Chapter 979: Miss Dan'er

The two walked outside and headed for the rear mountain. Zhou Yan sighed as he looked down at the residence. “Senior brother Zhen, you probably don’t know that this is the residence His Majesty lived in when he was young. No one’s lived here since. Even senior brother Fan didn’t have the honor of living here.”

“Oh?” Jiang Chen had no idea. Cloudsoar Monarch certainly hadn’t mentioned it to him.

“Haha, His Majesty has high hopes for you. Higher, I think, than what he’d had for senior brother Fan. Many people believe that my choice of master is unfortunate. If I weren’t studying under Emperor Peafowl, perhaps I would have been another emperor’s heir. Understandably, there’s no shortage of provocations both open and concealed… they want to make me jealous.” Zhou Yan laughed as he said this. He glanced at Jiang Chen before he went on. “To tell the truth, I do feel a little frustrated. However, just like I said onstage, my feelings of relief are far stronger. There’s no one else in my position. I always have a powerful genius that I can challenge just in front of me, a mountain that I can try to climb. Don’t you agree...

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