Chapter 988: The Opening of the Magnetic Golden Mountain

The third obelisk required a high amount of technical knowledge. Simply put, it was a test of observation skills. A third party would have a clearer view of the fight and see things in more detail. ‘Those closely involved cannot see as clearly as an onlooker’ was a saying that best described the situation.

However, exchanges were over in a split second. Failing to grasp the complexity of the moves within such a short amount of time was normal. Finding a critical moment was relatively easy, especially when one could watch the image again and again from the view of a third party. However, finding all three critical moments was at another level of difficulty. Finding the first one was relatively easy, but the second one was twice as difficult. Finding all three, however, ramped up the difficulty by several multitudes. Those who used up more time in the previous two obelisks would definitely be short of time in the third one. This would limit their performance to a certain extent. The test wasn’t too difficult for Jiang Chen, though. After all, his power of...

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