Chapter 986: The Three Secret Realms

The geniuses of the seven great emperors had once again gathered and were awaiting further instructions. Those chosen for the Pill and Martial Pagoda had already gone on, while the thirty-six slated for the main pagoda were still waiting. Jiang Chen knew that the seven emperors were intending to pay their respects to the main pagoda first.

The main pagoda was a structure that symbolized the Capital and was considered its sacred legacy. A solemn ceremony needed to be performed for each entrance, with all sorts of omens appearing after the ceremony. These omens also decided some of the specifics relating to the main pagoda’s opening. It took about an hour for the seven emperors to bring the ceremony to a close. When they exited the main pagoda, their expressions were curiously uniform with surprise and serendipity. It was an easy guess that the augury within the pagoda had gone fairly well. There was no alternative explanation for the coordinated joy of the seven emperors otherwise.

All of the geniuses present felt a certain degree of anticipation. What could have made the seven lofty emperors so happy? Did they foretell something...

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