Chapter 1002: Breaker!

Chapter 1002: Breaker!

Tied up by a bunch of chains inside the space of darkness, Qin Lie was dragged towards the spatial passageway Cang Ye was mentioning earlier.

The Dark Prison Cang Ye formed with her bloodline was a world of pure darkness where the only law that existed was that of darkness.

It was nearly impossible to escape this space of darkness or harm her.

“Your bloodline is currently at rank six. If it was one rank higher, then you may be able to create the ‘Flame Realm’ with your bloodline. I wouldn’t be able to entrap you with Dark Prison as easily as I am doing right now.”

Cang Ye said coolly and slowly as she walked through the darkness.

“Unfortunately for you, your bloodline is only at rank six. My darkness bloodline is already at rank seven. So it’s absolutely impossible for you to escape my Dark Prison before your bloodline reaches rank seven, and before you learn a bit of the essence of the law imprinted inside your bloodline.”

She walked at the front while the black chains dragged Qin Lie behind her.

Cang Ye was the only dim source of light in this space. Everything else was boundless darkness.

He had triggered Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Blood Spirit Art, Frost Arts, the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, and even his bloodline power.

He flung all sorts of energies such as thunderous light, bloody beams and frost blades at the chains of darkness.

However, his powers were immediately interrupted by the darkness power contained inside the black chains the moment they were formed.

No matter what he did, he wasn’t able to break free of the black chains or the infinite space of darkness.

A series of thoughts flashed through his mind. He was trying to find a way out of this as quickly as he could.

“The space of darkness, the Dark Prison; she suggested that they are formed through a bit of law of darkness inside her bloodline. The law…”

“The spirit diagrams are a direct expression of the world’s laws. The movement of the galaxy, the veins of the earth and even the network of the human body are all spirit diagrams.”

“During the earliest of times, all ancient spirit diagrams were derived from the laws of the world itself.”

“Mastering a spirit diagram is the equivalent of seeing through some of the mysteries of the world’s laws and understanding the true essence of power.”

“The diagrams are a network of power and power itself!”


Qin Shan’s incessant mumbling back when he was cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication at Herb Mountain suddenly surfaced to his consciousness with incredible clarity.

“The ancient spirit diagrams! They are the direct expression of the laws!”

A bolt of lightning flashed through his eyes.

In that instant, a middle grade ancient spirit diagram called “Breaker” surfaced from the depths of his memories.

“Blaze divine blood!”

His clothes burned up completely as he became fully naked inside the darkness.

A thought formed in his mind as lifeblood essences leaked out of his skin and swam all over him like blood red ink under the guidance of his soul consciousness.

No long after, with his lifeblood essences as the ink, a compound spirit diagram made up of multiple basic spirit diagrams such as Amplification, Spirit Gathering, Spirit Storage and one “Breaker” middle grade spirit diagram at its core was drawn across his skin.

The instant the compound spirit diagram was formed, he unleashed all the power contained inside his lifeblood essences and caused the ancient spirit diagram to burn bright with flames.

Countless blaze divine characters leaped out of the tendrils of bloody threads that looked like the world’s network itself.

After his bloodline power was passed through the Spirit Gathering and Spirit Storage spirit diagrams and amplified again and again, it flowed fiercely into the ancient spirit diagram “Breaker” at the center.

Suddenly, a strange ripple that could tear worlds and detonate space itself burst out of his body.

The pitch black space of darkness was forcefully torn apart by what seemed like bloody claws of fire.

The blanket of pitch black darkness that had enveloped the world suddenly became torn apart.

The black chains that kept him shackled instantly broke into many pieces as well.

Light returned to the world as the world of darkness disintegrated.

The secret realm and the world itself returned to normal, and the natural laws began to function once more.

Qin Lie completely recovered his senses.

When he paid attention to Cang Ye again, he suddenly discovered that she was actually quite far ahead of him. She was walking towards a spatial passageway made of intersecting colors of light.

Cang Ye abruptly turned her head backwards as astonishment rose from the depths of her cold eyes for the first time.

“How were you able to break through my Dark Prison?” She stared deeply at Qin Lie as her sharp gaze swam across Qin Lie’s naked body like trailing blades.

When Qin Lie looked down on his body, he discovered that the compound ancient spirit diagram he inscribed with his bloodline power had vanished from his skin after that miraculous burst of energy.

Right now, nothing out of the ordinary could be seen on his naked body.

“Crack crack crack!”

It was at this moment the spatial passageway next to Cang Ye suddenly began to spin quickly, accompanied by strange noises.

A trace of impatience colored Cang Ye’s pupils. She seemed to realize that she didn’t have much time left. She tried to activate her darkness powers once more.

Startled, Qin Lie wordlessly unleashed his lifeblood essences once more.

He easily redrew the ancient spirit diagram he had drawn earlier across his body with his lifeblood essences once more.

The twisting lines of bloodline joined together to form an ancient, mysterious and complicated diagram that seemed to contain some sort of absolute truth of the world across his body once more.

The moment the ancient diagram was formed, Qin Lie immediately burned his blood essences and created that strange ripple of energy again.

Cang Ye stared at him in astonishment. Her astonishment turned into shock when she probed around with her soul consciousness.

“Give me a drop of your refined blood. I will leave right away after you do so,” she suddenly said.

“That’s all you need?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“Yes! I need just one drop of your refined blood!” Cang Ye’s impatience grew more and more obvious. “You want to know who your mother is too, right? One drop of your refined blood may very well be enough for the Blaze Family to determine who you really are! If we are fated to meet again, I will tell you who your mother truly is then!”

Qin Lie’s face looked dark and uncertain.

“This temporary spatial passageway is about to collapse!” Cang Ye yelled.

A moment later, Qin Lie rejected her request coldly. “I will find out who my mother is through other means.”

“Ungrateful fool!” As Cang Ye’s eyes turned harsh, she suddenly crouched as if she was about to pounce him.

Qin Lie snorted and activated his bloodline powers, forcefully disrupting the space around this area.

The infinite darkness Cang Ye created suddenly shattered again before it managed to reach Qin Lie.

“Big sis! There’s no time!” A young man’s voice suddenly came through the spatial passageway. “Come back quickly!”

“I’m not letting you escape the next time we meet!” Cang Ye glared at him fiercely before she was forced to fly through the spatial passageway.

The trembling spatial passageway abruptly shattered into light bits of many colors after she went through.

Qin Lie stared at the spot Cang Ye disappeared into and waited for a moment after the spatial passage was destroyed. When he was finally sure that she wouldn’t be returning, Qin Lie abruptly sat down on his rump.

He had nearly used up all of his lifeblood essences to inscribe the ancient spirit diagrams.

The depletion of his bloodline powers made him feel incredibly exhausted. He felt like he could collapse at any moment.

“I can’t believe my blood can be used to inscribe an ancient spirit diagram directly and unleash such level of power! And to think that ‘Breaker’ diagram actually can crush that space of darkness! Are the ancient spirit diagrams truly derived from the laws of the world?”

Qin Lie’s eyes were shining brightly even though he was limp on the ground. He felt like he had just uncovered a treasure trove.

According to Cang Ye, the only way he could resist her Dark Prison was to raise his bloodline to rank seven and use the bit of power of the law in his bloodline to form the Flame Realm.

Earlier, he was shocked to find that everyone of his power and spirit art were unable to function as intended when created inside the Dark Prison.

He shouldn’t have been able to resist Cang Ye at all.

However, when he inscribed the Breaker diagram using his lifeblood essences, his bloodline power was able to shatter the Dark Prison immediately.

He struggled free as a result.

The reason for Cang Ye’s failure to bring him back to God Race’s location was all thanks to the mysterious power of the ancient spirit diagram, Breaker.

Dark Prison was created using a bit of the law contained inside her darkness bloodline, so did that mean that the ancient spirit diagram he inscribed with his blood was able to break through her Dark Prison because it contained the essence of the laws of power?

Did that mean that every ancient spirit diagram inside the Soul Suppressing Orb contained absolute truths of the world that he wasn’t equipped to understand for now?

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