Chapter 1008: On Flaming Sun Island

Chapter 1008: On Flaming Sun Island

Only half a year passed since he had been pulled into the chaotic streams of space.

In these six months, the eastern barbarians and the three ghoul races allied together and attacked the Heavenly Slaughter Continent several times.

Heavenly Slaughter Continent's Black Voodoo Cult maintained their silence. They forbade their disciples from going out of Black Voodoo Cult's territory to avoid conflicts with the eastern barbarians.

Flaming Sun Island, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Blood Fiend Sect, and Terminator Sect's fighters allied together to fight against the eastern barbarians on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent where Illusory Demon Sect had lived.

This time was like the previous ones. The three tribes of the eastern barbarians had almost all come!

This time, the eastern barbarians didn't just want to raid and slaughter, but to defeat the Land of Chaos!

The survivors of the three ghoul races were in cahoots with the eastern barbarians. The seemed to receive the support of a powerful force and they were extremely spirited.

The chaos in the Land of Chaos that had just calmed intensified due to the arrival of the eastern barbarians.

In this battle, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain also remained neutral. The Black Voodoo Cult ignored the actions of the eastern barbarians on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, and pretended not to see anything.

Only Heavenly Sword Mountain, Terminator Sect, and Blood Fiend Sect who were on good terms with Flaming Sun Island sent their warriors to fight.

Originally, the eastern barbarians wanted to invade Flaming Sun Island. At the crucial time, the experts of the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race managed to come from the Nether Continent and stop the eastern barbarians.

Right now, the eastern barbarians, and the three ghoul races took over the areas belonging to Illusory Demon Sect and were gathering their strength to destroy Flaming Sun Island.

Sitting silently, Qin Lie used pills to recover his soul energy. His face was dark as he listened to La Pu’s report.

Four hours later.

Qin Lie suddenly stood up and said, "I'm going to Flaming Sun Island!"

"I will go with you," La Pu replied.

"No, you stay here, and reflect on the bloodline mysteries in the Memory Fragment Crystal. Also, pay attention to the Boluo Realm. I think that Teng Yuan and the others will panic when they hear that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will arrive at Boluo Realm in a decade." Qin Lie thought for a moment and then said, "For some reason, the news of the God Race returning has spread to the major domains of the Spirit Realm. Human Gold rank forces of the Central World are all restless and have made their moves earlier than expected.”

"The ancient races are also worried and planning for this matter. Some revolutions have also occurred inside the ancient races."

"This world will be turbulent."

La Pu shouted, "The God Race is truly returning to Spirit Realm?"

"I don't know." Qin Lie shook his head and said, "However... the God Race is as terrifying as the rumors say."

"How do you know?" La Pu was shocked.

"I met a God Race woman, rank seven bloodline. Almost alone, she slaughtered the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners of the Gold rank forces of Central World. Oh, including the ancient races’ clansmen. She killed them all." Qin Lie's expression was serious.

"You really saw someone from the God Race?" La Pu said in shock.

"She is very strong, even stronger than I can imagine!" Qin Lie took a deep breath and said.

At the time, if he hadn't comprehended the mysteries of the ancient diagrams and used his own bloodline to inscribe "Breaker" to destroy Cang Ye's Dark Prison, he would not have been able to escape.

Cang Ye's bloodline was merely a rank higher than his, and she hadn't cultivated any other spirit arts.

And he didn't just have a rank six bloodline. He had middle stage Fragmentation Realm cultivation, he was skilled in the Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Blood Spirit Art, Frost Arts, and the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

His true strength might be greater than even the martial practitioners in the late stage of the Fragmentation Realm cultivation.

However, he, who was usually used to fighting those with stronger cultivation, for the first time in his life, felt helpless facing Cang Ye.

He finally understood that the difference in their strength, just one rank of the bloodline, was an insurmountable gap.

When he thought of this, he smiled bitterly. He said, "Compared to her, all the opponents that I’ve met are nothing."

"When your bloodline reaches rank seven, you should be able to fight against her. Do not undervalue yourself," La Pu comforted.

Nodding, Qin Lie said, "I'm going to Flaming Sun Island."


The two bade each other farewell.

Flaming Sun Island.

In the sky, strangely-shaped enormous flying spirit artifacts floated, many chariots circling around them.

Figures collided in the sky. Martial practitioners wearing the robes of Terminator Sect, Blood Fiend Sect, and Heavenly Sword Mountain moved about.

Within the sea, coffins were placed on an enormous ship made out of white bone.

All of the coffins were exuding threads of white corpse energy.

Miao Fengtian sat at the bottom of the ship. He was using the mental connection with his Corpse Demons, preparing to use them at the frontlines as cannon fodder.

"This time, the eastern barbarians are crazy," Inside the ship, Jiang Zhuzhe frowned and said.

"Senior brother, didn't you say you didn't plan to become enemies with the eastern barbarians?" Jin Dao said.

"If the eastern barbarians were just raiding the Land of Chaos, of course I would not come out." Jiang Zhuzhe' eyes suddenly grew dark. "But their actions this time are clearly to conquer the Land of Chaos, and they have colluded with the ghoul races! I owed eastern barbarians for the kindness they had shown me in the past. But I’m also denizen of the Land of Chaos. Our branch of the Blood Fiend Sect is rooted in the Land of Chaos. I will not allow them to affect my great plan!"

"I hadn't expected Flaming Sun Island to have enough power to mobilize Heavenly Sword Mountain and Terminator Sect even after Qin Lie’s death. They also managed to invite both the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race." Miao Fengtian sighed.

"Who said Qin Lie is dead?" Jiang Zhuzhe snorted.

"He was dragged into the chaotic streams of space by Heaven Ghoul Race. Their racial trait gives them proficiency in the power of space. Why would he be able to escape from their clutches inside the chaotic streams of space?" Miao Fengtian said.

"In this battle, did you see the three-level Soul Altar of the Heaven Ghoul Race appear?" Jiang Zhuzhe smirked.

Miao Fengtian and Jin Dao shook their heads.

"I think that the Heaven Ghoul clansmen that had pulled Qin Lie into chaotic streams of space have all become bones a long time ago." Jiang Zhuzhe grinned, his smile meaningful. "Qin Lie is not as simple as you think."

When the words were said, Jin Dao and Miao Fengtian were both surprised.

"I will not say more about his identity. You only have to remember one thing—do not provoke Qin Lie!" Jiang Zhuzhe said solemnly.


At this time, Miao Fengtian suddenly shouted in surprise.

The corpse energy on his body seemed to have gone berserk.

At the same time, the coffin covers were raised by the Corpse Demons.

The Corpse Demons cultivating in their coffins all flew out of their coffins and floated in the air.

Miao Fengtian, Jiang Zhuzhe, and the others were extremely shocked. They flew out of the ship cabin and looked around from above the enormous ship.

They noticed those Corpse Demons were all looking at Flaming Sun Island's teleportation formation.

When Qin Lie, who had just returned from Evil Infant Island, appeared on Flaming Sun Island, a white light flew out of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

The body of the Corpse Progenitor gradually appeared out of his body.

This corpse stopped above Qin Lie's head, and a thread of corpse energy shot into the sky.

"That, that..."

Miao Fengtian looked in shock over towards Qin Lie, stammering and unable to speak.

But Jiang Zhuzhe, who stilled for a moment, reacted, and shouted, "The remains of the Corpse Progenitor!"


Miao Fengtian turned into a white ray of energy and flew away.

A flash later, he appeared next to Qin Lie, his eyes flashing with light as he stared at the Corpse Progenitor.

"Qin Lie!"

"Island Master is still alive!"

"Island Master has returned!"

The martial practitioners scattered around Flaming Sun Island, Gray Island, and Blood Island heard the noise and gathered over with excited expressions.

Rays of light flew out and manifested into figures around Qin Lie.

Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, Tang Beidou, Evil Infant Boy, Forefather Dark Wind, and other Soul Altar experts appeared first.

Then, Song Tingyu, Tang Siqi, and the other Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners came over with red eyes.

"I told you long ago this boy had a fortunate life, he would not die easily," Li Mu laughed and said.

"As long as you are not dead." Tang Beidou laughed.

Qin Lie looked a the crowd, his face in a smile. He said, "I roamed around the chaotic streams of space. Not only did I live well, I also broke through to the middle stage of the  Fragmentation Realm. How is the situation on your side?"

When he said this, he saw the smiles on people's faces gradually disappear.

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