Chapter 976: The Most Popular Young Lord

Emperor Shura and Emperor Vastsea had no choice but to present their congratulatory speeches to Jiang Chen as well. They congratulated him with a smile even though it was the last thing they wanted to do. After all, one was expected to show poise and respect at all times when one reached the level of a great emperor. Cordiality had to be maintained even if there was some conflict behind the scenes. Things were finally settled after they had given their felicitations.

Emperor Peafowl smiled at Jiang Chen. “Big events like this don’t happen too often. Go give a speech or two so that people can familiarize themselves with you.” 

Jiang Chen didn’t decline. He made his way onto the stage and waved his hands in all directions. “Ever since the first day I’ve stepped foot in this capital, I’ve had an intense feeling that this was no ordinary place. That day was also the very day which all of you were grieving over the loss of young lord Fan. I could immediately tell that the citizens here are all of one heart and possess faith just by the amount of sadness and grief in the air. That...

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