Chapter 100: Heaven Shaking Thunder

Chapter 100: Heaven Shaking Thunder

At the visible edges of the sky, bolt after bolt of thick lightning raged like a crazed dragon, accompanied by heaven-shocking earth-shaking thunder. The sky here was like a purgatory of thunder and lightning.

Xie Jingxuan, who sat atop the Profound Nether Beast, still wore the Blackscale Armor. Originally, she had wanted to leave and report the unfavorable situation that had transpired to Dark Asura Hall so that they could dispatch other people to come over and deal with it.

However, as she watched the sky change, she motioned for the group to stop.

The Na Nuo, Xiong Ba, Tu Ze, and the rest’s faces all displayed with panic as they didn’t quite understand why the thunder and lightning suddenly became so violent. Moreover, they were still in a state of unrest.

By this time, Qin Lie had already begun walking towards the blazing valley, the full sky thunder and lightning following after him.

“Qin Lie! It’s Qin Lie!” exclaimed Na Nuo, who was the first to recover her senses. Her delicate body slightly trembled as the dazzling light of surprise shot out from within her eyes.

Tu Ze and Xiong Ba’s expressions also quivered as their line of sight, along with the line of sight of the generals of Dark Asura Hall, all landed on Qin Lie’s body, which advanced step by step into the valley.

The fiercely burning flames seemingly had little effect on Qin Lie as he unexpectedly entered the valley without issue.

The heavenly lightning above their heads began to converge above the valley from all sides. A bolt of twisting lightning which looked like a flying dragon was discharged from the sky, rapidly shooting down like a silver chain.

An earth-moving mountain-shaking roar immediately emanated out from within the valley.

“Gao Yu?” whispered Zhuo Qian as she slightly furrowed her brows, her pretty face full of uncertainty. “What’s wrong?”

Everyone all looked over.

All they saw was Gao Yu’s trembling body and his colorless face. His dark, ice-cold eyes were filled with fear and unrest as he backed up step by step towards the outskirts, becoming increasingly tense with every passing moment.

“There are packs of spirit beasts out there!” hurriedly and loudly reminded Tu Ze after a moment “Once you move into the midst of a spirit beast horde, it will be very hard to calmly deal with it. Stop backing up!”

Gao Yu ignored Tu Ze’s reminder, still proceeding further and further away.

He could feel the deep terror from the giant demon soul within his Ogre-faced Rings...

He finally understood why the giant demon mirage that had formed earlier urged him to stay as far away from Qin Lie as possible and it wanted him to go to the outskirts of the valley earlier.

The giant demon mirage was extremely afraid of the thunder and lightning which descended from the depths of the Ninth Heaven. The heavenly thunder and wild lightning was precisely its bane, able to instantly turn it to ashes where not even the slightest trace of it would remain.


Heavenly thunder incessantly rumbled, causing Gao Yu’s soul to tremble with instinctive fear.

He gradually understood that, following his years of cultivation of the Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record, his soul was different from normal people’s. His soul was terrified of thunder and lightning. If he was ever not cautious and struck by the heavenly lightning which descended from the sky, he would suffer severe injuries, perhaps even to the point where his soul would dissipate.

Thunder and lightning were the bane of all evil ghosts as it was able to exterminate evil...

“Now I understand.” Gao Yu lowered his head, his expression weird and undecipherable. “I, who have cultivated the Nine Hell Wandering Soul Record and wield the Ogre-faced Rings, am no different from the giant demon mirage… We are both heretical, and thus we are terrified of it.”

Ignoring Tu Ze and Zhuo Qian’s efforts to dissuade him, Gao Yu left by himself amidst everyone’s shocked gazes.

A spirit beast suddenly roared from the direction Gao Yu had left to. Everyone looked over. Tu Ze swore and was about to go and assist, but was stopped by Zhuo Qian.

“Don’t go,” said Zhuo Qian, shaking her head. “There are at least ten rank two spirit beasts out there and around three hundred Rank Ones. If we end up surrounded by them, we will have essentially no chance of surviving or breaking out. Gao Yu can form a Demon God’s shadow and should have ways of protecting himself. Don’t go out there seeking your death.”

Tu Ze stopped, and after silently pondering for a few seconds, he slightly nodded.

“Miss?” asked Liang Zhong, requesting instructions.

Xie Jingxuan made a silent gesture as she sat high above on top of the Profound Nether Beast, then closed her eyes.

An extremely obvious fluctuation of mind energy spilled out from her body and rippled towards the blazing valley.

Within the valley.

Qin Lie’s body was completely enveloped by serene blue lightning and the sound of rumbling thunder surrounded him as he walked amidst the vast sea of flames.

He suddenly raised his head to look at the thunder and lightning raging in the sky. Then, after pondering for a moment, he shouted, “Come!”

He focused all the energy he could muster towards channeling Heavenly Thunder Eradication.

The energy of thunder and lightning within his body’s acupoints, bones, muscles, veins, and flesh wildly surged towards the spirit sea within his dantian, agitating his spirit sea and causing waves to billow across it as purified spirit energy mixed with thunder and lightning energy.

His body, which had been stripped of all thunder and lightning, became exposed amidst the blazing valley and began to act like a giant magnet.

—A magnet which attracted all of the thunder and lightning that had yet to enter.

“...Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body. So the first step of forming Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, the very first stage, actually requires one to withstand the wild and crazed tempering of thunder and lightning.”

A boom echoed within Qin Lie’s mind as he raised his head towards the sky, his eyes blazing.

“Booom! Boooom!”

Bolt after bolt of lightning emerged from within the depths of the clouds, amalgamating above Qin Lie’s head. Like a dragon it quickly rushed down, directly striking his body which was amidst the sea of fire.

“Bzzt bzzt bzzt!”

As the lightning descended into the valley, the Soul Devouring Beast’s black, mushroom shaped soul fragments started to emit dense smoke.

The moment one of the Soul Devouring Beast’s soul fragments made contact with a bolt of lightning, it would immediately disperse like dissipating smoke. Unexpectedly, all the fragments disappeared within a short moment.

The Soul Devouring Beast itself felt pain penetrate the depths of its soul as it crazily howled, startled by the heavenly lightning.

But it definitely didn’t dare to approach Qin Lie.

“Bang bang bang!”

The stone pillars beside Qin Lie were all crushed to pieces by the heavenly thunder. The sky became filled with rocks flying around and flowers of fire as the Eight Extreme Trigram Fire Formation was once again damaged.

“Th-this is all caused by that little guy?” Outside the valley, Xiong Ba looked up at the sky, his expression startled and pale. “The thunder and lightning from within the depths of the clouds can overthrow the heavens and extinguish the earth, able to cleanse the world of all evil! How can he attract such a terrifying power?”

The people of the Crimson Flame Association were all extremely frightened as they looked at the burning valley.

Within the sky, there were at least several hundred parallel bolts of lightning, all as thick as a person’s waist. With a glance, it was as if there were several-hundred, long electric dragons wildly twisting above.

A heaven and earth shattering sound of thunder echoed amidst the sky, causing many of the stone pillars within this part of the stone forest to explode.

“Bang bang bang!”

In the surrounding area, mountains collapsed and the earth opened. After being struck by the thunder, the stone pillars all instantly turned to dust and were blown away.

Such terrifying and heavenly might caused everyone’s expressions to become extremely pale, as if they were about to face the coming of doomsday. It caused all of their souls to tremble in unrest.

“Is it because of Qin Lie? Holy shit. H-how can he fill the sky with thunder and lightning?” At this time, Water Moon Sect’s Little Sparrow looked towards the burning valley, her delicate body incessantly trembling as she said, “He’s too terrifying. This manner, this activity, it’s like he wants to destroy heaven and earth. It’s even several times more terrifying than the Demon God’s shadow that Gao Yu summoned earlier!”

“I had originally thought that Gao Yu was already terrifying enough. I never would have thought that this person would be even more unrealistic. Each person is truly more abnormal than the previous!” Na Nuo’s expression was slightly cold as she inwardly determined that in the future, she would absolutely not provoke Qin Lie and Gao Yu and she would try to maintain a good relationship with Nebula Pavilion. Lest the two freaks fix their gazes on her, resulting in a wicked fate for her.

“Miss, the Eight Extreme Trigram Fire Formation is about to collapse!” exclaimed Liang Zhong, his face sinking.

Xie Jingxuan did not panic. Instead, it was the opposite as a trace of joy emerged within her eyes.

“That’s not a problem. The heavenly lightning is much more effective at killing the Soul Devouring Beast than the fire. As long as Qin Lie is near the Soul Devouring Beast, even just somewhat close, then the Soul Devouring Beast will have a very hard time escaping.

As if he had heard her words, Qin Lie, who had been standing still, suddenly began to move.

He walked towards the Soul Devouring Beast.

As he proceeded, thunder incessantly boomed around him as lightning submerged itself within his body.

His steps were unsteady as he swayed along, and he seemed to be in a somewhat difficult position because his body trembled every time he was struck by lightning or thunder.

However, his body never fell and his steps never stopped. He continued approaching the Soul Devouring Beast.

Right by him was the mouth of the cold spring which the Soul Devouring Beast lived in!


The Soul Devouring Beast, which was on the verge of breaking through to the next rank, began to clamor wildly, trying to intimidate Qin Lie so that he would retreat in the face of danger.

However, Qin Lie didn’t pay it any attention.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Two bolts of lightning as thick as an arm suddenly descended upon the Soul Devouring Beast’s enormous, mountain-like body of flesh. The pimples on its body all began to simultaneously emit smoke, and while the fluctuations of its life force surged, it was clear that it was somewhat exhausted.

It continued to howl wildly as if it didn’t dare to leave the cold spring. It could only unleash more evil mind attacks in an attempt to control more people like Yan Ziqian and Feng Kai. Not only that, it also tried to control Qin Lie’s soul.

A wisp of ice cold consciousness, like an awl, directly lunged towards Qin Lie’s soul.

This fluctuation was condensed from the greater half of the Soul Devouring Beast’s mind and consciousness. If Qin Lie was struck by this attack, his soul would immediately collapse and perish.

As if it felt the threat, the Soul Suppressing Orb, which was hidden between Qin Lie’s brows, suddenly appeared like a third eye.


The mind energy of the Soul Devouring Beast had just arrived in front of Qin Lie when it suddenly and inexplicably dissipated.

The Soul Suppressing Orb was like a black pupil as it seemed to glowed for a moment while facing the head of the Soul Devouring Beast...

“Boom boom boom!”

Ten bolts of heavenly lightning, as if a hand were dragging them, explosively descended, all of them striking the Soul Devouring Beast’s forehead.

Instantly, its head split open, revealing flesh. The lightning had fried the beast and caused pus and blood to flow out from all of the pimples on its body, resulting in a disgusting smell saturating the entire valley as the poisonous gas spread everywhere.

A toad-shaped ghost suddenly flew out from within its head, and as soon as this ghost appeared, all of the nearby soul fragments, like homing sparrows, all hurriedly flew towards it.

That was the main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast!

The jade green eyes of the toad shaped ghost were distantly glaring at Qin Lie as it tried to remember Qin Lie within the depths of its heart so that it could take revenge one day in the future.

“Not good! The Soul Devouring Beast has given up on breaking through and wants to escape through its soul!” shouted Xie Jingxuan.

The Profound Nether Beast beneath her suddenly flew out.

Like a pillar of smoke, the Profound Nether Beast brought her with it as it rushed into the intensely burning valley. Her scythe which was even longer than her body was once again within her grasp.

As the intense flames extended over the dark light atop the Blackscale Armor that she wore condensed into a layer of essence, it magically turned into a gray sheet of light which covered her.

The cover of light crackled as it helped fend off the intensely burning flames, allowing her to calmly use her energy on the Soul Devouring Beast to help Qin Lie fight against it.

“If the main soul of the Soul Devouring Beast escapes, as long as it can attach itself to another spirit body, it can recover. This kind of vicious beast from the Nether Battlefield isn’t very dependant on its flesh. As long as its soul is strong enough, it can easily find a new body. Thus, its main soul must be extinguished, otherwise there will be endless trouble!”

Xie Jingxuan shouted as the scythe within her hand was suddenly thrown out. The scythe was like a rainbow circling the world as it flew towards the Soul Devouring Beast’s main soul, carrying an extremely sharp aura.

Enduring the attacks of thunder and lightning, Qin Lie’s steps staggered as he continued approaching the Soul Devouring Beast.

Between his eyebrows, the Soul Suppressing Orb shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. It looked like a small mole as it turned into something which wasn’t eye catching.

The Soul Suppressing Orb which now looked like a small mole was still directed towards the Soul Devouring Beast, as if it had locked onto it...

Several more bolts of thunderous lightning once again descended, striking the Soul Devouring Beast’s vile soul. During this moment, all of the soul fragments which had fused with the Soul Devouring Beast’s main soul all turned into smoke and dissipated.

The Soul Devouring Beast’s soul quickly withered.

Its main soul seemed to be extremely anxious and panicked as it continuously struggled in an attempt to leave the valley as quickly as possible.

However, its main soul seemed to be deeply stuck in a mire. The more it struggled, the tighter it was stuck in place. There was no way for it to leave the valley.

At this time, Xie Jingxuan’s scythe, like a rainbow, directly struck the Soul Devouring Beast’s main soul.

Unexpectedly, the Soul Devouring Beast which had been unable to escape, upon being struck by the scythe, mysteriously disappeared all of a sudden, as if it had suddenly turned invisible.

“This…” Xie Jingxuan’s pupils quivered as her expression immediately became shaken, shouting, “Come out!”

The scythe which was suspended in the sky quickly circled around and flew back towards her, passing by the raging flames.

Surprisingly, Xie Jingxuan didn’t dare go over to retrieve it, instead immediately covering her ears and closing her eyes as she bitterly resisted something...

The scythe quickly contracted, becoming the size of an arm in the blink of an eye as it firmly descended into the palm of her hand. As soon as her hand touched the scythe, her movingly beautiful body suddenly stiffened.

After quite a while, her eyes opened again, and within one of her eyes, a blurry toad shaped soul which looked like the Soul Devouring Beast emerged.

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