Chapter 1007: Returning to Chaos

Chapter 1007: Returning to Chaos

Terminator Sect.

In the middle of a giant mountain in the northern part of Thunder God Roar Valley, there was a dark cave. Qin Lie, Lei Yan and the others came out of a secret realm entrance hidden there.

“This secret realm entrance has actually been built by the Asura Race of Suluo Realm. Terminator Sect doesn’t have a master artificer who can create secret realm entrances yet.” Lei Yan stared deeply at Qin Lie before chuckling. “So, how did the Flaming Sun Island’s secret realm entrance come to be?”

He was more or less aware of the fact that Flaming Sun Island was connected to Boluo Realm.

One had to possess a secret realm entrance or an ancient spatial passage if they wished to connect with another realm. That was why Lei Yan was very curious about the creator behind Flaming Sun Island’s secret entrance.

“Flaming Sun Island’s artificers are not skilled enough yet. We had found this spatial passage by accident.” Qin Lie dodged the question with an excuse.

The group finally walked out of the long passage leading towards outside.

“I’m in a hurry,” Qin Lie said.

Lei Yan nodded in understanding.

The two Asura clansmen, Hester and Naji had stayed behind at Terminator Sect.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing quickly arrived at Terminator Sect’s teleportation formation and vanished.

Qin Lie appeared at Evil Infant Island not long after. Before the martial practitioners present there could exclaim in surprise, Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing departed yet again to Soul Summoning Island.

The moment he appeared on Soul Summoning Island, he noticed that there were many Dark Shadow and Horned Demon clansmen around the area. La Pu of the Ghost Eye Race was on the island as well.

La Pu and Yuria were pleasantly surprised as they welcomed him.

“You’re alive!” La Pu looked overjoyed.

Qin Lie smiled. “Is there anyone from Flaming Sun Island in Soul Summoning Island right now?”

“Ge Rongguang spends most of his time here,” La Pu said.

“Then tell him to send this woman to Boluo Realm, and inform Teng Yuan and the other leaders of the Ancient Beast Race that Lunar Temple and Sun Palace will be invading their world shortly,” he instructed.

“Understood.,” La Pu answered seriously.

Beside him, Yuria of the Dark Shadow Race paled slightly. “Won’t Lunar Temple and Sun Palace need another one hundred years or so to reach Boluo Realm?”

She used to live in Boluo Realm, so she was more familiar with its secrets and circumstances than others.

“They asked for permission from Reincarnation Sect to go through the Kunhuan Domain, so the time they would need to reach Boluo Realm was greatly shortened. If they manage to rebuild their secret realm entrances, I’m afraid that they will wash the entire Boluo Realm in blood,” Qin Lie answered honestly.

Yuria was shocked. “That will be the apocalypse for Boluo Realm.”

“Inform the Ancient Beast Race to speed up their preparations.” Qin Lie also sighed.

Yuria looked deeply worried.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at Zhuang Jing. “I will inform the Ancient Beast Race to send you to the Serene Moon Race’s gathering spot at Boluo Realm. Lin Jie should be there as well. What you need to do… is to inform the Serene Moon Race that Lunar Temple has abandoned them to their own fate. You’re a smart woman, you should know what I mean.”

Zhuang Jing nodded obediently. “I know what to do.”

Qin Lie was about to ask La Pu to make the journey when Yuria volunteered. “I’ll make the trip to Boluo Realm.”

“Why not.” Qin Lie nodded.

He then sent a message to Yuria informing her of Zhuang Jing’s identity and his intentions to cut off the ties between the Serene Moon Race and Lunar Temple through Zhuang Jing.

“I understand what I should do now.” Yuria nodded.

She then left immediately with Zhuang Jing.

“What in the world happened to you back in the chaotic streams of space?” La Pu asked solemnly. “Not only have you ascended to the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, the power that is currently stored in your bloodline is unbelievably vast. Also… your blood is flowing a lot faster than it was before. Your body must have undergone a drastic change!”

“I’ve formed a second heart,” Qin Lie answered with a smile.

La Pu shook before he revealed a joyful smile that came from the bottom of his heart. “The formation of the second heart means that the God Race’s bloodline is starting to temper and reconstruct your body… The God Race refers to their own body as the Body of God. They had always been cultivating by using their divine bloodline to reconstruct their bodies.”

“Your knowledge of the God Race’s bloodline is truly extraordinary,” Qin Lie praised.

“My knowledge is not limited to the God Race’s bloodline alone. I am curious towards the bloodline of all races. My life’s dream is to evolve the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and the Ghost Eye Race’s bloodlines and let our races’ experts to grow to the level of Demon Gods of Dark Nether Race!” La Pu’s eyes sparkled with extraordinary light.

The Nether Realm was huge, but the Dark Nether Race was the only race whose bloodline was acknowledged as one of the fifteen strongest bloodlines of all powerful ancient races.

Although the current Dark Nether Race was powerful, in the distant past, they used to be an incredibly weak race.

This lasted until an astounding emperor was born among the Dark Shadow Race. After his bloodline achieved a resonance with the Profound Yin Nether Sea and ascended his bloodline to rank ten, he transformed into an Demon God and carried the Dark Nether Race to completely new heights.

Since then, the Dark Nether Race’s descendants were able to ascend their bloodline to rank ten.

It was that emperor who single-handedly broke the limits of the Dark Nether Race’s bloodline and made themselves known as the race with one of the fifteen strongest powerful ancient bloodlines in the world. He was a true legend.

In the history of the Horned Demon Race, the strongest expert they ever produced was a nine-horned warrior. Just the same, the strongest expert Ghost Eye Race ever produced was a nine-eyed expert. The Dark Shadow Race never had anyone who successfully built a seven-level Soul Altar either.

For some reason, their bloodline seemed to be limited by the laws of the world itself and couldn’t be ascended no matter what they tried. Therefore, one of them had to break the limit imposed on their bloodline and step into the ultimate realm to kickstart the evolution of their entire race. Only then could they benefit the generations to come.

La Pu’s dream was to research the races’ bloodlines and find a way to resolve the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race and Ghost Eye Race’s problem.

“I have a gift for you.”

Qin Lie suddenly took out a Memory Fragment Crystal from a spatial ring and pressed it against his glabella.

When his bloodline had evolved to rank six, he had earned a tremendous amount of knowledge and memories regarding the fifteen ancient races’ bloodlines from the God Race’s Chaos Blood Realm. He used soul energy to translate this knowledge into the lingua franca of Spirit Realm and imprint them into the Memory Fragment Crystal.

He had imprinted everything he knew about the races’ bloodlines except the memories regarding the Perfect Blood and the Heavenly Blood Divine Beam.

The process of translating the memories inside his head into the common language and imprinting them into the Memory Fragment Crystal caused Qin Lie’s soul energy to drain away rapidly.

He had used up two thirds of his soul energy in just one hour’s time.

A moment later, the light in his eyes turned dim as it sank deep into his eye sockets. He looked like he hadn’t slept for days.

La Pu stared at him in astonishment. He had no idea what was going on right now.

“It’s done.”

When his consciousness started to dim, he finally managed to imprint the tremendous amount of knowledge into the Memory Fragment Crystal completely.

He then passed over the object to La Pu.

Bewildered, La Pu accepted the gift and shot a greenish dark beam from the eye at his glabella. The light wrapped around the Memory Fragment Crystal.

The giant treasury that was the knowledge of the fifteen ancient races’ bloodline suddenly appeared in his mind.

La Pu’s body began to tremble in excitement.

“This… this is a treasure I dare not even imagine in my dreams!” La Pu forgot himself and shouted.

“I acquired this knowledge from the God Race’s Chaos Blood Realm earlier. I am not interested in researching the races’ bloodlines, but I believe it may be of use to you,” Qin Lie said tiredly.

La Pu nodded repeatedly while he danced on his feet. “With this knowledge, I can cut down thousands, no, tens of thousands of years I would spend on my research! This knowledge consists of bloodline secrets the God Race acquired after probed the elites of ancient races they captured! I can’t even begin to imagine how many were killed for the God Race to obtain this knowledge! Even if I had tens of thousands of years to spare, I wouldn’t possibly be able to obtain such detailed information without having any actual flesh and blood to verify my findings! To me, this Memory Fragment Crystal is the most precious treasure in the entire world!”

“With you at the helm, I sincerely hope that the Horned Demon Race, Dark Shadow Race, and Ghost Eye Race will evolve to become real powerful ancient races through this Memory Fragment Crystal.” Qin Lie smiled.

“To be honest… I didn’t have absolute confidence at first. But everything has changed with this Memory Fragment Crystal!” La Pu inhaled deeply before uttering word by word. “I am certain that I will find a way to break the limits of our bloodlines!”

Qin Lie also said in full confidence, “I believe you can too.”

“You should rest for now and regain your soul energy as soon as possible. Right now chaos has descended on the Land of Chaos once more because a ghoul of the Earth Ghoul Race named Istan has awakened from his slumber thanks to the eastern barbarians. This Istan is even scarier than Bhutto.” La Pu added with a frown, “Moreover, Blue Flame Manor had begun attacking the Nether Continent once more, so the Horned Demon and Dark Shadow clansmen here would soon need to return to our homeland. Your strength is necessary to defeat the threat that is the eastern barbarians and the three great ghoul races.”

“Who is Istan?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“Just like Bhutto, he was in a state of deep slumber due to a lack of refined flesh and blood energy. He shouldn’t have been able to awaken so easily,” La Pu explained. “The reason the three great ghoul races committed slaughter wherever they went was to gather the corpses of experts for Istan to feed on. Unfortunately for them, you destroyed their plan to awaken Istan.”

“After they went into hiding, they had reached out to the eastern barbarians in secret… they even seemed to have obtained the aid of the Central World.”

“Even worse than Istan’s awakening is the fact that the ghoul has returned in full strength. Had Lord Luz not come over from Nether Continent recently, he may have been able to sweep through the entire Land of Chaos single-handedly.”

“But…” he sighed, “ Blue Flame Manor has been causing quite the commotion on the Nether Continent.”

Qin Lie’s face was dark. “Someone from the Central World is secretly supporting the ghoul races?”

“I heard from Tate that you were ambushed by the Heaven Ghoul Race and dragged into the chaotic streams of space probably because someone in the Central World had instructed them to do so,” La Pu said seriously.

“Does that mean my identity had been exposed?” Qin Lie’s eyes changed.

“It is a possibility.” La Pu thought for a moment before adding, “It’s also possible that you have unwittingly become an obstacle in their path, so they were planning to get rid of you even if they weren’t aware that you are Qin Lie of the Qin Family. Anyway, you must be more careful than ever and think thrice before you do anything bold.”

“I will be more cautious from now on,” Qin Lie promised solemnly.

After that, he listened to La Pu explaining about the current situation in the Land of Chaos while regaining his soul energy through soul energy pills.

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