Chapter 1001: Come With Me!

Chapter 1001: Come With Me!

Inside the secret realm, no one other than Qin Lie and Cang Ye of the Darkness Family was still alive.

“The God Race, the Darkness Family, Cang Ye…” Qin Lie hid his shock.

Ever since he learned that the reason the races had entered the chaotic streams of space in attempt to find the path the God Race had escaped with many years ago and to obtain the God Race’s hidden treasures for themselves, he had a feeling that he might run into one of them.

Despite having mentally prepared himself, he still couldn’t help but be shocked when he learned that Cang Ye belonged to the God Race.

It had been twenty thousand years since the God Race had departed from Spirit Realm. No traces of their activity had been found in Spirit Realm during this long period of time.

The God Race had also vanished from the realms surrounding Spirit Realm. They never returned from outer space.

All powerful races thought that the God Race would never return.

After twenty thousand years, even the era when the God Race dominated Spirit Realm had become a distant legend.

Today, after the humans had slowly stabilized their rule over Spirit Realm, the human younglings weren’t even familiar with the God Race anymore. They all thought that the God Race was not as powerful as the legends would suggest.

This was especially true after Qin Lie performed poorly and became the joke of the Central World despite the God Race’s blood that run inside his veins.

His existence fooled everyone into thinking that the God Race wasn’t all that scary and that the legends were exaggerated.

The humans were conquering the surrounding realms non-stop and grew stronger and stronger as they clashed against many powerful races. They had grown so arrogant that they no longer saw the so-called powerful ancient races as a real threat, including the God Race.

Only the longest surviving families who once fought against the God Race in the distant past would know just how scary their enemy truly was.

Even Qin Lie was just starting to realize how powerful the God Race was after his bloodline had awakened.

For example, this woman who called herself Cang Ye of the Darkness Family had activated her bloodline and summoned a tide of darkness that flooded over more than half of the secret realm and devoured all the light within it. This one deadly and merciless attack alone had killed every living person within the secret realm except him and the caster herself. From this, Qin Lie knew that he wasn’t wrong about them.

—The God Race was still the most powerful race in the world!

“If the Blaze Family’s bloodline didn’t run in your veins, your True Soul would’ve been crushed by my bloodline’s power of darkness just like them,” Cang Ye said calmly.

Her eyes behind the sinister mask turned deep and mysterious. It was as if they contained an infinite number of secrets.

“Who in the world are you? Who gave you your bloodline? Also, which human family do you belong to?”

“I have some questions of my own.” Qin Lie frowned deeply as he tried to keep the tidal wave of emotions in he was experiencing in check. “Doesn’t the God Race have a record of my identity? Are you aware that a… woman in the Blaze Family had once copulated with a human surnamed Qin and gave birth to a child?”

Thanks to the various clues he picked up along the way, he was now certain that he belonged to the Qin Family. Qin Shan was his grandfather, and Qin Hao was his father.

But he still didn’t know who his mother was.

The only thing he was certain of was that his mother was a Blaze Family member because of the Blaze Family bloodline inside his veins.

He thought that the God Race would have a record of his identity.

He thought that he could find out his and his mother’s identity through the God Race.

“To my knowledge, we have not interacted with any races on this side after we had left Spirit Realm.” Cang Ye’s eyes were deep. “There are no such record of the copulation between a Blaze Family member and a human either. Your existence… may have been a simple accident.”

“An accident.” Qin Lie’s mind turned blank.

“Back then, not all God Race clansmen had evacuated from Spirit Realm. A few of us had hidden themselves in some hidden realms nearby.” Cang Ye mused out loud. “Perhaps your father had accidentally entered one of this hidden realms and encountered a woman of the Blaze Family. You were born as a result.”

She stared strangely at Qin Lie. “How could you not know who your mother is? Hadn’t your parents told you about the secrets of your origin at all?”

Qin Lie didn’t answer. His face was dark.

“What in the world happened to you?” Cang Ye asked again.

“It’s nothing. Anyway… I don’t know anything about my past.” Qin Lie answered stiffly.

He didn’t want to tell anyone about the fact that he was born in the same body as another soul. That was why he couldn’t provide her with a logical explanation.

“Neither of us knows about the secrets of your origin, but… if you come with me to the God Race’s gathering spot, the Blaze Family should be able to find out who your mother was by inspecting your blood.” Cang Ye paused for a moment before adding, “Why don’t you come with me?”

“I refuse!” Qin Lie turned her down immediately.

Had Cang Ye known about his existence, it would mean that the God Race had a secret agreement with the Qin Family. His birth would’ve been approved and accepted by the God Race.

But Cang Ye didn’t know about him. What’s even worse, she said that his birth was an accident. This meant that his existence wasn’t acknowledged by the God Race.

What would happen if he went to the God Race?

Would he be treated as a human guinea pig?

The God Race had always been proud and conceited, not to mention that the human race was the main force that drove them away. Who knows if the God Race would vent their wrath on him because he was half human?

“That is not up to you to decide.” Cang Ye’s eyes darkened as she snorted coldly. “You must come with me since you possess the God Race’s bloodline. We must know who your mother is before we decide how to deal with you!”

Qin Lie abruptly turned pale.

Infinite darkness surged towards him and flooded him yet again.

Cang Ye obviously realized that he wasn’t going to cooperate with her, and she didn’t have much time to convince him because the temporary spatial passageway was about to collapse. That was why she didn’t want to waste her breath any longer.

She planned to take Qin Lie forcefully with her back to the God Race’s gathering spot. She would then let her people inspect his bloodline and determine his true identity.

Inside the pitch black darkness, his five senses and soul perception were disappearing yet again.

The strange loneliness that made him feel like he was the only person left in the entire world filled his heart once more. It made him feel both desperate and helpless.

He knew that Cang Ye had used her bloodline powers.

Unlike last time, Cang Ye’s bloodline power of darkness was targeted at him on purpose. Terrifying streams of energy wrapped around him like cotton even as infinite darkness flooded over him.

“I won’t go with you!” Qin Lie abruptly yelled.

He did his best to activate his latent ability, transformation.

His black hair turned as red as blood in an instant. His eyes burned like pools of lava as mysterious blaze divine characters rose out of his skin and sparkled brightly.

Even the infinite darkness was unable to sweep away the blaze entirely after his bloodline had erupted.

Even more blaze divine characters gushed out of his body as the darkness attempted to devour the flames.


Qin Lie roared and activated the next latent ability of his bloodline, ignition. Like an erupting volcano, light and fire burst out of his body like fierce rivers.

The cottons of darkness that had enveloped around him earlier exploded due to the eruption.

“Recovery, ignition, transformation. You have all the rare latent abilities at rank six bloodline.” Inside the darkness, Cang Ye muttered to herself in obvious astonishment. “Not even my younger cousin was able to awaken such rare and useful latent abilities at rank six. It looks like your mother is no ordinary person.”

While unleashing everything he had inside his bloodline, Qin Lie also created many dazzling Thunder Lightning Balls with Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

The dim lighting was enough for Qin Lie to determine Cang Ye’s location and throw the thunder balls at her. The Thunder Lightning Balls had erupted upon contact.

In an instant, the thick fog of darkness instantly dispelled the electrical sparks.

“You’re at rank six bloodline, but you also have a human body that can accomodate world spirit energy. You’re now at the middle stage of the Fragmentation Realm, and you wield many different types of spirit arts. Not bad at all,” Cang Ye said in an assessing tone.

Thunder balls, icicles, Blood Weeping Ghost Claws, and all kinds of other spirit arts were channeled and fired madly at Cang Ye.

But Cang Ye ignored them all and walked slowly and steadily towards Qin Lie. Her eyes were mocking him.

“My bloodline’s latent ability is called Dark Prison. It can merge with any realms and form an independent space of darkness of its own.”

“Inside this darkness, I am the ruler of the world. My laws of darkness can bend any power or spirit art to their knees.”

“You cannot harm me inside this Dark Prison unless you escape from here.”

Cang Ye stopped in front of Qin Lie as she said this.

Many black chains spread out like demonic flowers as she extended a hand towards him. They wrapped around Qin Lie and held him tightly.

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