Chapter 977: Who Stays And Who Goes

“Huang’er, I’ve neglected you during this time.” Jiang Chen looked at Huang’er as the two were alone in the rear gardens of Taiyuan Tower. He always let his guard down around her.

Huang’er smiled delightfully. “I’ve been so happy during this time, seeing your momentum on the stage and witnessing everyone’s support and love for you. I’m deeply touched as well.”

She wasn’t exaggerating. She’d seen a great deal of exemplary geniuses during her time on Myriad Abyss Island. However, Huang’er had never cared for any of those so-called geniuses. She’d always felt that they were somehow frivolous. Jiang Chen didn’t have a hint of that at all. He had the unique charisma of a young man that was indescribable, but it helped him win over whoever he encountered. He always occupied the limelight no matter where he was, becoming a central figure and venerated by all. In Eastern Kingdom, he’d been one that fought to save the kingdom against all odds. He’d been a kingmaker in the shadows in Skylaural Kingdom, offering critical help for fourth prince Ye Rong. In the...

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