Chapter 991: Five In a Row

How would anyone fail to discern that Emperor Vastsea’s apparently plain question was filled with malice to the core? That was obvious to Emperor Peafowl. A conservative prediction was no good. If Pill King Zhen was anything short of remarkable, then why had the emperor made him young lord in the first place? Too much optimism was dangerous as well, though. If Jiang Chen suddenly failed because of either inattentiveness or happenstance, it was possible that the emperor would be secretly ridiculed for making too much of an early call. Therefore, Emperor Peafowl chose not to give a fixed conclusion. He stuck to the facts, and nothing but the facts.

Emperor Vastsea laughed. “Daoist Peafowl, it seems that you have high hopes for that young man. Challenging the eighth Veluriyam Obelisk? You must feel that he’s the best we’ve gotten in five thousand years.”

Emperor Peafowl returned the laughter. “You’re certainly a master of conclusions, Brother Vastsea. There are many unpredictable factors in one’s ability to even advance to the eighth Obelisk. Can you say for sure which...

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