Chapter 980: The Main Pagoda's Secret

Emperor Peafowl laughed. Was he searching for a needle in a haystack? How could there be such a big coincidence? Was every person from the Myriad Domain supposed to know Dan’er?  He was certain Jiang Chen didn’t know who Dan’er was after seeing his expression.

“Your Majesty, do you have information that’s more substantial?”

Emperor Peafowl smiled wryly. “She refuses to tell me anything. She only told me that she’s from the Myriad Domain. Her identity, background, and the sect she originated from are all but a mystery to me.” 

“She’s probably a girl who’s suffered heartbreak.” Jiang Chen sighed gently.

Emperor Peafowl shook his head. “No she hasn’t. Her heart still seems to be occupied by a man who I imagine is the father to her daughter. I wonder how many tragedies like hers have occured due to the destruction of the Myriad Domain? To think that the Eternal Celestial Capital is behind all this suffering.” 

Emperor Peafowl knew not of Dan’er’s origins, but his instincts told him that the man in Dan’er’s heart had probably lost his life during the destruction of the Myriad Domain. Dan’er had shut herself off to the outside...

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