Chapter 982: An Immensely Respectful Lin Ming

When they arrived at Lin Ming’s store, Xue Tong, Guo Jin and the other attendants stayed outside. Clearly, they didn’t want anyone to disturb the young lord.

“Friends, there’s no need to stand guard,” Lin Ming offered a placatory smile. “My people will keep all the busybodies out.”

Xue Tong shook his head coolly. “Just keep our young lord happy, Boss Lin. There’s no need to be concerned about us.”

The guardsman had small-town origins, but even he knew how to rely on his master’s influence. Because of the young lord’s rise in status, Xue Tong naturally became more assured as a result. The mild statement was practically inviolate to its listener. The only thing Lin Ming could do was to keep smiling. “Well then, I’ll leave the hard work to you. Please excuse me.”

These people weren’t particularly strong in terms of prowess, but they were indubitably those that young lord Zhen trusted most. Why would he have brought them instead of the Peafowl Guard otherwise? Lin Ming couldn’t offend any of these people, either. It was better to get on their good side. The quartet of Xue Tong, Guo Jin, and the Qiao brothers stood at the door like quadruplet gatekeepers. Despite their lack of actual ability, their very...

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