Chapter 989: The Six Palaces of Heritage

Jiang Chen turned in his answer on the fifteenth day and successfully passed the test. He had been the fastest among the young lords in the first and second obelisk test. The outside world had waited in anticipation for his next achievement. Unfortunately, it took him until the fifteenth day to pass the third test. This greatly diminished the crowd’s enthusiasm.

“It seems that young lord Zhen is still limited by his cultivation level. His observation skills isn’t up to par for the analytical test.”

“Heh. That’s to be expected right? How can the other geniuses compete if he excels at everything?”  

Emperor Peafowl smiled without saying a word. He didn’t seem fazed by the results. In fact, he suspected that Jiang Chen had taken such a long time on purpose. Of course, nobody could really know for sure as Jiang Chen hadn’t emerged yet. The three obelisk tests were merely a preliminary test, but some were already eliminated at this stage. Six cultivators...

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