Chapter 99: Changes in the Hall of Healing (Teaser)

Chapter 99: Changes in the Hall of Healing

Qiao Baishi’s heart was full of wryness. His gaze was filled with some bitterness as he swept his eyes across these people’s faces.

These were his colleagues in the Hall of Healing? These were his so-called brothers in life and death?

When the Heavenly Karma Pill, Vast Ocean Pill, and One Buddha Powder were produced and available on shelves, what attitude did these people have? Each of them couldn’t keep their mouths closed from laughing so much, praising that he was wise and brilliant and had accomplished a great service for the Hall.

But now, how short of a time had it been until it had all been forgotten? They could easily distort the facts just because the Duke of Soaring Dragon had risen to power, and twist all of his previous achievements into crimes.

One had to know that the profit the Hall of Healing had gained from these three medicines in the past couple of months was profit they would have had to previously earn over three years.

This was to say that the profits of the Hall of Healing had increased manyfold in a short period of time.

This didn’t even take into account future anticipated revenue -- and that could all be estimated.

Qiao Baishi’s heart grew cold as he said remotely, “If you thought I was wrong, then why didn’t you speak up earlier? How come you didn’t object when we originally...

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