Chapter 987: The Astounding Young Lord Zhen

The scenes kept flickering until they locked onto this astounding genius. “It’s number 8… number 8… isn’t that Pill King Zhen?”

The seven emperors might not have remembered anyone else’s number, but who wouldn’t remember the genius behind number eight? The darkest of all horses from the Genius Rankings, having won his eighth rank on the Ranking of Young Lords after thoroughly trouncing Gao Zhan with flair.

Pill King Zhen! This was a name deeply branded into every one of their minds. Emperor Peafowl designating the pill king as his heir afterwards had raised an even greater furor amongst them. It had shocked and stunned many of the emperors and made the Capital erupt in jubilation.

“Haha, Daoist Peafowl, your eye for talent is as keen as ever. Pill King Zhen is indeed an uncommon genius,” Emperor Mountaincrush spoke with obvious admiration.

Emperor Skysplitter also sighed. “Daoist Peafowl...

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