert of the human race gradually attracted attention."

"Was it the Soul Progenitor?" Qin Lie asked.

When he said the soul ball was the remnant souls of the Soul Progenitor, Hester and Naji and paled. At the time, he had guessed there was a connection between the Soul Progenitor and the Dark Soul Beast.

When Hester mentioned a mysterious expert of the human race in the same era, the first one he thought of was the Soul Progenitor.

"Yes, the mysterious human expert at that time is who you call the Soul Progenitor." Hester confirmed his guess.

"What is the relationship between the Soul Progenitor and the three beasts?" Qin Lie asked.

"At the exact same time, a Soul Devouring Beast appeared in Nether Realm, a Dark Soul Beast appeared in Asura World, and the Ancient Beast Race faced the Blood Soul Beast. The humans... had a terrifying expert skilled in soul power." Hester's expression was dark. "Three strange beasts, and the Soul Progenitor of the humans, they all had similar traits, they could consume souls and could make subsouls!"

"Three strange beasts massacred their way through Nether Realm, Asura World, and Ancient Beast Realm, consuming the souls of experts, taking them over with subsouls and making them their avatars. And the Soul Progenitor of the human race supposedly did the same thing within the human race—constantly consuming the souls of human martial practitioners and making the human experts into his puppets."

"They did the same thing."

Hester shouted.

Qin Lie's expression was serious. "This matter... is truly strange. And after that? What happened after?"

"The actions of the human Soul Progenitor were much smaller than three beasts. During that time, the human race had not learned how to steal the bloodlines of the powerful races. Among the races, humans... were still at the bottom. Due to this, the Soul Progenitor"s actions did not attract the attention of the powerful races."

"At the time, the God Race... had not yet invaded Spirit Realm."

"It occurred much earlier?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Not much earlier." Hester shook his head and said, "Just before the God Race invaded. At the time, the three beasts were tearing down the Nether Realm, Asura World, and Ancient Beast Realm, the three races showed signs of being taken over by the three beasts. Not long after, the God Race came from the outer space and started to conquer Spirit Realm. When they learned of the actions of the three beasts, they sent experts into Asura World, Nether Realm, and Ancient Beast Realm to kill the three beasts and the avatars controlled by them."

"The God Race, at the same time, killed the three beasts as they invaded Spirit Realm."

"Supposedly, the God Race pursued the Soul Progenitor until he died."

"Not long after, the human race in Spirit Realm first swore their loyalty to the God Race, and the other races submitted as well. The three beasts died in succession, their avatars almost completely killed off."

"After the God Race conquered Spirit Realm, the patriarch of the Asura Race once asked the God Race about the three beasts."

"What did they say?" Qin Lie asked gravely.

"Through many years, I found many records of the Asura Race and learned that their leader at the time once said this—these sneaky things, daring to steal from a place under our watch." Hester"s expression was grave. "The leader of the God Race called them ‘sneaky things.’ This meant that the God Race knew of their existence, knew what they were, and might have once fought against them elsewhere!"

"Would they be the shadow beings?" Qin Lie shouted. He then summoned the artifact soul You Ye from the Moon Tear. In front of Hester and Naji, he narrated what Hester had just said and asked You Ye, "According to your knowledge, the shadow beings would consume the souls of living beings, their Dark Shadow World can even consume other domains, making them completely devoid of light, into worlds with no stars, moon or sun, a world of complete darkness and death."

"They would consume all life and turn them into dead things without any vitality."

"The three beasts and the human Soul Progenitor that once ravaged the Asura Race, Nether Realm and Ancient Beast Realm, could they be shadow beings?"

"They are not similar enough." You Ye thought for a long time and said, "The shadow beings have the ability to consume souls, but can not create subsouls to take over the bodies of others and make avatars. Additionally, they live in Dark Shadow World and almost never leave. Their conduct is to exterminate all life, and use Dark Shadow World to consume the other realms."

"The conduct of shadow beings is even crueler, more extreme, and terrible. They will not take time taking over physical bodies to form avatars. Also, they move together and will not come alone."

"If they invaded Asura World, Nether Realm, and Ancient Beast Realm, they wouldn’t have let the three realms have any chance of fighting back. In an extremely short time, the three realms would have perished, all life having perished. Even the realms themselves would wither and die, becoming nothing but boundless darkness, unsuitable for any beings other than the shadow beings to exist."

"If not shadow beings, what are they?" Qin Lie frowned.

“Our Dark Moon World was extremely far from Spirit Realm. Even after the God Race took over Spirit Realm, we had no connections to Dark Moon World. I was once the patriarch of the Serene Moon Race. A long time ago, a member of the Feathered Race passed through the Dark Moon World. When I conversed with him, I heard him mention a mysterious race."

You Ye thought and said, "The race existed somewhere extremely far from Dark Moon World, and many stars and realms away from Spirit Realm. This kind of race lived in another universe, and seemed to be famous. The three beasts you spoke of seemed to be very similar to them."

"What kind of race was that?" Qin Lie asked in shock.

"The Feathered Race called them the Soul Race. He said they did not have physical bodies. They are born as a soul, and they could possess any living being's physical body. Their talent is consuming souls and making subsouls. The more subsouls they had, the stronger they would be. Whenever they invaded a realm, they would use this kind of sneaky action to first possess a body, consume other souls and make avatars."

"In the end, the entire realm, all beings and races would be their avatars."

"This way, the domain would be under their control."

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