Chapter 1003: Breakthrough!

Chapter 1003: Breakthrough!

After Cang Ye left the secret realm, Qin Lie was the only one left in this place.

He drew out the rich flesh and blood energy inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone and used it to restore his strength and refine his lifeblood essences.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Wisps of bloody, fiendish energy gushed out of the Demon Sealing Tombstone and flooded over him instantly.

He felt like a giant sponge as his pores drank in the rich energy greedily into his body.

He could clearly feel that the speed at which he absorbed the refined flesh and blood energy was twice as fast as before!

When he heard his two hearts thumping inside his chest, he abruptly came to realization.

The second heart he created had enabled him to absorb the refined flesh and blood energy even faster than before. It had also improved his recovery ability.

“It is said that the hearts of all powerful ancient races are the core of their life and the fountain of their power. I guess it is true.”

Inside the secret realm, he focused on absorbing the Demon Sealing Tombstone’s refined flesh and blood energy.

The feeling of exhaustion gradually departed his body. He quickly regained his spirit once more.

Not long after, he utilized the tremendous flesh and blood energy to refine his lifeblood essences.

An unknown amount of time later, his eyes abruptly lit up with astonishment.

He discovered that he was able to refine more his lifeblood essences than before after his second heart was formed.

In the past, his upper limit was two hundred and fifty lifeblood essences. He couldn’t refine even one more beyond that number.

But this time, after he successfully reached the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm and made a new heart for himself, the number of lifeblood essences he could refine had increased once more.

The lifeblood essences floated around him like translucent blood diamonds the moment they were refined.

Two hundred fifty one, two hundred fifty two, two hundred fifty three...

In the end, a total of five hundred lifeblood essences were formed.

A tremendous amount of bloodline energy was leaking out of these lifeblood essences. Everyone of them were sparkling with mysterious characters, and a wisp of his soul imprint could be noticed in each of them.

“I can refine up to twice the total number of lifeblood essences I could before!”

He inhaled deeply with an excited look on his face. He knew that his second heart had improved his combat strength in every way.

A while later, after he had fully recovered, Qin Lie finally stood up from the ground.

He looked towards the sky first.

After the other Graveyard of Gods had exploded, the sky of this secret realm looked like it was made of broken crystals.

When he looked at the sky, he discovered that the broken crystalline bits even reflected his image like a mirror.

“What a strange realm.” He muttered before inspecting the secret realm he was in to see if there were any other hidden secrets.

He first looked at the corpses around him.

These people’s souls had completely dissipated, and their eyes were wide open like they had been subjected to deep fear and despair before they died.

They were all killed by the power of darkness created from Cang Ye’s darkness bloodline.

“Ji Qi’s Heavengold Mirror is a little interesting…”

After rubbing his chin and thinking for a moment, he searched through Ji Qi’s corpse first.

Although Ji Qi was still standing, there was no life in his body at all. He was holding a bronze mirror in his hands though.

The bronze mirror was none other than the Heavengold Mirror.

He first took away the Heavengold Mirror before claiming the spatial rings on the other corpses.

At the other side, in the chaotic streams of space.

Zhuang Jing, Naji, and a dozen or so martial practitioners of other races were all gathered at the entrance of the spatial passageway.

At first, these people wanted to enter the spatial passageway. But after they noticed that Zhuang Jing and Naji were simply standing by at the entrance and doing nothing, they decided against going inside.

They all seemed to be waiting for something with serious looks on their faces.

After Cang Ye had left the secret realm through a temporary spatial passage, the secret realm entrance in their area suddenly glowed with rainbow light.

Zhuang Jing’s eyes abruptly lit up.

It looked extremely similar to the time when Qin Lie entered the spatial passage. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she had a feeling that she could find Qin Lie if she were to head in.

Naji of the Asura Race suddenly chuckled in a low tone as she thought this.

He actually became the first person to charge through the spatial passage.

Zhuang Jing quickly reacted after the initial surprise. She too passed through the spatial entrance right behind Naji.

When the clansmen saw that Naji and Zhuang Jing had made a move, they too started and followed right behind them.

After they went into the secret realm, they immediately noticed that there were corpses on the ground all over the place. There were giant dragons, ancient beasts, as well as Asura, Wood and Sea Race corpses. None of them were intact.

They had all been killed by Cang Ye.

With a serious look on his face, Naji suddenly took out the Dark Soul Beast’s skull and scanned around with a secret art.

Black flames flickered inside the Dark Soul Beast’s skull. Not long after, Naji seemed to have determined a path and flew straight towards Qin Lie’s location.

Zhuang Jing did her best to follow him after seeing him running away the moment she came in.

Not long after, she arrived at Qin Lie’s location behind Naji.

Dozens of human corpses littered Qin Lie’s surroundings. Right now, Qin Lie was crouching and pulling off the spatial rings of these corpses.

Naji abruptly stopped in his tracks as deep wariness surfaced to his eyes. “Did you kill all of them?”

Zhuang Jing couldn’t help but cover her mouth and scream a little.

Ji Qi, Xi Hongze, Ao Jing, Ye Yilan, and many other Human experts were already dead since a while ago.

Many of the clansmen of ancient races had been decapitated as well. Not a trace of the soul could be found in the corpses that were still intact either.

Meanwhile, amid the corpses, Qin Lie was pulling off their spatial rings one after another.

Naturally, she thought that Qin Lie had slaughtered all of these people too.

This shocked her greatly.

Qin Lie actually let out a secret sigh of relief when he saw Zhuang Jing and Naji. Before this, he was wondering how he should leave this secret realm. Now that these two had shown up, he knew that the spatial entrance of this secret realm was still present.

As long as that spatial entrance was still active, he didn’t need to leave in too much a hurry.

“Where did you guys come from?” he asked.

“What?” Naji frowned. “We came in the same way you did, of course. Or are you saying that the entrance you came in from is different from ours?”

Qin Lie turned to look at Zhuang Jing.

Smiling bitterly, Zhuang Jing pointed behind her and said, “There is a spatial entrance not far away from here.”

Qin Lie nodded. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Get out?” Zhuang Jing stood there blankly.

“Mn. Let’s head out now,” Qin Lie said calmly.

He had roamed around the area a little, but he didn’t find the prismatic crystals he saw while he was inside the secret realm on the sky earlier. Instead, he discovered many illusions that could confuse the mind and draw out a person’s blood thirst.

It didn’t take much to figure out that the prismatic crystals he saw in this secret realm before the Graveyard of Gods had exploded was just an illusion.

Before Cang Ye had even entered this place, the races had already been fooled into murdering one another over the God Race’s “precious treasures” they thought existed.

It was only after the Graveyard of Gods had exploded that this secret realm gradually returned to normal.

In his opinion, this secret realm was a total trap from the beginning.

This trap contained a lot of strange formations that confused a person’s mind. All people who entered this place would be lost in the illusions and compelled to kill one another.

Even if Cang Ye hadn’t shown up, he believed that these people would’ve killed each other anyway.

This secret realm had no real value at all. It was only a front to conceal the Graveyard of Gods nearby and a way to evaluate the races’ current strength after twenty thousand years had passed. It gave them data they could use when they prepared to return to Spirit Realm.

After the refined spirit energy inside the seven great forbidden lands of the Graveyard of Gods was absorbed by him and the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and after the three human progenitors were taken away by the Soul Suppressing Orb, the Graveyard of Gods had exploded.

This secret realm seemed to have lost its purpose.

“Have you gotten what you wanted from this place?” Naji asked with greedy eyes.

Qin Lie looked at him once before nodding. “You can say that.”

Naji’s eyes grew even greedier. “What is it?”

Qin Lie chuckled once and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you that.”

While saying this, he moved towards the direction Zhuang Jing had mentioned and added, “If I’m not mistaken, this secret realm… is not going to exist for much longer.”

“What do you mean?” Naji’s expression abruptly darkened.

“This secret realm is going to self-destruct very soon,” Qin Lie said.

The moment he said this, Zhuang Jing abruptly turned pale and abandoned her desire to explore this secret realm properly. She hurriedly caught up to Qin Lie.

Naji was about to retort when he felt a turbulent energy running beneath his feet.

He too turned pale as he hurriedly ran towards the entrance of the spatial passageway. He dared not stay here for even a moment longer.

Both Qin Lie and Zhuang Jing were already running towards the entrance with all their might.

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