Chapter 983: The Courteousness and Dignity of a Young Lord

Lin Ming toiled tirelessly once he realized that young lord Zhen didn’t bear any grudges against him. Moreover, the young lord had even told him to get to know Wei Jie more. It was an indication that the boss was tacitly accepted by the young lord. This incredibly motivated Lin Ming, and he even brought all of his most trusted men with him to personally escort the newly purchased slaves to Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

Jiang Chen had Xue Tong and the others await Lin Ming’s arrival at the entrance of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. The slaves were subdued, so Jiang Chen didn’t need to worry that they might rebel against their masters. After all, the Peafowl Guard could easily eliminate them at any moment’s notice. However, the slaves were still at the mercy of their owners even without the guards. This was because their ownership jade tokens were in their owner’s hands. The owner need only break the tokens in half to activate the restrictions within their consciousness. Their mind would then collapse, instantly killing them. The slaves...

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