Chapter 981: The Influence of a Young Master

The Fish and Dragon District was a quagmire of a place. Jiang Chen had no desire to stay there for long, nor did he want to bring a group of pretty girls there in any capacity. Thankfully, a man of his current station was unlikely to encounter any problems. The last time he’d come here, he’d been accompanied by Wei Jie. Despite that, he hadn’t been taken very seriously by most of the people they’d come across. Back then, House Wei had still been a typical ninth-rank house on the brink of destitution. It was the very definition of insignificant. This time, Jiang Chen wasn’t bringing anyone notable with him on his revisit. Both Wei Jie and Ji San were as busy as he for the next short while, having to make various preparations before entering the Veluriyam Pagoda. Nobody in their right mind would waste the three days of prep time allotted to them. These two were no exception.

Moreover, given Jiang Chen’s current prominence in Veluriyam Capital, there was no one here that would dare lay a hand on him. The burning ire of Emperor Shura’s faction could not manifest itself either....

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