Chapter 984: Nian'er

Jiang Chen had paved the road for the future. Gouyu and Xue Tong were put in charge of the slaves and allocating work. Jiang Chen also gave them the full management rights to every slave. They were flattered by his trust in both of them, but they also felt quite pressured. Jiang Chen didn’t meddle much with matters relating to the slaves. In fact, he distanced himself from the management of the entire residence. Gouyu and Xue Tong were in charge of everything. Two days had already passed and there was only one preparation day left. Since Jiang Chen was already fully prepared, he decided to go for a stroll around Sacred Peafowl Mountain while there was still time. He was, after all, still new here. 

He decided to pay some of the elders a visit before he had to leave for the main pagoda. He visited the four monarchs, some high-ranked Peafowl Guard officers, and Elder Gu Yu, who was from the same generation as Emperor Peafowl. They were the ones who were supposed to visit him now that he was young lord. However, they decided against it, as they didn’t want to disturb...

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