Chapter 1011: Dare Not Disobey

Chapter 1011: Dare Not Disobey

While he was conversing with Jiang Zhuzhe, the eerie white corpse aura that covered Miao Fengtian gradually thinned.

The terrifying ripple of energy that somehow melted one’s lifeforce gradually subsided. Although Miao Fengtian’s soul aura had vanished earlier, it was starting to grow stronger and stronger.

In the end, the thick fog of corpse aura dissipated entirely.

Beside the teleportation formation, specks of white light slowly appeared in the Corpse Progenitor’s pupils.

His features slowly regained their spirit.

On the other hand, Miao Fengtian’s real body had become like an unrefined Corpse Demon. It looked so dead that even corpse aura was starting to drift away from the body.

Everyone else stared at him from a distance.

Miao Fengtian was obviously unused to the Corpse Progenitor’s body yet after he completed the soul transfer.

His eyes were full of puzzlement.

Another moment passed, and he moved his limbs slowly as if he was gradually getting used to the change.

Seeing that he was no longer a danger, the scattered crowd came back once more.

“I need some time to get used to the Corpse Progenitor’s body.” Miao Fengtian moved his neck a bit before looking at his real body with a complicated expression on his face. “My body… I will refine it into a Corpse Demon.”

Qin Lie and Jiang Zhuzhe flew over to Miao Fengtian at this moment.

Miao Fengtian looked at Jiang Zhuzhe first before he looked at Qin Lie. Sighing on the inside, he bowed his head before Qin Lie and said respectfully, “Master.”

All Soul Altar experts in the area looked surprised by the statement.

Qin Lie didn’t look discomfited by Miao Fengtian’s words, however. He waved his hands and said casually, “You’ll be working with Senior Jiang as usual. I won’t interfere with what you do in most cases either. If I have need of you in the future, I will contact you then.”

“I understand.” Miao Fengtian nodded.

After he said this, he took his real body with him and flew away from this place. He flew to where the Corpse Demons were floating.

Jiang Zhuzhe hesitated slightly before saying, “He will be using the Corpse Demons as the vanguard during the war operation against the eastern barbarians. The Corpse Demons… can be refined endlessly, but they are just puppets in the end. After this fight is over, you may compensate us with some of the eastern barbarians’ corpses.”

“Got it,” Qin Lie promised.

Jiang Zhuzhe stopped talking and went back to the giant white bone ship with Miao Fengtian.

“Send a message to Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Feng Yi of Celestial Artifact Sect and tell them I’ve come back alive. Invite them over to Flaming Sun Island so we may discuss on how to deal with the eastern barbarians,” Qin Lie told Song Tingyu.

Song Tingyu looked surprised. “I had notified Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and Celestial Artifact Sect back when the eastern barbarians and three ghoul races invaded Illusory Demon Sect. However, they didn’t respond to us.”

“Do it again,” Qin Lie said.

“Alright,” Song Tingyu answered obediently.


Celestial Artifact Sect.

Inside a joined series of volcanoes, earth fire flowed through many winding ravines and into many fiery furnaces.

A lot of Celestial Artifact Sect artificers were refining artifacts of various grades using secret arts of the sect.

Feng Yi, Luo Han, and Qi Yang of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain were standing at the valley entrance of a volcano.

“Brother Feng, you must have received the message Flaming Sun Island sent to us earlier. What is your opinion on this message?” Qi Yang asked seriously.

After he had received Song Tingyu’s message, Qi Yang had immediately led a group of Ten Thousand Beast Mountain experts with him, passed through their teleportation formation and sought out Feng Yi.

“Why have you hurried over, mountain lord?” Feng Yi replied with a question.

“I have come because Qin Lie has returned.” Qi Yang sighed.

Feng Yi sucked in a deep breath before nodding. A trace of bitterness flashed past his eyes. “That’s right. Qin Lie has returned, so everything is different now.”

Before Qin Lie returned, both sect masters had come to the mutual understanding of ignoring Flaming Sun Island’s problems and stay away from the bloody war between Flaming Sun Island, Terminator Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Blood Fiend Sect, and the eastern barbarians and Heaven Ghoul Race. They wanted to observe and wait for an opportune moment to show up.

That was why they had ignored Song Tingyu’s initial message.

And then, Qin Lie had returned to Flaming Sun Island and sent a messenger to contact them. They had no choice but to treat his message seriously.

Qin Lie might only be at the Fragmentation Realm, and his individual strength might appear to be completely inadequate, but he was always able to play an unimaginably huge role during critical moments.

Besides that, he was the ribbon that tied Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, and Blood Fiend Sect together.

Before he returned, Feng Yi and Qi Yang didn’t believe that the alliance between Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, Blood Fiend Sect, and Flaming Sword Mountain would be as firm as glue. They didn’t believe that Song Tingyu could control the Soul Altar experts of these sects with her power and Flaming Sun Island alone.

But Qin Lie was different.

The moment Qin Lie returned, Feng Yi and Qi Yang knew that Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe’s Blood Fiend Sect, and the unknown foreigner’s force would join hands and become one true allied force.

This was without mentioning Qin Lie’s ability to create miracles...

At this point, even Feng Yi and Qi Yang had acknowledged Qin Lie as the one person in the entire Land of Chaos they couldn’t ignore.

“The difference is huge, him being around or not.” Qi Yang pondered for a moment. “I’ve decided to lead Ten Thousand Beast Mountain’s experts to Flaming Sun Island. Our sect has killed plenty of Heaven Ghouls, so if their race doesn’t perish… we won’t have a day of peace.”

Feng Yi nodded. “Then we will come with you.”

Qi Yang looked astonished.

He knew that Feng Yi had decided that Gray Island was their greatest enemy. He wanted nothing more than the death of every artificer on Gray Island. That was why Qi Yang was deeply puzzled by Feng Yi’s decision to heed Qin Lie’s message and lead Celestial Artifact Sect’s experts to Flaming Sun Island.

“I don’t have a choice. The Heaven Ghoul Race is the enemy of the Land of Chaos, and… to be frank, I do not dare to make an enemy out of Qin Lie.” Feng Yi smiled bitterly.

Qi Yang sighed suddenly after the initial surprise worn off. “I do not dare to make an enemy out of Qin Lie either.”


Black Voodoo Cult.

Deep inside the great sect-protecting formation where a thick fog of voodoo poison resided, Jiang An, the Gongye brothers, and a few Black Voodoo Cult experts stood beside a black pond filled with poisonous, smelly water.

Not long after, the Voodoo Progenitor’s body slowly surfaced from the pond.

The Viridian Blood Toad’s shadow was as clear as day inside the Voodoo Progenitor’s pupils. As the first voodoo creature, the Viridian Blood Toad now had absolute control over the Voodoo Progenitor’s body.

Just like how Xue Lie had fused with the Blood Progenitor and Miao Fengtian had fused with the Corpse Progenitor, the first voodoo creature had fused with the Voodoo Progenitor’s Soul Altar and body too.

Moreover, the speed at which it fused with the Voodoo Progenitor was far greater than either Xue Li or Miao Fengtian.

Beside the black pond, Jiang An, the Gongye brothers, and the Black Voodoo Cult elders were all staring at it in fear and shock.

It was because these people all had voodoo insects inside their body. After the Voodoo Progenitor’s body had come to the surface, the voodoo insects inside their bodies instinctively felt fearful.

This emotion made them realize that the fusion between the first voodoo creature and the Voodoo Progenitor had become more and more complete.

“Progenitor, what level of power can you employ right now?” Jiang An asked respectfully.

“Equivalent of four-level Soul Altar.” The first voodoo creature sounded shrill when it said this. “If Luz of the Dark Shadow Race wasn’t present last time, I would’ve come out and killed both Xue Li and Jiang Zhuzhe. Xue Li is not a problem; the time he took to fuse with the Blood Progenitor was too short, and he acted overly hasty. It is only a matter of time before a disaster befalls him.”

“The eastern barbarians and the ghoul races had sent messengers to us. They wished to meet with you for a discussion,” Jiang An said.

“Me? What do they wish to discuss with me?” The first voodoo creature spoke shrilly.

“They are here to talk about attacking Blood Fiend Sect,” Jiang An said respectfully.

He knew that the first voodoo creature and the Voodoo Progenitor viewed the Blood Progenitor as a thorn in their side since a long time ago.

Although the Voodoo Progenitor was dead, it didn’t mean that the first voodoo creature wouldn’t realize his final wish—the wish to destroy all of the Blood Progenitor’s inheritances as soon as it had fused with the Voodoo Progenitor’s remains.

It wasn’t the first time the first voodoo creature had mentioned its desire to eradicate the Blood Fiend Sect either.

The reason Jiang An brought up Blood Fiend Sect on purpose was to draw the first voodoo creature’s attention.

“I’m interested in anything that involves eliminating all of the Blood Progenitor’s inheritances.” The first voodoo creature whistled. The sound was so shrill that some low realm martial practitioners were bleeding pitch black blood from their pupils.

“Should I invite them over then?” Jiang An asked.

“Mn.” The first voodoo creature nodded.

Jiang An turned around and left.

Many dead bodies slowly floated up to the surface of the black pond. The innards of these bodies had been completely consumed, leaving behind only a bag of bones held together by a layer of skin.

“I need more meat!” The first voodoo creature whistled.

The Black Voodoo Cult disciples led by the Gongye brothers shakily promised that they would bring over as much meat as they could, as soon as possible.

“The voodoo insects inside your bodies all listen to me, and they are directly tied to your lives. If something were to happen to your voodoo insects, you will suffer along with them!” the first voodoo creature threatened.

“We dare not disobey your orders, progenitor!” The Gongye brothers and other Black Voodoo Cult disciples hurriedly bowed in humbleness.

Not long after, the Earth Ghoul Race clan elder who had just awakened earlier, Istan, and tribe elders of the eastern barbarian tribes arrived at the black pond with their people.

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