Chapter 978: Taking Up Residence in Sacred Peafowl Mountain

Jiang Chen had no plans to bring Liu Wencai and Lu Yali with him. The former, especially, would benefit from further tempering in the outside world. Though talented, Liu Wencai lacked a certain degree of necessary experience. Jiang Chen had no need of his assistance around Taiyuan Tower. The only task he delegated to the budding swordsman was for Liu Wencai to refine his own strength. The quicker he unearthed his talents and perfected his skills, the better. Jiang Chen firmly believed that Liu Wencai had it in him and that hee would pull it off sooner or later.

Fatty Lu Yali, on the other hand, was decidedly average in all aspects. His potential was far outstripped by Liu Wencai’s. Jiang Chen gave him a post at Taiyuan Tower that was both comfortable and had a little authority. It served as a place to stay and was a comfortable arrangement. The little fatty did not have any particularly lofty goals. He was quite happy with this kind of lifestyle. Because Taiyuan Tower was on the path to become Veluriyam Capital’s leading pill faction, his own status would increase accordingly. He was living much more enjoyably than he had been at Myriad Spirit Sect, at any rate.


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