Chapter 977: Who Stays And Who Goes

“Huang’er, I’ve neglected you during this time.” Jiang Chen looked at Huang’er as the two were alone in the rear gardens of Taiyuan Tower. He always let his guard down around her.

Huang’er smiled delightfully. “I’ve been so happy during this time, seeing your momentum on the stage and witnessing everyone’s support and love for you. I’m deeply touched as well.”

She wasn’t exaggerating. She’d seen a great deal of exemplary geniuses during her time on Myriad Abyss Island. However, Huang’er had never cared for any of those so-called geniuses. She’d always felt that they were somehow frivolous. Jiang Chen didn’t have a hint of that at all. He had the unique charisma of a young man that was indescribable, but it helped him win over whoever he encountered. He always occupied the limelight no matter where he was, becoming a central figure and venerated by all. In Eastern Kingdom, he’d been one that fought to save the kingdom against all odds. He’d been a kingmaker in the shadows in Skylaural Kingdom, offering critical help for fourth prince Ye Rong. In the Precious Tree Sect, he was a top genius that directly affected the sect’s fortunes. In the Regal Pill Palace, even the palace head depended on him. When the sect had fallen and the palace head’s whereabouts unknown, only he had survived and had searched high and low, rescuing many fellow disciples and leaving behind a spark of hope for the sect.

Now at Veluriyam Capital, Jiang Chen was once again the center of attention, whether in House Wei or later taking the field for Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Later on in the desolate wildlands, his every move had unknowingly impacted an entire region and even a race’s fortunes. This level fo charisma was able to impact the greater picture with everything he did.

“Huang’er, I’m afraid I’ll have to move to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Will you go with me?” Jiang Chen asked gently.

Huang’er laughed softly, her gaze clear and pure. “I’ll be with you wherever you go. I’ll be by your side even up mountains of blades and oceans of fire.” Her tone was genuine and sincere. Although soft, it was suffused with moving resolution. The two locked eyes, time seeming to stop in this moment. Everything in the world seemed to be holding its breath.


In a secret room Taiyuan Tower, Ling Xiao and Ling Hui’er were arguing over something. The girl was much different from her older sister, Ling Bi’er. The younger sister had a cute and innocent personality suffused with a few hints of stubbornness.

“Daddy, I’m senior brother Jiang’s junior sister. Why can’t I go with him to Sacred Peafowl Mountain?” Ling Hui’er pouted as her chest heaved, her cheeks pink with emotional exertion. 

Ling Su smiled smiled wryly. He knew that his younger daughter had simple thoughts and had been spoiled throughout her entire life, making her a bit oblivious to how the world worked.

“Hui’er, your senior brother Jiang bears great responsibility after moving to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. It won’t do to follow him. Not to mention, Miss Huang’er…” Ling Su sighed. He was well aware that both of his daughters quite liked Jiang Chen, but the youth already had such an outstanding Miss Huang’er by his side. Even with his wide breadth of experience and pride in his excellent daughters, he had to admit that Miss Huang’er’s bearing was one that of which no other could reach. His daughters may have feelings, but they were doomed to not receive any reciprocation. 

Perhaps his innocently naive younger daughter wouldn’t do much as she didn’t understand much of relations between man and woman, but his older daughter would never falter or waver once she’d given her heart. Therefore, he was more worried about Ling Bi’er. Because her personality was colder and her self pride stronger, she was more restrained as well and would keep these matters to herself. When it came to love, she would only fall deeper with the passage of time. 

Ling Su knew that matters of the heart were the most difficult to resolve. He was powerless even though he was their father. Therefore, he wanted to convince Ling Hui’er not to go to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Time would make everything distant. But judging from her attitude, she would go no matter what.

“Daddy, big sister Huang’er’s not going to eat me. Besides, we’re of the same sect as senior brother Jiang. It’s completely natural and fine if he takes us with him. Why would big sister Huang’er protest?” Ling Hui’er continued.

Ling Su felt a headache throb as he dealt with this daughter who thought too simply. “Hui’er, some things must be avoided. Miss Huang’er and your senior brother Jiang are already a couple and are dao partners. Don’t you think she’ll take it amiss if you just follow her like this?” Ling Su decided to lay things out clearly for his daughter. He knew that she had a one track mind and likely wouldn’t even understand why her father was opposing this course of action if he didn’t explain things.

Ling Hui’er widened her eyes and looked at her father in confusion. “Daddy, you seriously are conservative! I’m not going to steal big sister Huang’er’s man, why would she take it amiss? Besides, isn’t it common or a man to have multiple dao partners in the world of martial dao?”

“You!!” Ling Su suddenly discovered that he was at a loss for words. His daughter wasn’t just your typical straightforward, single-minded person. A man with multiple dao partners? Ling Su grinned ruefully. Judging from his daughter’s tone, she didn’t mind sharing her man with another at all. It was rather the parent who couldn’t accept this. He wanted to protest, but couldn’t say anything. Disagree? Force her to stay? 

Girls couldn’t be kept at home once they grew up, and his stubborn daughter might break out into a tantrum if he use strong methods to force her to stay. By then, something rather innocuous would become part of the Capital’s gossip mill.

Support her? Ling Su doted on his two daughters the most in this life. If two girls wanted to share a husband, he’d manage to bear it as Jiang Chen really was extraordinary. But… he didn’t dare think further. He readily admitted that Jiang Chen was very distinguished. So exemplary that he wanted to marry off his daughter to the lad straight away to tie down this son-in-law. However, reason told him that the lad already had a dao partner and the two very much in love. It’d be incredibly awkward if his daughter forced her way in. Besides, although Jiang Chen was a fellow disciple with his daughters, there was no rule that said peers had to become dao partners. Ling Su suddenly felt incredibly muddle headed and didn’t know what to say.

“Daddy~” Ling Hui’er swung Ling Su’s arm. “Big sister Huang’er isn’t as miserly as you say. Don’t think too much. Besides, if you have me stay, I’ll be able to only talk to those stinking men everyday.”

“What only men? Isn’t there Miss Gouyu and Wen Ziqi?” Ling Su’s comeback was quite weak.

“Big sister Gouyu and Wen Ziqi are all senior brother Jiang’s followers!” Ling Hui’er cried out. “They’ll definitely be going to Peafowl Mountain! Daddy, are you at ease in leaving just me at Taiyuan Tower? Hui’er isn’t used to being around so many stinky men!”

Ling Su was at a complete loss for words and incredibly irritated. He waved his hand. “Hui’er, I can’t convince you, so just do as you will in this. No matter what you’re thinking, don’t forget that you’re a Ling daughter and have the dignity of our family.”

Ling Hui’er giggled. “Daddy, are you worried that I’ll force senior brother Jiang to accept me? You’re really thinking too much. It’s not as complicated as you think.”

Contrary to Ling Bi’er, Hui’er simply admired Jiang Chen and felt greatly reassured whenever she was close to Jiang Chen. She didn’t have the urge to hang onto Jiang Chen no matter what, and didn’t feel that he was the only one she’d marry. She didn’t even have the strongest understanding of these kinds of matters.


Shen Trifire and the others were also feeling very conflicted. They really wanted to go to Sacred Peafowl with Jiang Chen, but they had a multitude of duties at Taiyuan Tower. There was much to be gained if they went to Sacred Peafowl Mountain, but likewise if they stayed. In fact, they would undergo more experience if they stayed and have many more opportunities to strike out solo.

Jiang Chen also had his own plans. After chatting with Huang’er for a while, he summoned all of his people. He knew that everyone had their own thoughts, and that matters at Taiyuan Tower needed to be stabilized first. “Apart from my personal guards, everyone else should remain at Taiyuan Tower first. All of you have your matters to attend to, and Taiyuan Tower also needs all of you to continue expanding.”

“Honored master, you should at least bring your disciples, no?” Pill King Lu Feng frowned worriedly. He was a pill king of Emperor Shura’s faction after all, so he was too embarrassed to bring up that he wanted to go to Sacred Peafowl Mountain as well. After all, his identity was a bit awkward.

“Yanyu will also come with me. However, you need to make a stay in the Pill Pagoda, so let’s talk when you emerge.” Lin Yanyu was young and had a great deal of potential, so Jiang Chen decided to keep the fellow by his side for further guidance.

“Senior brother, what about me?” Ling Hui’er’s timid voice sounded from a corner. She looked rather aggrieved as her little face was flushed red, almost to the point of tears. “Hui’er wants to go to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. I want to spend time with big sister Huang’er , Gouyu, and Wen…”

Jiang Chen started. He really had forgotten about this junior sister.

“Senior brother, it’ll be only men left here. How depressing would it be for me to be without companions! Senior brother can’t leave me behind before we find our sister… Wahhh…” Ling Hui’er started sobbing profusely.

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Ling Su, wanting to see the man’s intentions. But Ling Su only responded with a wry smile, obviously having no idea what to do. Huang’er laughed softly at this point. “Younger sister Hui’er is innocent and a delight. We’d have another to keep us company if she comes with us.”

Ling Hui’er was overjoyed and immediately stopped crying. She sidled up to Huang’er and latched onto Huang’er’s arm. “Big sister Huang’er dotes one me the most. Teehee, then it’s settled! I’m going to Sacred Peafowl Mountain!”

Everyone started laughing when they saw Ling Hui’er thus.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Ling. I’ll take good care of Hui’er if she comes with us.” Jiang Chen comforted when he saw the worry in Ling Su’s eyes.

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