Chapter 985: Plumscore Monarch

Jiang Chen didn’t think much of it when others called him a hero of Veluriyam Capital. However, he felt some embarrassment when the little girl said the same thing. He had made some good contributions to Veluriyam Capital, but he knew very well that none of them were worthy of him being hailed a hero. Plumscore Monarch was obviously surprised by Jiang Chen’s sudden visit, but she wasn’t an apologetic sort of person.

“Young lord Zhen, I had my doubts and voiced my opposition when His Majesty made your heir. With that being said, you are welcome to prove me wrong with your actions. I will not oppose your succession just for the sake of opposition. As long as you prove yourself worthy, I will offer you more support than anyone else. There’s no ulterior motive behind my words, simply that Sacred Peafowl Mountain needs an exceptional successor.” She was very cold and straightforward. If others had tried to convey such words to him, they might’ve said it in a more tactful manner to soften the blow. However, words that she delivered were forever...

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