Chapter 996: The Sole Regret in Breaking Through to Emperor Realm

Passing the sixth Veluriyam Obelisk had given young master Ji San another six months of time within the Pagoda. The same went for Jiang Chen, added to the two years he was originally eligible for. Time had suddenly become far more abundant. However, the other geniuses in Ji San’s percentile from the Ranking of Young Lords had run out of time. The ones that still remained in the Veluriyam Pagoda were either recipients of bonus time or originally eligible for a year or more. The top-ranked geniuses from the Ranking of Young Lords, to a one, had no intention of continuing to challenge the obelisks for the moment.

Li Jiancheng had retired into seclusion to cultivate further. The other three split themselves among the two other secret realms. Staying here had little benefit aside from pure cultivation. But they couldn’t just head straight for the seventh obelisk. All of them had enough basic self-awareness to know that doing so now would only end in tragedy. 

Instead, they sought inspiration in the other two secret realms. There had to be a reason for all three secret realms...

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