Chapter 1014: Repressing the Evil Soul!

Chapter 1014: Repressing the Evil Soul!

Naji and Hester suddenly rose into the sky, following the Dark Soul Beast headed for Qin Lie.

Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and the other Soul Altar experts of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect had strange expressions as they closely followed.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Clusters of eerie soul remnants and shadows flew out like a swarm of locusts and formed a sea of souls above the skull of Dark Soul Beast.

More and more souls poured into that soul sea as they fought against one another.

At the same time, on the surface of the Demon Sealing Tombstone, the soul swarm that formed after the Soul Progenitor's remains shattered suddenly spread outwards like black waves.

Everyone in the surroundings was drowned by the waves!

Tang Beidou, Duan Qianjie, Li Mu, Xu Ran, and even Luz on top of their Soul Altars, gritting their teeth with vicious expressions as they fought against the souls.

Clear soul figures appeared in their eyes and flew out of their eyes due to the strange power in the area.

It surprised Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and their group.

"Don't come over!" Qin Lie shouted.

However, Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and the others were curious of the mysteries of Flaming Sun Island. They did not know the danger, and when Qin Lie shouted, they were already close.

When they got close to Qin Lie, Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and Luo Han, the other Celestial Artifact Sect and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Soul Altar experts seemed to be struck by lightning.

The terrifying soul field covered them.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

They released their Soul Altars immediately and sat on them like Tang Beidou and the others. They tried to suppress their True Souls from leaving their bodies.

Their eyes were full of terror as they looked at the soul ball, full of regret.

—They regretted coming over overcome by curiosity.

But Naji and Hester who came over with the Dark Soul Beast’s skull were not like the others, and their souls weren’t immediately assaulted.

"Qin Lie! What is that?! " Hester shouted as he stared at the ball of souls.

Naji also shouted, "That thing can attract the skull of the Dark Soul Beast!"

When they shouted, Qin Lie realized and noticed that the Dark Soul Beast skull that Naji treasured more than his life had also flown over.

Countless beast souls surged out of the Dark Soul Beast skull and moved above the soul ball formed from the remnant souls of the Soul Progenitor. Shadowy beast figures visible to the eye formed shadows of vicious beasts that spun, turning into powerful soul whirlpools that covered the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

The remnant souls of the Dark Soul Beast seemed to smell something delicious and were going to absorb the soul ball left by the Soul Progenitor.

"Snap snap snap!"

Inside the black ball formed by the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor, blood lines snapped as the dark shadow inside moved. They quickly condensed as though they were undergoing a mysterious transformation.

Qin Lie watched the transformation for a while and found that a Soul Altar made out of black crystal seemed to be manifesting in that ball.

Before he could see the number of levels on the Soul Altar, the Soul Altar suddenly collapsed. The soul light surged and twisted, before manifesting again.

This time, the soul light and shadows formed a furiously burning black fire.

That black flame was unusually similar to the black flames burning in the eye sockets of the Dark Soul Beast skull.

Naji and Hester both noticed this, and paled.

The black flames suddenly changed to Qin Lie's shock into a vast black sea. The sea seemed to be made out of souls and a strange presence that could confuse one's soul came out of it.


At this time, Luz of the Dark Shadow Race saw the soul sea that had manifested. He paled and shouted, "Nine Soul Hell!"


The soul sea made from the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor flew out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and suddenly moved towards the beast soul whirlpool above the skull of Dark Soul Beast..

Suddenly, that soul sea changed again into an enormous and blurry beast.

The enormous beast opened its maw. As it entered the Dark Soul Beast whirlpool, it started to swallow.

Countless Dark Soul Beast remnant souls landed in the mouth of the enormous beast. Naji and Hester saw this and their faces turned white in fear.

Their lips trembled, their entire body shuddered as if they saw something terrifying.

Soon, the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor in the form of the ancient beast consumed all the terrifying Dark Soul Beast remnant souls.


The skull of the Dark Soul Beast shattered, turning into black pieces and then scattering.

Naji grunted, blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. He seemed to lose his soul and became weak.

Hester trembled as he looked at the enormous beast who had consumed the Dark Soul Beast remnant souls with deep terror in his eyes.

At this time, the True Souls of the Soul Altar experts felt the attractive force on them multiply.

They could no longer control their souls.

Threads of True Soul floated out of their eyes. They were being dragged by the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor, and were about to turn into a wave of soul power.

"Stop him!"

Seeing a tragedy about to occur, Qin Lie breathed and concentrated all of his soul consciousness to shout into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The Soul Suppressing Orb hidden in his brow suddenly appeared out of his flesh like a third eye.

The Soul Suppressing Orb released an astounding and eerie light that could catch souls.

That light formed a curtain that covered the ancient beast figure made from the Soul Progenitor's remnant soul.

The shadow trembled and twisted, flickering between black flames, a Soul Altar shape and a soul sea.

However, regardless of how the remnant souls struggled and changed, they could not break free of the Soul Suppressing Orb's light.

At the same time, packed blood lines once again formed in that black shadow, and formed a spiderweb of wards.


The ball turned into a pure black ray of light. Vibrating violently, it was pulled into the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Whether it wanted it or not.

The Soul Suppressing Orb could suppress all souls, it seemed to be the bane of all souls. Even the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor were no exception.

Everyone clearly saw that Soul Progenitor soul which had consumed the millions of Dark Soul Beast’s remnant souls suddenly stop moving when Qin Lie's third eye opened. It turned into a black light that entered Qin Lie's brow.

Everyone was astounded by the sudden change and looked at Qin Lie with terror.

Previously, if not for the Soul Suppressing Orb, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Xu Ran, Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and even Luz's souls could have been taken.

They had no ability to fight back.

The Soul Suppressing Orb's appearance stopped that soul ball and freed them.

"The ultimate treasure of my race! The ultimate treasure of my race has shattered!"

Naji of the Asura Race held the black bone powder in his hands, blood seeping from his mouth as he stared madly at Qin Lie.

Hester continued to breath deeply. After he calmed down, he shouted, "Qin Lie! You have to give us an answer!"

"Island Master Qin! What is going on?" Qi Yang said.

“What evil soul method are you cultivating?" Feng Yi said fearfully.

Immediately, everyone's gaze gathered on Qin Lie. They wanted him to give an answer.


Qin Lie opened his mouth but suddenly paused. He looked at the confused people and found he didn't know what to say.

He did not know how to explain this.

"Everyone, go somewhere else for now. I have some things to discuss with these two foreign friends." After a moment of thought, he looked at the group and said, "Sect Master Feng, Mountain Master Qi, please wait for a moment. Things happened... I have yet to organize my thoughts."

"Everyone, please come to Flaming Sun Island's hall to rest," Song Tingyu called out.

Feng Yi and Qi Yang exchanged a look of helplessness. They could only follow Li Mu and the others to Flaming Sun Island's conference hall.

Only Qin Lie, Hester, and Naji were left beside the eight god corpses. Everyone else had left.

"What is that thing?!" Hester shouted.

"A human, the remnant soul of the Soul Progenitor." Qin Lie's expression was solemn. He said, "I obtained the remains of the Soul Progenitor from a Graveyard of Gods in the chaotic streams of space. Just now, when I was helping summon the soul pieces of the god corpses, the Soul Progenitor's remains flew out on their own..."

"The remains of the Soul Progenitor?" Naji and Hester screamed.

Looking strangely at the two, Qin Lie explained the situation. Then, he changed the topic. "What is it about the Dark Soul Beast of Asura World? Why did you have to steal the skull of the Dark Soul Beast, and also... is the internal war within the Asura Race caused by the Dark Soul Beast's skull? What is going on?"

Pausing, he said, "Why are you shocked hearing about the remains of the Soul Progenitor?"

Hester and Naji exchanged a look with dark expressions. Their eyes flashed as though countless thoughts were contained within.

A long time later, Hester said, "Only a rare few in the Asura clansmen know about the wonders of the Dark Soul Beast." He thought and then said, "First answer a question for me."

"Speak." Qin Lie nodded.

"The rumor is... you have the God Race bloodline, is it true?" Hester's expression was solemn.

When the words were said, Naji also looked at Qin Lie with bright eyes.

He was clearly curious about this matter, and had great interest in the God Race bloodline.

"This matter is not a secret in the Land of Chaos." Qin Lie's expression was cool. He suddenly activated his bloodline power, his pupils and hair turning crimson. His blood boiled, and a wild and fiery magma presence rushed out of his body.

In this moment, in the eyes of Hester and Naji, Qin Lie was like an erupting volcano!

"God Race! The bloodline of the Blaze Family!" Hester breathed deeply, his expression one of shock. He said, "I hadn't thought that you humans were able to steal and assimilate even the bloodline of the God Race! Humans, as expected, the human race has its exceptional traits to have risen to prominence since after ancient era!"

Naji's eyes were wide as he felt the terrifying vitality that Qin Lie's body gave off. His eyes were respectful as he murmured, "The rumors... did not exaggerate. The God Race's bloodline is as powerful as expected!"

Qin Lie withdrew his bloodline power. His eyes and hair turned black as he said coolly, "Now should we discuss the Dark Soul Beast?"

"Yes," Hester nodded and said.

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