Chapter 993: Stunning Comprehension

As expected, the sixth obelisk was much more difficult than its predecessor. The four great geniuses weren’t too surprised to see Jiang Chen still in the running either. They had already considered him as their equal. However, the sight of Ji San beside him raised some contemptuous eyebrows. In their mind, he was not qualified to challenge the sixth obelisk. But when they considered the fact that Ji San was only in the third quartile of the rankings, they understood where he was coming from. He didn't have that much time left. This was worth the gamble. His time would be extended by another six months if he somehow managed to pass.

“Brother Ji, cast away useless thoughts. Focus on what is ahead of you,” Jiang Chen advised.

The contents of the sixth obelisk seemed rather easy at first glance. It was a calligraphy piece that contained no more than 200 words. However, each and every word seemed to contain some sort of profound intent. To complicate things, when linked together, the profoundness of the intent multiplied exponentially....

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