Chapter 1006: Coming to an Agreement

Chapter 1006: Coming to an Agreement

Hester screamed with a look of obvious astonishment. He almost couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“They all think I’m dead?” Qin Lie frowned.

“Flaming Sun Island, Blood Fiend Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain and even Terminator Sect are fighting against the eastern barbarians right now. The war isn’t just fought on the Land of Chaos either. It has spread to the eastern barbarian’s clans and involved a great number of Horned Demon clansmen and Dark Shadow clansmen as well.”

Hester said in a heavy tone, “Right now, the fierce war ensuing between the Land of Chaos and the eastern barbarians is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.”

“Do you know him, Uncle Hester?” Naji exclaimed in surprise.

“I do.” Hester nodded before asking, “How did you come to know him, Young Master Naji?”

“I met him at the chaotic streams of space…” Naji said.

Hester was stunned for a second before he stared at Qin Lie deeply. “You actually survived being ambushed by the Heaven Ghoul Race and dragged into the chaotic streams of space?”

“I was lucky to survive, yes.” Qin Lie smiled.

“What is the relationship between you two?” Hester asked again.

“I guess you can call us… collaborators,” Naji said.

Hester pondered for a moment before saying suddenly, “Lei Yan of Terminator Sect is here right now!”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up. “Can you arrange for me to meet him?”

The fact that Lei Yan was in the Suluo Realm greatly increased his chances of returning to the Land of Chaos. Hester should be aware that he shared a friendly relationship with the Terminator Sect since he was the person in charge of communicating with them.

“I need to speak with Naji in private first.” Hester frowned.

He hadn’t figured out the true relationship between Qin Lie and Naji just yet, and he didn’t know how much Qin Lie knew of the Asura Race’s great turmoil. He was worried that he would expose Naji’s existence, so he acted very cautiously.

“Alright.” Qin Lie nodded.

After that, Hester sent Qin Lie and Naji into a different secret rooms while he and Naji conversed privately with each other.

“You are from the Land of Chaos?”

Zhuang Jing’s eyes was full of astonishment. It was obvious she couldn’t quite believe her ears.

Qin Lie was at the Fragmentation Realm, but not only was he able to stand his ground when fighting against the Gold rank forces’ martial practitioners of the Central World, he even held the absolute advantage.

Zhuang Jing had always thought that Qin Lie came from an extraordinary place.

Secretly, she thought that he was a direct disciple of one of the Three Emperors.

To her, the Land of Chaos… was a barbaric and inferior land. After all, it didn’t even possess a sub rank one Gold rank force. A place like this was nothing to her at all.

That was why she found it very hard to believe that Qin Lie had come from a small place like that.

“I do hail from the Land of Chaos,” Qin Lie answered.

“Your strength... is superior to even the disciples of the great families at the Central World.” Zhuang Jing asked while thinking to herself, “Is that place really capable of cultivating someone like you?”

Qin Lie fell silent.

Zhuang Jing would undoubtedly follow him back to the Land of Chaos and be sent to Boluo Realm. It was only a matter of time before she figured out his real identity.

He began wondering if Zhuang Jing was truly loyal to him.

If she wasn’t, then he had no need to bring her back to the Land of Chaos… Maybe he should just kill her and get rid of her now?

His pupils slowly turned cold as he considered the possibility.

Zhuang Jing sensed the change in his gaze acutely and felt cold from the bottom of her heart. She suddenly said, “Master, there’s no way I can go back to Lunar Temple. All my subordinates were slaughtered by you, so there’s no way Lunar Temple will accept a loser like me. Plus, you had left a restriction inside my True Soul, and you can kill me with a single thought. There’s no way I could betray you.”

Qin Lie stared at her intensely. It was only after a long time had passed that he finally nodded.

Zhuang Jing secretly sighed in relief inside her head.

Not long after, Naji and Hester entered the room together. They seemed to have come to a conclusion after discussing in private for a moment.

“Leave us for now.” Qin Lie glanced at Zhuang Jing.

She obediently left the room.

“We would like you to sell us three hundred Blazing Profound Bombs. We will buy them at the normal price,” Hester spoke frankly. “Just assume that it’s the toll for passing through Suluo Realm.”

“Is that all?” Qin Lie smiled slightly.

Hester inhaled deeply before answering, “Suluo Realm might be destroyed by the nobility of the Asura Race. If we have three hundred Blazing Profound Bombs in hand, we may be able to hold out for a little while longer.”

“What in the world happened to the Asura Race?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“It has nothing to do with you!” Hester and Naji yelled in unison.

Qin Lie rubbed his nose embarrassedly before saying, “Never mind, forget I ever asked. It shouldn’t be a problem if you buy the three hundred Blazing Profound Bombs at the normal price.”

“We also wish to buy some spirit materials from you too. Here’s the list.” Hester passed over a paper written in the language of Spirit Realm. Most of the spirit materials written in the list could actually be acquired from the Giant Race, Black Jail Race, and Ancient Beast Race of Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie hid his surprise when he read the list.

“These materials are already quite rare in Spirit Realm, and the Land of Chaos even more so. Even Lei Yan can’t help us when we tried to buy these spirit materials from him,” Hester said helplessly. “According to Lei Yan, your Flaming Sun Island may be the only place in the entire Land of Chaos that possesses these rare Heaven Grade spirit materials, such as the Soaring Dragon Wood and Jade Soul Liquid. Lei Yan tried to negotiate a purchase order with Miss Song of Flaming Sun Island on our behalf, but Miss Song said that Flaming Sun Island are preserving these spirit materials for their own use and will not be selling them for now. Our request to you is our last resort.”

Qin Lie finally understood what was going on.

Song Tingyu had kept the most precious spirit materials they acquired from Boluo Realm for themselves.

She had a reason for doing so. Although Flaming Sun Island’s artificers weren’t good enough to use those spirit materials right now, it was only a matter of time before they grew strong enough to meet the requirements. These spirit materials were so rare that it was difficult to buy them even in the Central World.

That was why she had stored these precious spirit materials for future use.

It was only natural that Hester couldn’t purchase them.

“Are they useful to you?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

“Very! And we need them urgently!” Hester said.

Nodding, Qin Lie said, “Once I return to Flaming Sun Island, I’ll order my men to share some of these spirit materials with you.”

Hester grew excited. “Don’t worry, we’ll give you the most precious spirit materials of Suluo Realm in return. I guarantee you won’t walk away with a deficit!”

“Do you have any other demands?” Qin Lie frowned.

“No, that’s all.” Hester got up excitedly and said, “I’ll arrange for you and Lei Yan to meet right away.”

Qin Lie nodded.

“Come with me!” Hester led the way immediately.

A few minutes later, Qin Lie saw Lei Yan and a few Terminator Sect disciples loitering about idly inside Hester’s great hall.

“Qin Lie!” Lei Yan abruptly jumped to his feet as he roared out the young man’s name. His features were riddled with astonishment. “Why are you in Suluo Realm? Wait, before that, I can’t believe you’re still alive!”

“I didn’t think I’ll meet you in Suluo Realm either.” Qin Lie also smiled in return.

“Brother Lei, I’ll come with you to the Land of Chaos! Qin Lie had promised me to share us some of the spirit materials we desperately need right now!” Hester exclaimed excitedly.

Lei Yan’s face darkened as he stared angrily at Hester. “Was it you, the Asura Race who pulled strings behind our backs and imprisoned Qin Lie?”

Hester immediately cried out. “I only met Qin Lie just now!”

“It’s not related to the Asura Race.” Qin Lie shook his head with a dark expression on his face. “The eastern barbarians had colluded with the Heaven Ghoul Race and plotted against me. They are the ones who caused me to get sucked into the chaotic streams of space. If it wasn’t for the Spirits of Void and Chaos, the Heaven Ghoul Race might actually have succeeded in their attempt!”

He secretly made up his mind to eradicate the Heaven Ghoul Race once and for all when he got back to the Land of Chaos.

As long as they were still alive, they would only cause him more troubles in the future.

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with the Asura Race?” Lei Yan asked again.

“No, not at all.” Qin Lie confirmed this.

Lei Yan relaxed a little. “That’s good then.”

“So… should we head to the secret realm entrance right now?” Hester inquired their opinions.

Qin Lie and Lei Yan nodded in unison.

“Is the Forefather still in seclusion?” Qin Lie asked suddenly.

Lei Yan nodded before saying gloomily, “No one knows when he’ll come out. I’m worried that…”

“Don’t worry, in the Land of Chaos the Forefather is the one with the greatest potential to reach the Void Realm,” Qin Lie said.

“I thought so too, but I can’t help but feel worried since he’s cooped up inside for such a long time already.” Lei Yan sighed.

They chatted with each other until Hester led them to the secret realm entrance.

“Please summon that woman over.” Qin Lie made a request to Hester.

The reason he hadn’t brought Zhuang Jing with him earlier was to prevent her from figuring out his identity too soon.

It was only after he communicated with Lei Yan and Hester that he asked for her.

“I shall make the arrangements right away,” Hester said candidly.

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