Chapter 990: Breaking Through Forcefully, Leaving Others in the Dust

The personalities of the young lords began to surface now that they were forced to make a choice. Those prudent and cautious chose to give up the challenge. They would stay and cultivate. Those focused on improvement continued to stride forward. The majority chose to continue, including those at the bottom of the ranks. Almost everyone at the top of the ranks chose to continue as well.

They were obviously enticed by the Six Palaces of Heritage. Why would any of the geniuses from the Ranking of Young Lords think that they were inferior to others? The top ten were the biggest proponents of this mindset. All of them believed that they were favored by the gods, and that their potential was limitless. For all they knew, they might be the destined genius.

In the world of martial dao, there wasn’t a single genius who lacked confidence. Moreover, there were all kinds of fortuitous encounters, so one could never know if they would eventually have the last laugh. A head...

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