Chapter 1000: The Darkness Family

Chapter 1000: The Darkness Family

Ji Qi looked bewildered.

The survivors were also staring blankly at the sky in astonishment.

The firmament of the secret realm had cracked into pieces and scattered everywhere.

The drastic changes in the sky caused earthshaking explosions to rock the entire realm they were in.

A sea of flame, web of lightning, hail storm, and earthquake had put the secret realm in an extremely precarious situation.

Naturally, Qin Lie falling through the crumbling sky caught everyone’s attention.


There was a loud noise as Qin Lie crashed into the ground. The tremendous impact caused a huge crater to appear in the place of his descent.

While everyone was looking in his direction, Qin Lie walked out of the hole, wearing an odd look on his face.

He suddenly understood why these people had fought on the ground instead of taking it to the sky.

The gravity here was actually several times stronger than even Boluo Realm’s!

Everyone who entered the secret realm was at the Fragmentation Realm or possessed power equal to that of a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

They all had the ability to take flight.

However, the gravity of this place was so powerful that it was like walking with a mountain on one’s back. No one was actually able to hover in midair.

The reason Qin Lie himself wasn’t able to stop his fall and crashed straight into the ground was also because the gravity here was impossibly strong.

“How did you fall from up there?”

Asked a Wood Race member who happened to be standing near where Qin Lie had crashed. His face was covered in exquisite wood-like patterns, and his chest was clad in a cracked wooden armor that had been made with the power of his bloodline..

This Wood Race clansman knew just how scary this secret realm’s gravity was. It was to the point where none of his people or the experts of other races were able to fly for an extended period of time after coming through the spatial entrance.

He was certain that Qin Lie probably didn’t have the ability to detach himself from the gravity of this strange secret realm.

The fact that Qin Lie had fallen from the clouds after the sky had crumbled made him realize that Qin Lie was probably somewhere deep inside the clouds earlier.

He found this difficult to believe.

What on earth did Qin Lie do to fly up to the clouds?

“What is up there?”

Ji Qi suddenly ran over with an extremely serious look on his face. A trace of expectation flashed across his eyes.

Xi Hongze, a couple of human martial practitioners and Asura Race warriors, two giant dragons and three ancient beasts all focused their gazes on him.

At the same time, the woman clad in heavy black armor and sinister-looking mask also walked slowly towards him.

Seeing their common enemy move again made the experts present were immediately put under great pressure.

When they noticed that the woman had changed her target to Qin Lie instead, they all let out a sigh of relief in their minds.

They quietly put some distance between themselves and the woman. A lot of people were moving away as she approached Qin Lie.

“It’s just another secret realm.” Qin Lie glanced at Ji Qi coldly before taunting, “I see that you all are being crushed by a single woman.”

Ji Qi frowned. “She’s powerful; exceedingly powerful. If you think we’re weak then… why don’t you take her on yourself?”

Many of the survivors looked at Qin Lie strangely the moment Ji Qi said this.

Qin Lie’s powerful combat abilities had left a deep impression in every race’s minds back at the spatial passageway’s entrance.

The fact that he had fallen from the sky only served to deepen their astonishment further. They couldn’t wait for him to clash against that terrifying woman and relieve their pressure a little.

That woman had killed too many people already, but they failed to even figure out her origin.

They only knew that she definitely wasn’t human.

“Why don’t you fight her yourself if you think you’re so good?” a member of the Wood Race also taunted Qin Lie.

“Are you all bark and no bite?” a giant dragon yelled.

“It was a one-sided slaughter since she showed up. It is only a matter of time before we’re all killed as long as she’s still alive.” Xi Hongze said with cold eyes, “You have the Spirits of Void and Chaos… maybe you can use them to harm her.”

“The Spirits of Void and Chaos are only extraordinarily powerful inside the chaotic streams of space. This is an independent secret realm, and the Spirits of Void and Chaos cannot unleash their full might.” Ji Qi interrupted before sucking in a deep breath. “She doesn’t have a Soul Altar, so the Spirits of Void and Chaos can’t hurt her seriously by consuming bits of her Soul Altar either.”

Everyone spoke up in attempt to coerce Qin Lie into fighting against the woman in heavy black armor.

They were all devious people. They all noticed that the woman had lost the desire to hunt them down, so they kept talking in hopes of transferring her attention to Qin Lie.

At the same time, they hoped to incite the woman into saying something.

Since the start of the fight, they had been scolding, humiliating, and questioning her origin. However, the woman barely responded or even bothered with them at all, focusing solely in killing.

They hoped to identify the woman through words and think of a way to deal with her after figuring out her identity.

Qin Lie frowned deeply.

The heavily armored woman ignored the noisy crowd and walked leisurely towards Qin Lie.

She stopped when she was just eight meters from him. She stared straight at Qin Lie with her cold, sharp eyes.

A terrifying soul pressure that felt like a tidal wave from the abyss instantly flooded over Qin Lie.

He felt like a boat in the middle of a rampaging sea as the soul pressure enveloped him.

Suddenly, Qin Lie discovered that he was unable to see anything around him. Total darkness had painted his vision completely black.

In that moment, a mysterious concept suddenly spread out from the heavily armored woman.

The light in the entire secret realm rapidly dwindled and vanished in just a short time.

Very soon, every bit of light inside the secret realm was devoured by darkness. Qin Lie wasn’t the only one who couldn’t see a thing. Ji Qi, Xi Hongze and the rest of the survivors could see nothing but darkness as well.

It was as if a light-devouring demon had invaded this secret realm and consumed all the light inside.

The crowd tried to sense their surroundings by extending their soul consciousness.

However, the wisps of soul consciousness they sent out vanished completely like a clay ox that entered the sea.

None of the soul consciousness they sent out had returned. They had broken off from their True Souls.

They spat out blood because of the injury to their souls. They didn’t dare to extend their soul consciousness carelessly after that.

They tried their best to summon all of their strength and protect their bodies with spirit light shields.

The moment the light shields of all kinds of spirit energy attributes were formed, the light they generated were devoured by the darkness as well.

Everyone was stuck inside the darkness.

Qin Lie was not an exception to the rule. All of his perception had become disabled. His five senses and even his soul senses had been lost to darkness.

He couldn’t hear or see anything. He couldn’t sense any other life besides himself...

It was as if he was the only surviving member of this world of pure darkness.

A feeling of helplessness, loneliness, panic, fear, despair and even suicide naturally welled in his heart.

Time became meaningless in such an environment.

He didn’t know how much time had passed.

He didn’t know that the experts not far away from him had slowly lost all signs of life while he had lost control of his own mind.

After what seemed like an entire era later, when he thought that his body had eroded away with time, a bit of light finally entered his vision.

The origin of the light was the heavily armored woman herself.

More light dots began to appear inside the darkness. One, two, countless dots of lights that looked like fireflies covered the world around him.

The era of darkness was swept away by the light.

His five senses and his soul perception finally returned to normal.

He discovered that he was standing right where he was before the darkness had engulfed him. The secret realm hadn’t changed either.

There was one difference, however. He could sense no other lifeforce other than the one emitted by the woman clad in heavy black armor and himself.

He looked around him in astonishment.

Ji Qi, Xi Hongze, the giant dragons, the ancient beasts, the Wood Race… everyone else had passed away.

He was the only one who had survived the attack.

“To think that the pure Blaze Family’s bloodline actually runs in your veins.” Surprise and puzzlement colored the sharp, cold eyes of the armored woman. “You have the body of a human, but the bloodline of the Blaze Family. Moreover, you have a second heart and a rank six bloodline. Who in the world are you?”

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath before asking, “And who are you?”

“My name is Cang Ye. I hail from the Darkness Family,” the woman said with a magnetic voice.

“The Darkness Family? Do you mean the Darkness Family of the God Race?!” Qin Lie exclaimed.

“Correct.” The woman called Cang Ye affirmed coolly.

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