Chapter 998: Conquering The Seventh Veluriyam Obelisk

Jiang Chen didn’t think that Ji San’s actions were inappropriate. His brother had no way to contact Jiang Chen while the latter had been in seclusion. Challenging the seventh obelisk was the natural course for Ji San as he was was ranked in the third quadrant and didn’t have much time left in the Pagoda. He would’ve been ejected by now if he wasn’t granted six more months after grasping the sixth obelisk. He’d succeeded in challenging the seventh obelisk with whatever time he had left. Jiang Chen was genuinely happy for him.

It seems Brother Ji’s assimilation of the true dragon’s blood has gone perfectly. I’m certain he has broken through to emperor realm by now and awakened another part of his heritage memories. It’s given him a great boost in both his martial knowledge and martial dao realm. Grasping the seventh obelisk was only the natural next step.

Ji San was granted one more year after comprehending the seventh obelisk. He now had more time to cultivate within the Pagoda.

Brother Ji is...

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