Chapter 1005: Suluo Realm

Chapter 1005: Suluo Realm

In the chaotic streams of space, at a place where light flashed and spatial cracks were everywhere.

Naji held the skull of the Dark Soul Beast, his expression serious as he carefully moved forward.

Two wisps of black ghost fire flashed in the eye holes of the Dark Soul Beast's skull, and released waves of strange soul fluctuations.

Naji used the soul soul fluctuations to find this place.

Between the spatial rifts, a secret realm entrance made out of black light appeared. The wind coming out of it felt like cries of wailing ghosts.

"Here." Stopping in front of those spatial rifts, Naji took a deep breath and said emotionally, "Ever since I was chosen five centuries ago to go to the Divine Hall in Asura World to cultivate, I've never returned."

The Asura Race was unlike the human race. Even if they did not cultivate any power or spirit art, ordinary Asura clansmen would have a lifespan of one millennia or so.

After they cultivated using the world spirit energy and used spirit arts to channel spirit energy through their bodies, their lifespan would be extended.

Naji appeared young, but he was more than six hundred years old. He had spent five centuries in Asura World.

Right now, because he stole the skull of the Dark Soul Beast, he was labelled a traitor by the Asura Race. He could not return to Asura World, so he thought to return to his homeland.

"Will you come with me, or return to Spirit Realm alone?" Qin Lie turned his head and asked Zhuang Jing. "Even if I will return to Spirit Realm, I will not go to Central World in the short term."

"I will go wherever you go," Zhuang Jing said with a smile.

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded and said, "After returning to Spirit Realm, I will arrange for you to go to Boluo Realm."

"Boluo Realm?" Zhuang Jing was shocked.

Without another word, Qin Lie motioned to Naji. "Can we pass?"

Naji thought for a moment and then suddenly said, "I will go with you to Spirit Realm."

"Oh?" Qin Lie narrowed his eyes.

Naji spread his hands, his expression one of helplessness. "There is nothing I can do. I've become a traitor to the Asura Race, I will be pursued by all of the Asura Race. I'm only returning home as a way of passing through. I wouldn’t linger there for long… lest I bring calamity to my homeland."

Pausing, he said, "In the vast universe, Spirit Realm is the center of the domains, and has passageways connected to the major domains. After reaching Spirit Realm, the Asura Race will have a hard time finding me. I will be able to plan for the future."

"What mystery does this Dark Soul Beast skull hold?" Qin Lie frowned.

"My apologies. I cannot tell you about the secrets of the Asura Race." Naji shook his head.

Then he started moving, carefully passing through the spatial rifts, carefully passing through the spatial cracks.

He hesitated slightly at the spatial passageway, ultimately jumping in.

Qin Lie rubbed his chin, thought for a while, and then flew over.

Zhuang Jing followed closely.

The three disappeared.

Suluo Realm, a small world.

Among the worlds of the Asura Race, it was a very inconspicuous little world.

Since ancient times, the Asura clansmen living there had been at unfriendly terms with the Asura Race’s nobility. They had been unable to enter the Divine Hall of the Asura Race to activate their bloodline power and enter their Chaos Blood Realm to find cultivation methods suitable for their bloodline.

But one day, martial practitioners of the nine Silver rank forces of the Land of Chaos found secret realm entrance during a trial and entered Suluo Realm.

A relationship formed between Suluo Realm and the Land of Chaos.

Suluo Realm was only a small world among Asura World's many worlds. Just an irrelevant, minor world.

The Land of Chaos, in the eyes of the human Gold rank forces of Central World, was just uncivilized backwater place for barbarians.

Suluo Realm and the Land of Chaos were evenly matched. A great and bloody war had been waged for many years.

Suluo Realm knew they could not manage to take over the Land of Chaos so they formed an agreement with Terminator Sect, building a business relationship.

After that, Suluo Realm gradually started to prosper due to the resources of Terminator Sect.

However, the Asura clansmen in Suluo Realm concealed this matter. They did not report this to the nobility of Asura World.

They enjoyed the benefits from trades with Terminator Sect by themselves.

They lied to Terminator Sect and other Silver rank forces and claimed that they were Asura World.

One was so that they could borrow the reputation of Asura Race to intimidate these humans, so that they would not dare to gather their forces to invade Suluo Realm.

The other was that they did not want to reveal Suluo Realm. They did not want this matter to be leaked to the other Asura clansmen if the humans could not keep their mouths shut.

Due to this, for a very long time, even Terminator Sect thought that Suluo Realm was Asura World.

Later, as the relationship deepened and the two sides communicated, Terminator Sect gradually realized that Suluo Realm was just a corner of Asura World.

Terminator Sect also received great benefits through the spirit material trades with Suluo Realm. They were happy to conceal this on behalf of the Asura Race branch of Suluo Realm.

The two sides also secretly signed a treaty.

If one day, the Asura Race nobility targeted the Asura clansmen of Suluo Realm and they could not survive there, they could come to Terminator Sect for shelter.

Similarly, if Terminator Sect lost against Black Voodoo Cult and the other Silver rank forces in the Land of Chaos, they could go to Suluo Realm.

The two sides were not of the same race, but their relationship was close and they cooperated well.

That day, Lei Yan of Terminator Sect was with some Terminator Sect martial practitioners at Suluo Realm.

Lei Yan and Hester of the Asura Race were discussing the details of another trade.

Suddenly, a young Asura clansman flew hurriedly into the enormous black hall.

“What is it?" Hester snorted and scolded, "Do you not see I am seeing honored guests?"

"Lord, Na... Young Master Naji has returned," the Asura clansman shouted.

Hester shook, his expression changing dramatically. He shouted, "Where is he?"

"He is at that ancient passageway where the spatial rifts intersect!" the messenger immediately answered.

Hester took a deep breath and suddenly said, "Spread my orders, have all members of our race near that place retreat, and do not let people see him! Also, have the person in charge there take Naji to the teleportation formation connected to this place!"

"Understood!" the Asura clansman hurriedly started to act.

"Brother Lei, I have other matters to attend to today and cannot keep you company. Please stay a few more days, and give me time to take care of my matters," Hester apologized sincerely.

Lei Yan waved his hand and said with a smile, "No problem, I have a lot of time, I will wait for you."

"Thank you." Hester bowed and hurriedly flew away. He went towards the teleportation formation here.

In an area twisted by spatial power just like the one on Prism Continent, Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing walked out and appeared in a mountain valley filled with plants up to their waist.

Above their heads were spatial cracks shaped like spiderwebs. At their intersection was a wild and turbulent spatial passageway entrance.

"This is Suluo Realm?" Qin Lie asked.

"Yes, this is Suluo Realm. My home." Naji had a hint of a smile. "There is no sun in Suluo Realm, nor a moon. The daytime is forever a gray color, but stars will fill the sky during the night in an enchanting display."

Raising his head, Qin Lie looked at the gray sky and knew that this should be daytime.

"Na, Naji! Young Master Naji!" An old Asura clansman came out of a cave from a valley nearby. His turbid eyes flashed with tears. "Young Master Naji has truly returned?"

“Grandpa Josh! You are Grandpa Josh!" Naji said joyfully.

"We learned from Asura World that you fled towards the chaotic streams of space and we just knew that Young Master would come through the ancient passageway between Suluo Realm and the chaotic streams of space. We expected that Young Master will come!" The old Asura clansman called Josh said excitedly, "I will inform Lord Hester immediately!"

"Hester..." The corners of Qin Lie's mouth went up.

In the past on Flaming Sun Island, Lei Yan and Hester had come together and Hester had once shown great interest in the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

He had a deep impression of Hester.

"You can use the teleportation formation to send us over. We will not stay long in Suluo Realm for long to… avoid bringing trouble to everyone," Naji said.

"I will arrange it right away," Josh said.

Half an hour later.

Josh led Naji, Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing, into a teleportation formation in an ancient cave.

A black ball of light covered the trio.

When the black light dissipated, Qin Lie appeared in a secret granite room. Hester of the Asura Race was waiting impatiently beside the teleportation formation.

When they appeared, Hester locked onto Naji and shouted, "Boy, you finally returned!"

"Uncle Hester." Naji's head was down. He said, "I may have caused great trouble for Suluo Realm."

"You really got the skull of the Dark Soul Beast?" Hester's eyes were bright.

Naji grinned. He took out that skull and said, "I’ve reclaimed what was originally ours!"

Hester's eyes were burning as he nodded and said, "Yes. This was ours!"

"I cannot stay long in Suluo Realm. Otherwise, I will truly bring great trouble for Suluo Realm. Uncle Hester, you control the secret realm entrance connected to Spirit Realm’s Land of Chaos. Send me to Spirit Realm," Naji asked.

"You will not see your father? And your sister?" Hester stilled.

Naji shook his head. "The earlier I go, the better for Suluo Realm. In Suluo Realm, there are also those who are not on our side. If news of my arrival spread, our branch will face a calamity."

"These five hundred years made you grow up and mature. You know what is important and how to look at the bigger picture." Hester had a look of praise in his eyes. Then he looked at Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing, asking in shock, "Who are they?"

Before Naji could answer, Hester’s expression shook in surprise. He stared at Qin Lie and said, "You are slightly familiar, have we... met somewhere before?"

It had been several years since he had met Qin Lie at the Flaming Sun Island. The two had only met once.

A few years later, Qin Lie's appearance and aura had changed greatly. Therefore, Hester didn’t recognize him and only felt he was familiar.

"We met on Flaming Sun Island, you wanted my Spirits of Void and Chaos back then." Qin Lie smiled.

Hester paled, pointed at Qin Lie and said, "You're the island master of Flaming Sun Island?"

Qin Lie nodded.

"How, how are you here? Everyone thinks you are dead. Because of you, another war has started in the Land of Chaos against the eastern barbarians, yet you are still alive!” Hester shouted.

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